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Welcome to the free PRO SECRETS mini course on how to get 100,000 subscribers through Video Marketing.

Hey I am Seema Gupta, Professor of Digital mktg at IIM Bangalore and in this course I will tell you 7 strategies to skyrocket your business through video mktg.

Videos are very powerful because they can portray emotion, they can have a human face and hence you can build trust and credibility.

No 1 strategy – Create Original, high quality content

You must create content which is a soft sell and adds value to your target audience.  Various types of videos which do well are Previews of your product, unboxing videos, Interviews with experts, Behind the scenes videos,  Testimonials, How to Videos, Influencer videos, Demonstration videos, Brand Explainer videos, Expert Review videos, Use cases videos, and Educational videos. 

No 2 strategy – Get Recommended

Do you know which is the most important factor for making your video viral? It is to get recommended as suggested video. The real magic happens when your video shows up as recommended. Typically Youtube recommends videos which have similar number of views. So if you have 500 views you cannot be recommended alongside videos having 200,000 views. Imagine if Youtube shows videos with so much difference in views how odd will the user feel! So what is the sokution to this problem? You must promote promote promote till you get 20% of your competitors views as then you can get into recommended videos.

No. 3 Strategy – Use listicles

you must use lists in videos as people wait for next item in the list so it helps in user retention. For example In my video I am giving you 7 strategies. Lists build anticipation as viewers do not want to miss out on next item. Also Numbers add tangibility and credibility.

No. 4 Strategy – Use a Tool TubeBuddy or VideoIQ.

These are excellent Browser Extensions which allow Keyword research for Youtube. They also give analytics like position of your video for a keyword in Youtube search results. You get analytics for any video you are watching like how many views, likes, shares, tags used. it also shows channel statistics such as subscribers, number of videos.

No. 5 Strategy – Ask for thumbs up after an AHA moment 

Users are unlikely to do thumbs up at the end as they may be thinking of next video. some users may have dropped off in between. also there are many asks at the end like thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, check out website and comment. One user is unlikely to engage in so many call to actions. Hence its better to space them throughout the video. Ask for thumbs up after an Aha moment which may be in the first 2 minutes. Ask for subscribing after 4 minutes of video as by then video would have built credibility for channel subscription. At the end ask for checking out website. 

No. 6 Strategy – Give bonus at the end

Giving bonus at the end may be a good hook for retaining the viewers and making them    watch through the end. People will anticipate and await the bonus if you announce there will be a bonus tip. It also conveys the reward for loyalty.

No 7 Strategy – Make your content discoverable

Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google.  So you must do SEO for YouTube. 

Watch time is the most important factor in video SEO. Higher watch time means viewers liked your video and so are hooked. This will give tremendous boost to your discoverability. Primitive technology is a channel that uploads videos about building without tools. Each video is about 1 hr in length. There is no audio or narration yet users are engaged. New video is uploaded only once in a month, yet with such low freqeucy also users await for new releases.

You must select Keywords having high search volume and low competition from tools such as TubeBuddy

You must make catchy title for your video which includes power and emotion words and makes users click on your video. Power words are like Growth, guaranteed, boost sales; whereas emotion words are such as fascinating, latest, Remarkably, Incredible. For example in my title How to Get 100,000 Subscribers Through Video Marketing has power words like get subscribers and emotion words like ‘How to’.

Next you must make attractive thumbnails. Incorporate brand colours so that you have consistent look and feel of your videos. Your videos should stand out and entice users to click. See the thumbnails of BCC Trolling. They are so colorful and attractive and they get lot of clicks because of thumbnails.

You must Organise videos in playlist so that internal linking happens and YouTube automatically recommends other videos in the playlist as the popularity of your video grows. 

Here is a Bonus Tip for you.

Co-create Content

Magical way to get more views it is to co create content. You can do interviews of experts and request them to share the content on their social media channels. This will widen your reach manifold.

The above strategies have done wonders for my clients and are guaranteed to grow your business too. Thank you for watching.