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10 Handy Tips To Get Free YouTube Views (Quickly)[Video]

Since you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing you have a YouTube channel. Don’t have enough views? Fret not, once you read this article, you will also know the top-secret hacks top YouTubers use to get more views. Every YouTuber, including myself, goes through a tough phase where they aren’t able to generate enough views. I am sharing the top 10 tips that helped me skyrocket my views. Using these tips, you can get free views on YouTube.

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YouTube Silver, Gold & Diamond Awards

YouTube has rapidly grown from a video sharing platform to the second largest search engine. There is an answer to every question on YouTube. From reviews to tutorials, a plethora of content is available.


It has become everybody’s dream to become famous, and YouTube is making that a reality. It can make you famous overnight. It has become an excellent way to make money.

To make money, you need a large subscriber base and views. Are you wondering how to get free YouTube views? In this article, I will share the tips which if implemented well, will get you free views on YouTube.

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  • It’s the chance to spread your message and inspire the whole world. With YouTube, you get your word out to the entire world for free. It has made information accessible to the masses.
  • It will help you learn useful skills. You will acquire skills like editing and SEO, which will be helpful in the future. It will take out any shyness you have in you out. It transforms you into a social butterfly.
  • The world as a whole is not always so kind and welcoming. On Youtube, you get a lot of hate and abuse. It gives you a reality check. It gives you a preview as to how the world is.
  • Most importantly, it is a great way to make money. Some ways you can make money are:

  1. Sponsorships to promote particular brands.
  2. Affiliate Marketing is a common way to make money
  3. Influencing your viewers to buy a specific product.
  4. Selling your merchandise.

  • It only needs minimal investment. It’s success solely depends on how engaging and unique your content is. It’s a great way to express your creativity and express yourself.

Now that I have hopefully convinced you to become a YouTuber, let us get down to business. How to get more views?


1. Using “BOGY” thumbnails:

Thumbnails are the cover of the video uploaded. It gives the first impression to the user. It must be intriguing so it can pull in the viewer. According to a study, 9 out of 10 popular Youtubers use custom thumbnails.

Though Youtube auto-generates a thumbnail, it tends to be dull. Choosing the right thumbnail image has a significant effect on the click-through rate. Use high contrast images that have a 16:9 aspect ratio. Using close face shots are a proven method for a good thumbnail.

Ideally, you should represent your Keyword on your cover. This further increases viewership.

“BOGY” stands for blue, orange, green, and yellow. These colours have proved to be more productive, according to Youtube itself. The main reason being Youtube is mainly red, white, and black based, so these colours tend to stand out. Always stick to a fixed colour scheme as it would create an association to your channel.

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See how in this picture, the video with BOGY thumbnails stands out. Especially if it is educational content, Thumbnail plays a vital role. According to Youtube, 8 out of 10 students prefer channels that show modern fun learning in their Thumbnail. This is an easy trick to get youtube views for free.


One is consistency in content, and the other is in the posting rate. It is essential to build credibility in your industry. Consistency is vital in building a brand.

The more content you generate initially, the faster is your growth. Consistent posting will get you more recommended views. Post two or three videos a week to keep the user engaged.

Creating a large amount of content will help you build a community. Regularly uploading multiple posts per week can quickly increase your ranking.

According to YouTube, “The goals of YouTube’s search and discovery system are twofold: to help viewers find the videos they want to watch, and to maximize long-term viewer engagement.”

The goal of YouTube is to increase the session time. Session time is the amount of time spent on YouTube after watching that video.

Create a library of content that will move viewers from one video to another, boosting your watch time and giving them a reason to subscribe. 

The best way to increase session time is to promote your other videos. Another method is to create playlists. Playlists keep the user hooked on to your channel. 

The timing of your post is crucial. The number of views, shares, and likes play a vital role in indexing of the video on YouTube. 

Viewership in the first few hours is vital to how far up your video gets boosted. YouTube does not give you data on user traffic. There are third-party apps like Vidiq that can help you find when there is the highest traffic in that domain.

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3.Building an engaging experience:

It has become essential to create an engaging experience for the user. It keeps the user coming back for more. Bringing in that community vibe further increases views. The engaged users are more likely to share and recommend your channels. Word of mouth is crucial to publicizing your channel.

Here are a few innovative methods to be more engaging:

  • Encourage Comments and Sharing.
  • Answering questions from comments.
  • Ask for topics your viewers want content made.
  • Organize creative contests for viewers with a reward.

When it comes to the Youtube algorithm, views are a vital part, but comments, likes, shares also are critical. Youtube gives high weightage for user engagement.

An analysis by Brian Dean on Youtube gave us these valuable inferences.

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The ranking of our video is proportional to the number of comments. Comments are a measurement of engagement.

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The number of shares is essential to increase viewership. The graph goes to prove the importance of word of mouth.

The whole point of doing this is to increase your ranking. The higher your ranking, the more the views you get. Though views aren’t a key metric any more to decide the to rank, it is still crucial.

The graph illustrates that.

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4.Ranking your videos on Google Search.

Top results on google are different from those on YouTube. They have different deciding factors to rank. Number 1 on YouTube would be different from that on Google. 

It is important to maximize your rank in both to get views. You may wonder why the ranking is not the same. They are not even slightly similar. The main reason for this:

  •  The intent of the user is different.
  •  The monetization strategy varies for them.

Google is looking to give you a to the point solution. YouTube intends to get you to stay on the platform even after watching. 

Google does not care for the number of views or session time. The only thing it looks at is the presence of keywords and does it give a solution. Another critical metric it checks is actionability. It means whether the given solution is practical.

In a way, it is possible to increase your organic rank on YouTube by paying. You have to use their paid ads service. Using the paid services loosens some metrics. Though it is not buying directly, it has the same effect.

In Google, it is not possible to influence its ranking structure. To increase your ranking on Google, always attach a transcript for your video. Google goes through this and decides the relevance and keywords present. Google will be able to accurately find out what you are saying instead of relying on metadata. 

You should be having a fair idea as to how the platforms are different.

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Google Rank Checker

5.Increasing your CTR.

CTR” stands for click-through rate. It means if 100 people come across your video, how many people see it. It is a crucial indicator. If your CTR is too low, Youtube doesn’t recommend it at all. It is essential to increase your CTR to get more views.

The two best methods to increase your CTR are:

  • Tittle must be Keyword optimized.
  • Use Thumbnails that stand out.

The title is the most important part of the video. It is crucial to the ranking and views it gets.

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Google Creators Academy

It is vital to check what Keywords are the users are using. Include those keywords in your title. Software like Google Trends or Google Adwords will give a sense of keywords used. Always check if the keys words describe your video accurately. Keywords are crucial in ranking videos for the user.

Though avoid using too many Keywords as systems have wizened up against that. If you use too many keywords, you may get demoted.

Make your title as specific as possible. Let us say you have a cooking channel. You want to make a video about how to cook Dosa. The title “Step by Step Recipe to make Dosa” is much more accurate than “How to make Dosa.” The user is more likely to choose the first one. Avoid vague and cliched terms as they take away your uniqueness.

The title must be a mix of:

  • Common Words: A perfect headline has approximately 30% common words.These are the basics words used often.

  • Uncommon Words: A perfect headline has approximately 20%  uncommon words.These provide substance to your heading.

  • Emotional: They usually make about 20% of the title. These stir an emotional response from the user.

These are crucial to drive shares and views.

  • Power Words: They only make about 10% of the title. They catch the attention of the user. These are the most important part of your title. Always include at least one power word.

These are some useful hacks to help you with coming up with a title:

  • The presence of brackets or parenthesis increases clicks by 33%.
  • Use power words, in the beginning, to make it more effective.
  • The usage of numbers increases clicks by 12%.

Include the year or number of hacks etc. to attract clicks.

  • Stay original and unique.

Here is an informative article about useful digital marketing tools to help you out.

I have spoken extensively about the second in the first hack.

6.Get more suggested views

Searching for a particular video isn’t the only way to get views. Youtube also suggests video based on the video you just watched. It is possible to generate a massive number of views using this technique.

All successful channels get a lot of views from suggested videos. According to a study by Justin Briggs, on average, 34.8 % of all views are from suggested videos.

To become successful at this, you can use the “Sequel Technique.” The technique involves simple but effective steps. Here is a step by step guide.

  1. First and foremost, find a trendy or viral topic. Google trends will give trending topics from across the globe. Pick one in your domain.
  2. Check out the videos with most views. They are usually from top popular Youtubers. Watch the videos and see how you can improve them.
  3. Note down the keywords they have used.
  4. Now create your video that rectifies their mistakes and provides a continuation to their content.
  5. Use a similar title and description. Use the same Keywords.

These are the simple steps you need to follow.

Youtube recommends suggested videos based on EWT and metadata.

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If the metadata of that video and yours are similar, it has more chance of standing out. EWT stands for expected viewing time. Youtube makes forecasts based on past data. The higher the EWT, the higher the rank is. Use a Thumbnail that stands out from the rest of the suggested videos. In doing so, your CTR would increase many folds.

Make sure your content is unique and offers a new perspective. The problem with rehashing is that users would simply go to another video. Only original content will increase EWT.

According to Youtube, the first thirty seconds decide if the viewer wants to watch it or not. Capture the viewer by providing a hook or making a controversial statement to retain their interest. Always make longer videos as they ten to have longer EWT.

These are a few methods to increase EWT. You can use this as a base and get creative.

7.Promoting your channel

Once you have created your video and uploaded it, the next step is promoting it. How well you promote determines the success of your video. There are many ways you could do so. Initially, you will not have a massive ad budget. As you become more popular, you may allocate more funds.

  • Promote your videos via ads on social media. To learn how to allocate funds effectively[How to Budget for Digital Marketing(Secret Tips)]. You can also release small clippings to increase the hype. On platforms like Quora, you can answer questions briefly and give a link to our video. Make sure you hyperlink it to increase clicks further.
  • Create a blog and actively post articles and content related to your channel. Creating additional content helps in engaging the user. Make him feel part of your group. He should feel more than just a subscriber.
  • Go live on Youtube. Going live is a tried and tested method. Initially, it may seem tough, but you will get the hang of it. It is crucial in building that community feel. It also makes you more accessible. You may answer questions or give a sneak peek etc.
  • Collaborate with Youtubers. I can not stress enough on this point. The whole point of Youtube is to build a community. Collaborating can help you put out new content.

Collaborations often lead to a new perspective. You will also be recommended more on Youtube. Your target audience just increased two-fold. It is a proven way to get more subscribers.

  • Another very effective method is to use EndScreens. Once the video gets over, the EndScreen shows you similar videos. You can choose what videos you want to have there. This method could help you promote as well as increase your session time.
  • Check out how to find people to collab(

These are some free means of promotion.

You can also run a Google Ads campaign. Paid services tend to be far more efficient.

8.Learn to tag smart

Tagging is one of the major dilemmas faced by budding YouTubers. Use the simple MVC formula to tag effectively. MVC stands for “Main Keyword,” “Variations,” and “Category.” Just like the perfect movie needs a hero like Ranveer, a heroine like Deepika and a director like Sanjay, we need various components to make the perfect movie.

The Keywords you use in your tags define your ranking. The tags you use are essential for suggestions also. Use the MVC method for the best results. The highest-ranked videos have apt Keywords. Do not just tag all the Keywords you know. Over usage could lead to getting you pushed down.

Here is how it looks.

Featured Image for free views on youtube, get youtube views free, get youtube views for free, how to get free youtube views, free views for youtube videos,

First, you have the main Keyword. The main Keyword should be the primary Keyword relating to your video. For example, you have a bridal make up tutorial. Your main Keyword should be “Bridal makeup tutorial.”

Secondly, add the possible variations of your main Keyword. For example, you could use “Hair Style,” “Wedding day makeup,” etc.

The third part should be your overall category. In this case, it would be Makeup or Bride.

If you are still stuck, you could check out how your competitors are doing it. To have an edge learn your competitor’s digital marketing strategy.

9.The Card Bridge Method

This method is an effective way to boost your session time. First, find the exact moment the viewers are leaving your video. Viewers were likely to be bored at that instant due to some or other reason.

What you could do to keep them in your channel is to provide a thumbnail to another video.

Providing an alternative helps to keep the user hooked. The ultimate goal is to increase your session time. Do keep in mind this may reduce your watch time for that particular video.

You too can get YouTube views free of cost.

10.Analyze the Competition

No, this does not mean stealing keywords or content from your competitor! Analyzing the competition would give you an idea of what type of content is working and the demographics of its target audience. There are various tools that can give you details and insights that skip your eye. It’s like your own detective Byomkesh is tracking and analyzing your competitors. Like Dada famously said “You don’t need to be the best, only good enough to beat your competition.”

Being a YouTuber can be truly rewarding. It stirs the creativity in you. Success in Youtube is possible only with consistency. Do not expect to become trending overnight.” It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears”. I enjoyed every second of the process, and I hope you do too.

Check out the amazing video below that gives you tips to get 1000 subscribers for free!


This article explores methods by which one could increase views. It covers a variety of tips.  These tips are simple and effective and may be used by amateurs and professionals alike. It focuses on promoting your channel in all possible means. Making it big on Youtube is hard work but worth it.

And now I would like to hear from you! Which strategy from today’s post are you excited the most about? Or maybe you have a doubt about something you read. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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