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How to make money off your website using Amazon Affiliate Marketing

When was the last time you physically went to a shop to buy clothes or a phone? Gone are the days you had to go to the shop. Products you imagined and beyond your imagination have been brought to your fingertips. From an Apple iPhone to Garam Masala -- everything is on Amazon!


Amazon has made shopping comfortable and lazy. Every one of us has bought something on Amazon at some point. What if I tell you could now make money off it. You can make money by convincing the people using your website or read your blog to buy a specific product from Amazon.

There is money to be made everywhere. You just have to open your eyes.

This program is Amazon Affiliate Marketing program. Companies are looking for cost-effective ways to market. This way, they cut down pre-sale costs and provide an opportunity for the general public to make money. 

Amazon started this way back in 1996, and it continues growing in size and is more successful than ever.

I am sure you have heard of Amazon’s affiliate program before. Don’t know where to start? Do not worry. I am sharing with you the step by step guide to help you get started. 

There are plenty of affiliate marketing programs out there. Are you confused which one to pick? Amazon India Affiliate Program is one of the programs out there.

Here is why you should consider Amazon’s program.

Why Amazon?

(i) The biggest sellingoint is that it is Amazon. The single largest E-commerce company in the world. It truly has all products from A-Z.


Amazon has all the products you could think of!

You can find everything from olive oil to laptops to even jewellery. To put it into numbers, it has 232 billion dollars in annual revenue. Everyone from your neighbourhood uncle to Amitabh Bachan is using Amazon.

amazon revenue growth 2004-2018

Annual Net Revenue of Amazon from 2004 to 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars)

(ii) Trusted customer base. As an affiliate marketer, you are not directly selling. You are just promoting. 

No matter how enticing it sounds if there is no trust between the user and company, it is pointless. Trust is the basis of all business. 

Trustability is where Amazons’ strength lies. According to a study by Bloomreach, 55% of shoppers start their shopping on Amazon.

On average, a single customer buys at least three products a year, and this means once you manage to get a customer, you are more likely to make more money from him. 

A user knows if he buys on Amazon:

  1. The product will be genuine.
  2. Can choose to return it if he does not like it.
  3. Payment will be secure.
  4. There will be hands-on support in case it is required.

amazon affiliate marketing building trust

Combining Amazon’s seller credentials and you being the in-person source of info is what makes this so successful.

(iii) It enjoys a staggering conversion rate. The average conversion rate for e-commerce is 4.31 %, but Amazon enjoys about 13%. The main reason being Amazon’s page is highly optimized to trigger buying using clear CTA and subtle buying triggers. 

4 Tips to Optimize Your Product Listing (Based on Amazon A9 Algorithm)

Everything from the title to photos is enticing. Add reviews and suggested products it makes the perfect package.

(iv) Amazon pays you you a commission for purchases. This means for the suggested buys and add-ons bought you get a commission if it is in 24 hours.For example, if you buy a DSLR camera on amazon at the bottom of the page, it will show frequently bought together. In this case, it shows batteries. If you purchased a camera it is obvious, you would need to buy a memory card, and you will get a commission if this item is bought even though you did not promote it.

Amazon Personalize – Real-Time Personalization and Recommendation ...

(v) The application and enrolling process is simple and doesn’t require and investment.

(vi) The payment is guaranteed and always on time. You do not have to worry about being cheated.

Now that you have seen why Amazon India Affiliate marketing is the best option available let us get down to business. If you still want to explore, you can check out “how to find the best affiliate marketing websites to earn income”.

Also, read the quick guide to Flipkart affiliate marketing and Quick Tips to earn money online in India.

Before starting your program, you need to understand how the program works. 

How does Amazon Affiliate Marketing  Work?

It is essential to understand this if you want to be successful. Amazon always keeps upgrading and makes changes to its algorithm. It has specific rules and regulations. Breaking of rules could lead to fines and even a ban. 

Amazon has a pay per sale policy. For every customer that purchases from your link, you get a commission. If the customer just views the product, there is no incentive. Though if he adds it to his cart and buys before 90 days, you still get the commission. 

The customer has to buy the product from your direct link. If the customer goes back and searches on his own and buys the product, you get no commission. 

Thus it is imperative to have a clear CTA after your content. If the CTA is not compelling, the whole campaign falls apart. 

Also, it does not have to be the same product you promoted. For example, if you promote SG cricket bat and the user purchases an MRF bat you will still get the commission if it is a related product. 

Though you get commission only if its within 24 hours. If the product is returned, your commission will be reversed. Return or refund of the product may lead to you having a negative account balance, so don’t worry.

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing works

How to get started

  1. Sign up on Amazon affiliate program.
  2. Choose a product that suits your niche.
  3. Generate an affiliate link for the product.
  4. Promote it in any way you like.

Amazon has no limit to the number of products or your commission. Though it does not mean you market every product out there. Doing so would make you lose credibility, and that is dangerous. 

Some websites are solely built just to provide reviews that generate income through affiliate marketing. Snap Patrol is a good example. They started from scratch and built an empire using the Amazon affiliate program. It makes upwards of 10 lakh a year recommending crafts material for young teens.


Now that you know how the process works lets see how can you start. 

How to register on Amazon

Creating a mobile website or a blog

Have a buzzing marketing arena is crucial in the application process. Amazon requires some relevant content and a certain amount of traffic to verify your application.

It is vital to have a pre-populated website, so it looks authentic to Amazon and its users. 

What amazon looks for in your application

  • Why and what is the purpose of your site.
  • The audience you are planning to target.
  • Methods you are planning to use to attract an audience.

Amazon will verify and authenticate your website before giving you the position. What is the point of having you as an associate marketer if you don’t have any traffic to direct towards the site? Note that it checks if you have relevant content as well, not only traffic. 

Register on the Amazon webpage

  • Join the program, and then it will ask you to build a profile. You will need to enter the basic info about yourself.

  • Enter your website address and any other sites you plan to use. Make sure to include your Youtube and Blog id as well. Youtube generates 38 % of all commissions from affiliate marketing.

  • Enter your preferred ID. Ideally, this should be the same as your website name. Include details about your site as well. Select the categories and products you are likely to target. These choices can be changed later on as well so pick as many as you can. 


  • In this step, you will have to answer questions on your traffic and monetization policy. You will have to answer questions on the number of users per month and how you plan to generate income.

There will be a few technical questions like how will you build links. Do not worry too much if your answer is not perfect. 

  • Here you would have to enter your personal information. It will ask for your mobile number. You will get an OTP. Enter that to verify your mobile. Make sure all other info is accurate and up to date and is this is the number one reason applications get declined.

  • Choose your payment preference. You will have to enter your Tax details. Make sure you have a PAN account and maintain a balance sheet.


Amazon gives you various options when it comes to collecting your paycheque. They pay monthly. It usually takes 60 days to credit a month’s earning. 

How to get your payment on Amazon

  1. You can collect via cheque. You need to provide your bank details for this method. A minimum of 2500 INR is required to receive a cheque. It will be delivered to your address.
  2. You may also opt for NEFT. The minimum amount required is 1000 INR.

This verification is valid for 180 days. You are required to do at least three conversions in this time to remain active. Now that you are Amazon India Associate let us get down to business.

How  to market

Now that you are rearing to start making content let us look at what are the types of content you can use. When it comes to creating, there is no set formula to success. Many Youtubers built their success on being unique. 

Amazon is very ethical when it comes to marketing. It does not tolerate spamming and third-party ads. These rules mean you are not allowed directly promote your link through Email lists. You are not allowed to run third-party ads like Facebook ads. 

These restrictions help Amazon market ethically and build a reputation. We must think out of the box to find a solution. Here are a few ways you can use.

SEO and content marketing

This method is tried and tested and has stood the test of time. This step consists of three phases. 

  1. Try finding and defining your target audience.
  2. Understanding their pain points
  3. Come up with a solution for their problem
  4. Create content that solves their problems and subtly markets your product.

For example, many people in India suffer a lack of deep sleep. You could survey and find their reasons like mattress and anxiety. Now you could create an article that gives tips to sleep well like Meditation and also include a list of good pillows. This way, you gain credibility and market well. Writing to solve problems means people will come back for more.

You could use surveys to get to know their pain points. You could simply talk with people to understand their issues. Do not make your website just a marketing tool. You can see how I have used my site to create content that solves problems and gives useful info. 

See how I am looking to address their issues and encourage engagement. I also offer and list my services. By trying to create content to help them, I have gained their confidence that I am not just here to market.

Here the research and what problem you are trying to solve makes all the difference. You want to create content to solve problems faced by the majority. Find issues that majority are facing by doing some keyword research. You can find some helpful tips for keyword research here.

This way, you have a broad target base and you do not come across as desperate to market.

Kickstart your career in Affiliate marketing with my Quick Guide to Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Types of articles you use to grow at a 10x rate

Top 10 lists

These are very popular as they are easy to create. They are also highly effective. For example, if you are making a list of Bollywood music cd in India. You would have to list artists like Arijit Singh, Badshah etc. based on lyrics and tine. 

This way you can include a link saying the lowest price in the market is right here on Amazon and user is likely to buy. 


Product A vs Product B

Simply take the top two products in your niche and compare their specs. Sounds simple right? It is. Customer delay purchasing 48 % of the time because they are unable to choose between their top 2 choices. 

The users that visit the page are in the fina; stage of purchasing. They have done their background research and are ready to spend money. These kinds of users will have a better conversion rate.


Best products under XYZ INR

Many times people are just looking to buy something for leisure. In a country like India, not everyone is an Ambani to spend lavishly. Let us say, someone 

Wants to spend 10000 rupees to buy a mobile and just wants the best deal and has no specifics in mind. This article targets that type of customer.


How to use

Have you ever been stuck with installation or using a product? You are not alone. Many users feel this difficulty too. You could create content to help them with videos or FAQ.

While making content make it before the buying stage. For example, take Bluetooth speakers. Your content should be on its advantages and unique features this way user is likely to buy. If your content is how to use it, the user who has purchased it will come. You will not make money from these articles.

Here are a few mantras you should always follow.

  1. You need to show off your knowledge here. Include weird and quirky facts to capture the interest of the user. 
  2. Make sure your content is understandable to everyone. Anaya Pandey to Shashi Tharoor everyone should be able to understand.
  3. Include a comic break and some small jokes. Think like Kapil Sharma, how can I make people laugh with minimal effort. 
  4. Be honest and list out problems or disadvantages too. This way you will not look like Shah Rukh advertising Fair and Lovely. You want to be a credible and honest source.

Check out how to master video making( to become an expert.

Social Media Marketing

As I have already told, you can not use direct ads to promote links. You could use organic social media content for marketing it. This channel is especially popular among YouTubers. For example, you could create a video about the five best mobile phones to play Pubg. In the description, you could list your links.

amazon associates youtube marketing1

It is vital to have a large and loyal followers base if you want to be successful. You need to gain their trust and credibility first before you go ahead to market. Take Technical Guruji for example. He initially built a large following by putting up honest reviews. Now he also is heavily involved with affiliate marketing.

Your content must be well researched and accurate. To build a following, you must be original and have high-quality content. You can use Ads to promote your blog or channel which you can use to promote your products.

Merely posting your link everywhere will not make people buy. This random posting would make it spamming not marketing.

Email promoting

You can not directly post your link on the Email. You may use it to promote the article or blog using Email. Email marketing has proven to be the most successful amongst others. It also requires minimal investment. You can use websites like MailChimp(, even to automate the process. 

marketing channel effectiveness

Now you have hopefully understood how to create content and market your website. The next part is picking the products to market. It would be foolish to choose your product and then find the audience. To have a better chance, always find products to market to your Target audience.

Before learning how to pick a product, you need to understand Amazon India affiliate marketing program’s commission structure.

Amazon Commission Structure

Amazon has incredibly low commission rates. It has the most economical rates among significant companies. Though there is a reason behind this. Amazon looks to profit from bulk sales. It expects you also to generate income via bulk sales. Their main target is volume. This thinking has driven them to an average of 4000 orders per minute.

The commission rates mainly depend on the category. These are the latest rates as of today.

amazon associates commission structure

These rates look dismal. Wondering how you will make any profit? The answer is volume. You want to generate as much sale as possible.

Do not just promote a product because it has the highest commission rate. 

Take, for example, take Pedigree dog food and Blu ray movie.

A bag of pedigree costs 250, meaning your commission is 20 INR(8 %).

A blue ray movie costs 2500. The commission would be 62.5 INR even though it is only a 2.5 % commission. 

amazon product categories sales

Choose your category wisely. Pick a category that actually interests you and do not just go with the trend. Like Yo Yo Honey Singh says “Make trends don’t follow trends”. You will only be able to sell something you are passionate about and know inside out. 

You can not ask Anil Kapoor to sell footballs and Sunil Chetri clothes! Like that, stay true to yourself while choosing.

I will give one more amazing hack to make quick money on Amazon. Amazon also has a bounty program. If you get customers to register as members in their various memberships, you will get a commission. This opportunity is missed by many. 

  • If you get a user to become a prime member, you get 100 INR.
  • If you get them to register as an Amazon business, it is another 200 INR.

For more offers, you can check out Amazon webpage.

Now that you have chosen a product to market lets get to the next step link generation.

Link Generation

This step is pretty simple. Go to the sidebar and find the option that lets you generate one. There are three types of promotional links.

  • Image links

There are just product images along with the link. These are generally preferable for popular products like iPhone or a Dell laptop.

  • Image and text

These are images and a few additional details included. They are an enhanced version but require more space on your webpage. These usually contain price and star rating.

  • Text

The links posted by Youtubers in their description box famous Instagram influencers in their posts. Usually, when you have physically shown the product, it is ok to use this format. It consumes less space and is uncluttered.


Now you can create content around this product. You have successfully started your journey as an Amazon India associate. The Amazon India affiliate marketing has helped me make big bucks. 

Making money on Amazon requires a lot of work initially before you can make money. Don’t lose hope if you are not making enough in the start. Learn to allocate your budget correctly to succeed.

Want more tips? Check out 23 smart strategies for affiliate marketing on Amazon.

This article, hopefully, has given you the tools to succeed in your goal. I would love to hear back from whether it is a suggestion or question or even correction. Your feedback would be invaluable in our mission to become the number 1 site for digital marketing.

Which strategy from today’s post are you excited the most? Or maybe you have a doubt about something you read. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.


This article lets you know the basics and get started with affiliate marketing. It helps you from registering to choosing your niche to publishing your link. It contains some tips I have learnt along the way to improve the user. It gives a complete extensive overview of the topic.

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