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The Most Effective Tactics for YouTube Marketing [Video]

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YouTube is for the housewives who want to learn new recipes and the teenage girls who are looking for fresh makeup tips, right?

Fact: YouTube is for every human with access to an internet connection. It has 2 billion monthly active users, mainly consisting of 18 to 49-year-olds. Another fact: Innumerable successful businesses have already harnessed the power of YouTube marketing, rushing ahead of you in the competition.

Don’t just stand there watching! Read on to get ahead in the race!

Why should I market on YouTube?

Many people are bound to choose to watch a video over reading an article. With two billion monthly logged-in users, 73% of all adults and 81% of millennials, YouTube sure is a  work of social media magic!

No other platform will provide you with such a varied and vast potential audience, so with the right videos and the right tactics, you will be hitting the goldmine in terms of digital marketing. 

Let’s see what you’ll need to market on this platform.

What do I need to be able to market on YouTube?

The obvious answer would be, you need a YouTube channel. Which is true, but for those of you just starting with YouTube marketing, make sure you are aware of the following:

  1. There are two types of accounts, one is your classic YouTube channel, while the other is a brand account. If you want to develop a social media marketing plan keeping YouTube in mind for your company, then I suggest you create a brand account. The name of your channel should be your company’s brand name. Another thing you want to make sure to do is branding your account. Include your logo in your channel art, thumbnails and the display picture if possible. Don’t have a logo? Use your face! Choose channel art that best summarizes what you do. Another crucial element is the channel trailer. A thumbnail is a glimpse of a single video, while the trailer is a glimpse to your channel. An intro about you and your story, and what you do on your channel should be included.
  2. Professional handles on other social media platforms. I mean everything, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, anything and everything your company has an account in. This way, you can market your YouTube channel on those platforms, or periodically announce the arrival of new videos.
  3. The basics, popularly known as the 5 Ps of Marketing, it is important to relate what we already know about marketing with YouTube Marketing.

Also read my article about Guaranteed Tips for Facebook Marketing.

The 5 P’s of Marketing- Applied to YouTube Marketing

So the five Ps of marketing, as you may know, our people, product, place, price, and promotion.


Who are you going to be working with for YouTube marketing? Find writers, video editors and a digital marketer. You can always consult me if you need help with social media marketing! Visit this link to get a FREE glimpse of what I can do for your business.


This isn’t necessarily the product or service that your company has to offer, but rather, what does your company offer to your subscribers on YouTube? Nykaa, an Indian eCommerce site for cosmetics, has a YouTube channel not for offering makeup but offering tutorials and product reviews in a strategy to promote Nykaa.

So, what can your company offer? If you are an IT Solutions company, you can offer videos to freshers about how to manage work stress, how to approach higher officials, how to brush up on coding skills, the latest trends and must-have skills for coders. The possibilities are endless!

Remember, you are not offering viewers your product, but your videos. Shape them in a way that compels them to watch your videos, as well as buy your products.

The American cosmetics company Lush offers videos that show the inside of their factory. They are offering viewers the experience of touring their factory and being a part of the process of making cosmetics. 

Nykaa, as we have already discussed, offers makeup tutorials and reviews, essentially offering its viewers information on the latest trends and products. So, what can you offer?



  1. In the explanation regarding the traditional marketing mix, place refers to distribution channels and logistics. However, I am going to correlate it to where do you want your videos to hit? 

What I mean is, who is your target audience and how do you want to reach them? Does your company produce trendy jewellery? Then your target audience would be women in their youth. 

Do you want to sell this jewellery by appealing to their emotional, intellectual or social interests? You can make a video about how women in India have always worn bangles, how it is a symbol of pride for the married women of Punjab, and how they’ve always seen their grandmothers and mothers with bangles clanging on their hands, an emotional appeal.


Maybe not with money, but viewers are paying with their time. So make it worth their while!


We will discuss this in later sections, but essentially, how will people get to know about your channel?

Ask yourselves the following questions to find your 5 Ps:

  1. Who are the people in my team that are creative and technically able to produce high-quality videos that are rich in content? Are they punctual?
  2. What can my company offer to subscribers on YouTube in terms of videos?
  3. Who would be interested in the services and products my company has to offer? Who is my target audience?
  4. Are my videos worth the viewers’ time?
  5. How can I make sure people know that my company has a YouTube channel, and about new videos?
  6. I have a brand account on YouTube, and know my 5 Ps. What are the most effective tactics for YouTube marketing in India?

For a short, comprehensive guide, check out this blog on video marketing. Video marketing comprises the following:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Providing quality videos
  3. Promoting these videos


Search Engine Optimization refers to how searchers receive search results depending on keywords. Let’s say you want to make a video with a product review about iPhone 10 X. 

You can Google the keywords for iPhone, iPhone 10, iPhone 10X, and phone product reviews.

There are several tools online that you can use to find keywords, like Ahrefs and Google Ad Words. These tools will equip you with different keywords and combinations of keywords that you can use wherever there is text, for more info about keyword tools, check out these ten free keyword research tools.

For the above example, we used the AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

There are different places in which you can use these keywords to make sure your video pops up nearer to the top results. Tip: Keywords aren’t the only thing that affect your SEO. Make sure there’s no plagiarism whatsoever. There also shouldn’t be too many ads (go for a maximum of one ad for twenty minutes).


The title should include the primary keyword and should be catchy. Your title should be a teaser to what comes later and should be a hook. Keep in mind:

  1. Keep the title short, and remove words like the, a, and. Use & instead of and, w/ instead of with.
  2. Keep the title around 66 characters.
  3. Try to use the word video in your title.

So if you are shooting your review of the iPhone 10, your title should not be:

  1. A review of the latest iPhone 10 → opt for LATEST Apple iPhone 10: Review
  2. Unboxing the latest Apple iPhone 10 with my buddy Dani: The coolest phone EVER → 74 characters, too long, opt for Apple iPhone 10 Unboxing and Review ft. My buddy Dani (53 characters, much better isn’t it?)


The description is where you talk about your video, maybe include a summary and links to social media handles. If you want an extra boost, then you have got to add hashtags in your descriptions! Hashtags make your videos more discoverable. If your description includes #food, #baking, #sweettooth, then the algorithm understands your video is about sweets. If the algorithm is won, you can sit back and watch as your views increase.

To let your viewers have a pleasant experience, you can divide your video into sections, and post the respective time links in the description too. Showing your viewers you value their time speaks volumes about you!

Category and Closed Captions

Before you upload a video, you can go to the Advanced Settings panel and select a category. There are several categories to choose from, ranging from fashion to comedy and entertainment. Check if any of the keywords fall under these categories, and apply the same while choosing a category.

Another tab in the Advanced Settings panel is the Closed Captions tab. Here, you can add keywords in the content of your closed caption.

Though categories and closed captions don’t exactly display themselves to all YouTube viewers, the YouTube algorithm checks for keywords in every aspect of the video that you have posted, including resonance with the category your video comes under, and in the closed captions.


It is a good idea to incorporate keywords in the thumbnail image too. It is always better to create a separate thumbnail for each video that you post instead of relying on YouTube to select a thumbnail from the length of your video automatically. 

  1. To make sure it stands out, follow these tips: Make use of the right colours: Keep the colour theory in mind. If you use yellow, then use colours at the opposite end of the spectrum on it, like purple. Likewise, establish a mood with the colours if you want your viewers to feel calm, like in ASMR videos, add colours like sky blue, leaf green and baby pink. If you want your viewers to get spooked out (hopefully you don’t) use colours like black, red and neon green. Tip: Collect images that reflect your content online, and select a colour palette from the collected images. This collection of images is called a mood board.


Here’s a pleasant little mood board for interiors. Using those colours will automatically convey a specific mood to your viewers.

  1. Try to include a face. We automatically resonate with personal touches. Including your face with a reaction, or of the people you are talking to or about will make the thumbnail catchy and personal.
  2. Include action shots. Choose a part of your recording that shows action. There should be some sort of dynamism reflected in the images. The King of Random does this brilliantly. Each thumbnail promises us a piece of action!

Providing Quality Videos

Here is where the creativity and technical aptitude of your team come into the picture. 

No one expects Sanjay Leela Bansali movies, but your videos should have quality visuals and audio, along with an engaging script.

Here are a few tips that every YouTuber should know:

For visuals:

  1. Try to use natural sunlight for lighting your videos. Make sure the light is falling on your face.
  2. Record with your phone in a horizontal position. 
  3. Do not use the digital zoom option on your phone. Just get closer if you want to zoom.

For audio:

Speak in a loud voice, in a quiet environment with your voice directed towards the phone.

For editing:

NUKE, Blender After Effects and Natron are among some of the best free alternatives to Adobe After Effects. 

  1. Organize and trim your videos instead of editing them in one go.
  2. Export your videos to YouTube.
  3. Vary different shots to give yourself more flexibility while editing. 
  4. Use annotations to engage your viewers with other videos.

Promoting your Videos

It is time to make sure everyone is aware of your channel and the videos it posts. 

While advertising can be costly, here are some effective, free measures you can take to promote your YouTube videos:

  1. Include it in all of your social media handles. Add a link to your channel in all of your social media handles. Try outreach marketing: Depending on what your niche is, you can contact other businesses that are related to what you do. If you are posting videos about how to score well in the CAT exam, then see if you can contact a business like Unacademy. Ask them to include links to your videos in a brief email in their CAT classes, in return for promotions on your channel. That way, their customers will be aware of you too.
  2. Include links to certain videos in the answers of question and answer type websites. For example, if you have made a video about solving a common error that coders come across, post it as one of the answers in StackOverflow, which is an online community of developers. 

This way, you are reaching out to your target audience by providing them with a solution to their problems. Not only does this create awareness of your channel but also leaves them with a positive impression as a problem solver.

  1. Collaborate with other YouTubers. If you are just starting on YouTube, then it is obvious that you already don’t have a huge subscriber base. 

If you collaborate with a YouTuber who already has an established subscriber base, then their subscribers too will get to know you, in turn getting a larger number of people to view your content, who might subscribe if they like the collaboration. 

Another cool thing that I’ve noticed nowadays is the promotion of a particular video that need not be yours. Tried and Refused Productions, an Indian channel that focuses on movie analyses, recently promoted the trailer of a lesser-known Malayali film. This way, he garnered the attention of Malayali audiences.

These poster-like promotions are a great way to get more views and subscribers. If you are looking for ways to get subscribers, be sure to read about how to Get 1000 Free YouTube Subscribers.

What kind of process should I follow for effectiveness with YouTube marketing in India?

  1. To be organized in your approach and get effective results, we recommend you do the following:

    1. Define your objectives for each video. What is it that you want to portray? How do you want it to affect your viewers? And most importantly, what kind of results do you want out of the video? Do you want to get more subscribers? Then you probably should plan for a collaborative YouTube video. Do you want to generate more sales for your company? Make a video about how your product is made so that they get to see the inner workings and test the quality for themselves. 
    2. Be on a tight schedule. Never keep your viewers waiting. Organize all inputs from everyone, and work on improving and implementing them each minute.
    Write a script and screenplay for each video. Get in touch with your team of creatives and technicians, tell them what you need and let them work their magic.

What else should I keep in Mind?

We’re going to divide this section into two parts, what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Keep these in mind while creating and posting your videos.

What you should do

  1. To get more views and establish a loyal subscriber base, you definitely should:

    1. Post frequently, Consistency is Key. You don’t want to keep your viewers waiting once they’ve already trusted you and look forward to your content. Picky viewers might even check how often your channel posts before actually subscribing to your channel. After all, why should they subscribe to a channel that doesn’t even provide the content as often as they should?
    2. Get your audience interacting. Comment down below which makeup look is your favourite! Let me know in the comments below what kind of video I should do next! Stay until the end of the video to see how you can participate in my giveaway! There are all examples of how YouTubers get their viewers interacting. Interactivity sparks curiosity and interest, as interactive videos appeal to a more emotional aspect of viewers.
    Reply to as many comments as you can. Interacting with your audience will make them feel more welcome and acknowledged. When you reply to comments, it appears more like a 2-way communication which establishes a bond with your potential customers. Though it may not be possible to reply to every comment on every video, replying to as many comments as possible is a great way of establishing loyal subscribers, who can turn into loyal customers.

What you shouldn’t do

  1. Once you get sponsors, you shouldn’t advertise them too much. We understand that it is your job to mention your sponsors so that they can get advertised (which is why they sponsored your video), but they are not the focus of the entire video. The script should be well crafted and include the sponsor in a subtle manner. 
  2. Don’t make your videos too long. People simply don’t have the time. Even if they do, they don’t want to spend that much time. Get to the point as fast as possible. Your video should consist of 
  • The point you want to make
  • Reasons for you making that point 
  • Examples of the point you have just made.

All of this should be done in a creative manner that informs, entertains and engages viewers. 

Further, do not give anyone the chance to prove you wrong. Voicing an opinion or any kind of content is bound to be followed by some controversy. However, dishonesty and bad propaganda against your content will be your downfall. Take popular YouTube channels like Blossom and 5-Minute Crafts, for example.

Over millions of subscribers on YouTube, what could be wrong? 

So many of the videos, tricks and hacks are filled with misleading or exaggerated content just to satisfy viewers. This video has gone viral, but for all the wrong reasons:

Source: The King of Random

A video went viral, showing that you can make a diamond from charcoal and peanut butter. (These guys are either liars, or wizards!) Several popular channels featured this video. Not a great impression on Blossom, but you know what they say, There’s no such thing as bad publicity!

There is such a thing as bad publicity. So be honest and be safe!

Their exaggeration went so far that other YouTubers have started creating content just based on debunking such viral myths, as this great video by The King of Random has done.

The next time you want virality over honesty, remember, there are millions of people out there who could get misled and disappointed. Others are just waiting for an opportunity to tarnish your reputation.

In Summary

Upon reading this article, you should take away the following points.

  1. YouTube is a great platform to market on, allowing digital marketers to have a wide range of audiences.
  2. Identify your 5 Ps of YouTube marketing, that is, your people, place, product, price and promotions.
  3. To successfully market on YouTube, you have to keep Search Engine Optimization, the quality of your videos, and the promoting of your videos in mind. 
  4. You should post frequently, get your audience interacting, and reply to comments from subscribers and viewers.
  5. You shouldn’t make super long videos, or advertise sponsors too much.
  6. Stay honest. 

Make sure you check out my articles – 31 Creative ways to gain YouTube subscribers and Insane ideas to channelise YouTube views into money for some insightful tips and tricks!

And now I would like to hear from you! Which strategy from today’s post are you excited the most? Or maybe you doubt something you read. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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For those of you just starting with YouTube marketing, make sure you are aware of the following:

  • There are two types of accounts, one is your classic YouTube channel, while the other is a brand account.
  • Professional handles on other social media platforms.
  • Have some knowledge of YouTube marketing. Also read my article about Guaranteed Tips for Facebook Marketing.

The five Ps of marketing are:

  • People: Find writers, video editors and a digital marketer. You can always consult me if you need help with social media marketing
  • Product: Remember, you are not offering viewers your product, but your videos. Shape them in a way that compels them to watch your videos, as well as buy your products.
  • Place: who is your target audience and how do you want to reach them
  • Price: Maybe not with money, but viewers are paying with their time.
  • Promotion: Use all your resources for promotion.

To get more views and establish a loyal subscriber base, you definitely should:

  • Post frequently, Consistency is Key.
  • Get your audience interacting
  • Reply to as many comments as you can.

You can get more views on YouTube, check out the article to know Amazing ideas to increase YouTube subscribers.

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