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24th-28th June

Day 1 : 24th June, 2020


Digital Marketing

In this section, we will learn :

  • Course Overview
  • Digital Marketing Demystified
  • Why is Digital Marketing the next big thing?

Market Research

In this section, we will learn :

  • What is Market Research and why is it Important?
  • Tools to Spy on Competition
  • How to Create and Use your own Survey?
  • Task 1

[Note: All tasks have to be submitted on or before 28th June, 2020]

Let's just jump right into the course. All the Best!

1. Course Overview.

2. Digital Marketing Demystified.

3. Why is Digital Marketing the Next big Thing?

Now that you have completed the "Introduction" module, let's move on to the next module for today.

Market Research

1. What is Market Research and Why is it Important?

2. Tools to Spy on Competition.

3. How to Create and Do your Own Survey?

Let's get on the task for the day to practically apply the knowledge you've gained through all the lessons for today.

4. Task for the Day :

I hope that now, you've got a more clear picture of the course and completed the lessons and task for Day 1 successfully.

See you tomorrow with more productive learnings and tasks!

Course Schedule

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Market Research

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Email Marketing

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Google Ads

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Facebook ads

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Yes, it is 100% free for all.

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