Digital Marketing Consulting

Why You Should Hire a Consulting Company?


While you may have your own teams and agency partners, often what is lacking is an independent expert who can guide your digital strategy and optimisation. Consultancy can catapult your digital marketing to the next level by providing an audit at every stage of planning and implementation.


In digital marketing there is always scope for improvement. Consultancy will give you third eye to spot opportunities for optimising your campaigns and reducing the cost per conversion.


Digital marketing is very specialized. It requires an expert with sound conceptual and practical know how. Onboarding a consultancy will help you stay ahead of the curve and beat your competition. Sneak peek into the competition’s strengths and weaknesses with the help of digital tools!


Our fresh ideas and deep knowledge about algorithms of the major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube will increase your traffic, drive sales and build a community with followers.

We will show you how to build a “Digital Brand” ecosystem that will help you achieve your business objectives.Without worrying about Digital Marketing, you can concentrate on your core business. No blabber, no hiding of real techniques, no random tactics, just tested systems and knowledge that work in the real world, generating great results.

Rs. 1999
for 30 minutes consultation

How our Consulting will Help you Excel?

SWOT Analysis

Identifying your strength and building on it helps to grow the business in leaps and bounds. Understanding the needs of your prospective customers is also critical to any business’s success.

Domain Expertise

With our breadth and depth of expertise in digital marketing we provide consulting in all domains including website optimisation, landing page design, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, performance marketing and search engine marketing.


As per your business needs, we offer a customised digital marketing suite, that is specifically designed for your target audiences.

Latest Trends

Our execution plan takes into account the fast-changing market scenario along with customer preferences and thereby sets benchmarks for success.

Implementation Support

If need be, implementation services and support is also provided to help overcome hindrances and smoothen the path as your solution is rolled out and will be chargeable at a separate fee.


Step 1

Understanding your Business and Marketing Objectives

Step 2

Formulating a Strategy to achieve these objectives

Step 3

Budget Allocation

Step 4

You implement the plan with our guidance

Step 5

You consult us again after getting amazing results

30 minutes consultation

Do you want to grow your business manifold?

Do you want higher ROI, more leads, more conversions?

Book a 30 minutes call with Prof Seema to discuss your goals and get winning ideas and solutions with a small investment.

Get winning strategy for your business.

Rs. 1999
for 30 minutes consultation

After the payment, we will right away send you the mail regarding the confirmation of the time slots.

I am Not Your Typical Digital Marketing Consultant

Your Partner

When you win, we win! We work with your business hand in hand to make sure you succeed. We are truly invested in your success.

Done in House

Everything we do we do it ourselves by our in-house team of digital marketers. This maintains a strict quality control and confidentiality.

Tried & Tested

I am a Digital Marketing professor at IIM Bangalore. You consult only from the best. Our expertise has been tried, tested and proven to be the best.

Data Driven Campaigns

We use our client’s data and brand information for laser focused targeting and optimisation. This means efficient ads for you at the lowest investment possible

Search Engine Supremacy

Some agencies will increase your visibility online; we make you completely unmissable taking over all of the top spots on Google with multiple assets.

ROI Obsessed

We are obsessed on delivering a substantial return on investmentour clients.

Deadline Masters

We’ll tell you exactly how long it takes to satisfy your business needs and deliver on time, sometimes even earlier. We’ve been doing this for so long that hitting deadlines is kind of a hobby for us.

Modus Operandi

Consulting will be done weekly over video conferencing for about 90 minutes. Hence in a month 4 consulting calls will be scheduled. We are obsessed with your success and are approachable outside these scheduled calls also.

How Much will it Cost you?

Our objective is to help businesses grow. We are affordable yet have quality and credibility. It will cost you Rs 49,900 per month on retainer. Payment is to be done in the beginning of each month.

What People Are Saying About Me:

Rajat Abrol
Rajat Abrol
20. February, 2021.
Highly application oriented subject taught with ease using industry relevant hands on exercise.
Maitreyee Rudola
Maitreyee Rudola
20. February, 2021.
Studying Digital Marketing under Professor Seema Gupta has given me the depth and breadth of varied best digital marketing concepts, frameworks, strategies and practices. Ideating and creating live campaigns for partner start-ups throughout the course has also allowed me to apply my learnings and gain hands-on experience. It is one of the best courses in this domain and is recommended for professionals and students alike.
Sudeep Ruj
Sudeep Ruj
20. February, 2021.
The course provided by the prof is up to date and very helpful for the digital marketing ecosystem.

Price - Rs. 99,000
Rs. 49,900 monthly

Companies that Trust Us

Consultant Profile: Prof. Seema Gupta

Seema Gupta was an Associate Professor of Digital Marketing at IIM Bangalore.

With 10+ years of experience, she has advanced expertise in Digital Marketing through which she can consult your team in strategy as well as execution of digital marketing. She has consulted with companies such as Aranyani, Gaursons, ABA Corp, KW Group, NVT Lifestyle, Mapsko Group.

She has trained 10,000+ professionals, 500+ companies and increased their ROI by 100%. She has trained CXOs as well as senior professionals of companies such as John Distilleries, Arvind Brands, 3M, Aranyani, Union Bank, Lifestyle stores, Harman, Naturals, Adobe, Hersheys, TV Today, Lintas etc.

She is the author of popular textbook Digital Marketing published by McGraw. She is a keynote speaker to many high-profile digital marketing summits and panel discussions.

She addresses town hall meetings of companies as well as agencies on digital marketing. She is a visiting faculty of digital marketing at ESAN University, Peru and EGADE University, Mexico.

You can write to for any query.