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How to get Instagram followers for free[Video]

Are you struggling to get Instagram followers?

Instagram for marketing is catching up with times and I’m here to help you get 500 followers on Instagram fast and free.  Why are Instagram posts important for a business? Well, Instagram is a very powerful marketing tool. Get more Instagram followers for free for Instagram marketing. Once you have followers, your cost of acquiring customers through organic posts will be almost zero! The most important thing in social media is content. So what types of content can you have on Instagram? 


Photos are very good but the engagement rate on photos is less. We can see for example Nature’s Basket’s Instagram, they put all the content in the form of photos! Of course they have some videos also but many are photos. Photos are the easiest and quickest to create. They also have high potential to go viral because it’s easier to share photos. 


On the other hand, another form of content is videos. Sanjeev Kapoor for instance has put up many videos in the form of recipes. The videos are very attractive because of the engagement rate of videos is 38% more than images. Videos also get 2.5 times more comments than photos. But of course, your videos need to be of very high quality. 


 The third type of content is stories! Stories are very attractive because they have very high engagement number. We see that photos have low engagement but are easier to create and go viral much faster. Photos don’t help in casual trust building. Another great thing about photos is that they have the option to give captions and descriptions, but photos don’t allow for links. Again, videos have high engagement rate and can go viral. They are also not casual trust builders like stories. But, like photos, you can give descriptive captions and hashtags. We also can’t embed links in videos. Stories are better to build casual trust. They are easy to create and are high on engagement but are low on virality. They also cannot have descriptive captions. But you embed links in them. Each format has its strengths and weaknesses. So you have to choose a combination of formats so that you can leverage the strengths of all. The next question is, should you find content, or should you create content for Instagram? 

Finding Content

Finding content means that you discover good content from others and repost it on your own account (with credits and permission, of course). It is a smart way of working because you ae not reinventing the wheel, but you’re modelling yourself on success stories. Now, to gain followers, you need to find content from your niche. There are two ways of doing it: 


The explore option is basically the search icon in Instagram. 


You use this to look at high-performing keywords in your niche. You can identify which hashtag works and which doesn’t. Take Big Bazaar’s content for example. These are two posts from the same account, posted at the same time. One has higher engagement than the other. This means that the engagement rate does not only depends on the size of your account, but the kind of content and the hashtags and keywords you use. The first post is clearly better because the content is of high quality in terms of visual design and content appealing picture of laddoos). This sort of content is a goldmine of information. You can model your new content on it to gain traction. Fine-tune and improve the content for your own followers. Personalise and tailor it for your account. While improving the post, remember that information has to be organized well, displayed in a structured manner. Highlight whatever necessary. 

Creating Content 

When you create content, you have to create it from scratch. It will be more customized, according to your followers. Your content has to be of high quality and relevant for your followers. Another important thing to look after is the time of posting. Make posts when your audience is more active. Various analytics tools will tell you this. You can also make test posts and post them throughout the day to find out when your posts are most active. A thumb rule, according to research, is to make posts on Wednesday 11 am, or Friday 10-11 am. Let’s look at the 4 keys of creating content on Instagram. 


Post consistently. Post atleast once a week, at a regular time. Posting at a fixed time (Eg, 11am on Wednesday) will also build anticipation. 


Start a conversation by asking simple questions to your followers. Do not ask difficult questions that people have to think before answering. 


When you’re creating content, ask yourself if it is creating any value to your followers. Use IGTV for long videos. It’s a good idea to create a post informing people that you have created a long format video on IGTV. For more articles related to growing your reach on Instagram -- be sure to check out some of my articles like Easy tips on Hashtags for likes on Instagram, Surprising hashtags for likes on Instagram and Instagram Marketing.

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