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How Do I ?

Here are the answers to some digital marketing questions you may have!

How do I allocate digital marketing budget?

Get a step-by-step guide on how to smartly allocate budget for paid search advertising, Facebook ads, display ads and others.

How do I beat my competition and stay ahead of the curve?

Discover 9 powerful tools to uncover your competitors’ digital marketing strategies and sharpen your own.

How do I skyrocket my e-commerce business?

Examine the key success drivers for e-commerce and grow your business.

How do I advertise to my most profitable customers?

Learn how to maximise your profits by targeting the right customers at the right time and place.

How do I master video marketing?

Take care of these 11 fascinating strategies to gain thousands of subscribers and views.

How do I maximise ROI in digital marketing?

Here are 10 indispensable tools that are a part of every successful digital marketer’s kit.

Highly Insightful, Best Practices and Strongly Recommended!

Professor Seema’s Training Programme is highly insightful. It equipped me with the concepts and best practices of digital marketing which I could  immediately apply in my job. As a result of the program I was able to increase revenues of my business manifold. I was able to attract more customers and prepare a sound digital marketing strategy and generate higher return on investment. I would strongly recommend her programs to other businesses.

Lakshyata Sharma
Channel Marketing Manager , Western Digital

Amazing Experience and Holistic Understanding of Digital Marketing!

It was an amazing experience engaging with professor Seema Gupta on digital marketing. I could upskill myself and get a holistic understanding of digital marketing. I learnt a lot from live campaigns, examples and case studies. It helped me build my career in digital marketing as I could apply the learnings  in my job and get significant business results. More and more people should use her services to leverage digital as the future belongs to digital marketing.

Nishanth Iyer
Business Development Manager , Charmboard / Ex - Practo

Excellent Results in my Career!

The learnings from her have given excellent results in my career. I was able to leapfrog and perform much better on digital marketing Key Result Areas. The immense learning enabled me to drive business growth and reduce cost of customer acquisition. I have recommended her services to my friends and peers.

Tushar Singh
Senior Manager Marketing , Ex Tata Sky

From the Prof’s Pen

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Digital Marketing by Prof. Seema Gupta


Get the latest actionable book on digital marketing, published by McGraw Hill. The text features comprehensive theoretical concepts, their practical applications, case studies and examples for the Indian and global context. I start from the very basics of the subject and extend to advanced topics such as optimizing user experience, advanced SEO, optimizing campaigns, social media marketing and more.


A testament to her academic rigour, Prof. Seema also writes peer reviewed papers on digital marketing, marketing and advertising. Published in leading national and international journals on marketing and management.


I have written case studies on leading international and Indian brands as a pedagogical tool for management. Published on the Harvard Business Publishing Portal.


Come on a virtual journey with me as we discuss some very interesting and important topics in my webinars! Interact with me from absolutely anywhere though my webinar sessions. You can sign up for my upcoming webinars and get the recording for all of the past webinars too!

Faculty development program webinar on digital marketing

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Prof. Seema Gupta is an Associate Professor of Digital Marketing at IIM Bangalore. She is an expert digital marketing trainer and consultant. She also has a digital marketing agency in case you need help growing your business.


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Get Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

Get Latest Trends in Digital Marketing