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Where to Get 1000 Free Youtube Subscribers

  • Where to get 1000 FREE Youtube SUBSCIBERS

YouTube is everybody’s first choice when it comes to watching videos of any sort.

When you are allowed to own an account in the world’s second most popular website for free, why not make the best out of it, then? For your social life, business and fame? Can you? The answer is YES! So here’s a guideline to help yourself to the portal of stardom and fame. Like any other social media platform, followers play an important role in building  your profile in YouTube too. Better known as “Subscribers” or “Viewers”, these followers make a major impact in the working of your channel and hence your income.

Here, we will be looking at ways to achieve 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free.

Why focus on Subscribers?

Let’s talk about subscribers. You would’ve observed any YouTuber constantly mention this term. A subscriber is none but another user, who, out of interest and admiration towards the content you upload, selects to follow your channel, to keep himself updated. 

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Now, why are subscribers important? 

  • First of all, depending on the videos in your profile and the  authenticity, a subscriber may often turn into a fan follower i.e., he’ll get more involved in activities like liking your videos, commenting frequently in your favour and also sharing your videos with other people. Now isn’t that a great deal for you?
  • Secondly, subscribers keep you going with your work. They motivate you! In fact, some of the very popular pages on YouTube, are where they are today, because their subscribers played a major role. These users, mainly through comments and also through personal messages, let you know about your performance, by small acts of praise and appreciation. Followers of a page often provide suggestions for the future videos, encourage other users to comment and converse, and also advice for improvements. These are taken up by the page owners with great enthusiasm as healthy criticism from the audience always helps you to improve.
  • You would definitely be aware that social media works on certain algorithms. YouTube boasts a watch of almost 5 billion videos on a daily basis. Very often, these algorithms decide which videos a particular user shall watch daily. The videos that pop up on their feed every morning and those that come down in their notifications every other hour, are all based on their watch history, thumbs up history and deciphering of their interests. In such a case, having viewers glued to your account is of great benefit for your growth. Like I said above, these viewers can get you additional viewers too!
  • Especially for business and marketing pages, focusing on a constantly improving milestone for subscribers is of utmost importance, specifically for monetary gains.

How does the number of subscribers influence your pay?

First of all, to join prime programmes like the YouTube Partner Program, it is a basic requirement to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers. This program helps you monetize your channel, by means of advertisements of your choice, to enable which, you will have to fulfil the requirement of possessing the demanded count of minimum subscribers.

The “subscriber to views ratio” is an important criterion for payment, though not the only one. The number of views you get for a video, when compared to the number of followers you have, should match a certain percentage required, in order to achieve efficient pay. 

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So, how and where do you find 1000 subscribers for free?

Let’s see what we as regular users of YouTube can do, to achieve our target of 1000 subscribers

Reminding your audience to subscribe

When viewers happen to watch one of your videos by chance, not all of them necessarily subscribe to the channel. So remind them, for your own good. Remind them to click the red “Subscribe” button below your video and also to enable the notifications, so that they get a ring everytime your new video is uploaded. 

gain subscribers youtube free
Remind your audience to subscribe

Rather than doing this for each of your videos, it is recommended to add such reminders in videos that you are confident of arousing the viewers’ excitement and interest.

  1. You can add this statement orally in your video. In many videos, you can hear the speaker go like “If you found this video useful, please do hit the “Subscribe” button below and stay updated”. Some even prefer telling these at frequent intervals. Well, more the reminder, more the reaction and lesser the chances of your viewers missing out on your command.
  2. You have an option to add cards and end screens. Like sticky notes are for your personal planner, annotations are for your videos. Annotations are colourful labels that you can add in your videos for a certain time interval. You can edit the annotations according to your needs; you may put it up such that it takes the user to another useful video and importantly, for subscription.

Building Anticipation in your viewers

Another strategy to keep your audience tuned to your channel, would be to announce your near future project. That will keep up their expectations and interest in your feed. All these actions will make you seem like a confident YouTuber, with a strong belief in the worth of his videos and one open to suggestions.

Set up a well groomed page

How you present your page plays an important role in attracting viewers.

  1. Have a good theme for your channel. Choose topics that have a potential to bring in attention. The more focussed your channel looks, the better. For example, we often come across channels like Edureka and Careerguide that aim to help students with their everyday studies, by creating videos covering a minimum number of topics every week. Choosing a particular theme provides the benefit of increasing the chances of your page being the go-to one for that theme.

Let’s take the example of Ranjit Kumar, an Indian YouTuber, who owns the official channel GeekyRanjit. A self-made geek, who discovered his passion for technology and gadgets since his childhood, Ranjit took to reviewing gadgets on his channel, starting with an ASUS router. Failing numerous times in gaining sufficient response and followers, he adopted a strategy where he bought gadgets and products with his money, used them, and posted their reviews on his channel. Through his genuine reviews, his audience base expanded slowly and steadily, until it was enough to start earning something from YouTube, which he wasn’t before. His subscribers’ base started multiplying. As of today, he has 2.88 Million subscribers and his channel is the go-to for thousands of users who wish to gain information about gadgets. 

GeekyRanjit is one of India’s top gadget YouTubers

A common man like Ranjit, who speaks just simple English, and well known for his honest, unbiased reviews and opinions, has been ranked  among the “Top 10 Indian YouTube millionaires”, following the theme behind his channel – Gadgets!

  1. Choose what to put up as the thumbnail image for your videos, and also add a catchy and precise title as well as a brief description below it. Mostly, it’s these factors that provoke any user to watch a video.
  1. Design your video such that the introduction grabs maximum attention. It should be such that it inspires the viewer to watch your videos further. Do not commit the sin of making your videos boring!

Maintain the consistency

It’s important to keep up the curiosity and interest of your viewers. Consistency in updating your feed plays a major role in keeping a hold on your audience. So it’s better to not let a huge interval occur from one video to another as your channel may get forgotten.

Work on the content

Consciously, choose the content you’ll be working on for a video. Uploading videos for the namesake of keeping pace with your frequency has a considerable chance of putting them up as worthless in your viewer’s eye. Make it a point to add one or more of your best content into each of your videos.

Choose to stand out

Try to refrain from repeating topics from already existing videos of well to do fame. Find ways to engage your viewers by using your creativity and entertainment tactics, such that at least one-third of your followers put your channel first, in preference over other similar videos. The marketing approach should be wisely chosen to get the fish to the hook.

You would’ve definitely come across the song “Why this Kolaveri di” from the Tamil movie 3. The way the song went viral from the very day of its release on 16 November 2011 was crazy! Its quirky “Tanglish” lyrics and tune helped it become the most searched video in India. Within a few weeks, YouTube honoured the video with a ‘”Recently Most Popular” Gold Medal award and “Trending” silver medal award for receiving many hits in a short time.