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Learn how to fast track your career, build a personal brand and grow your business
I have trained 10,000+ professionals, 1000+ CXOs from 500+ companies

Professor of Top Business school

Learn from Professor Seema Gupta, ex-faculty at IIM Bangalore. I’ll teach the exact top strategies I use to generate over 1 Crore in revenue for my clients and 100,000 high quality leads. Learn the tips I use for growing 100x. This course is designed to help go-getters like you achieve your dreams. I am sharing what I have learnt in my career spanning 20+ years and over 100+ companies and CXOs. You need not have any experience in this field to take this course.

Price: Rs.7000
Rs. 3999

What will You Learn?

 Build A Website with No Coding

 Run Ad campaigns that will generate 1000+ leads

 My Ultra SEO strategy to occupy top position in Google

 Power hacks to Build followers, drive engagement and monetize Instagram

 My secret scientific keyword research tips to beat the competition

 My Booster Blueprint to increase subscribers and views of YouTube videos

 Set up free Email marketing account to nurture your prospects

 Champion market research using free tools

 Rocket tips to advertise on Search, Display and YouTube Ads platform to scale business

What will you get?

  • 10+ hours of content
  • 70+ videos
  • 10+ projects
  • Membership of Facebook group for doubt clearing
  • Email support for any doubt clearing

Who is this course for?

Professionals  - Learn new media and upskill, switch from traditional to digital marketing, build a personal brand, switch to better jobs, get freelancing side hustle, switch from sales / IT roles to digital marketing

Students  - To build career, get internships, build a portfolio of projects, find placement opportunities

CXOs  - Unlock the power of digital and provide strategic vision to your organization; CFO/CTO/CMO to develop synergies in functions across organization

Entrepreneur  - Learn cost effective marketing to create awareness, generate leads and drive conversions for your business

Freelancers  - Become a freelancer in design, video editing, social media marketing, SEO, website designing, paid campaigns; get holistic understanding of digital marketing to connect the dots 

Influencers/Coaches  - Build your personal brand with content, gain followers, increase engagement, monetize your social media accounts


You will get a certificate on completion of the course

Price: Rs.7000
Rs. 3999

Rajat Abrol
Rajat Abrol
20. February, 2021.
Highly application oriented subject taught with ease using industry relevant hands on exercise.
Maitreyee Rudola
Maitreyee Rudola
20. February, 2021.
Studying Digital Marketing under Professor Seema Gupta has given me the depth and breadth of varied best digital marketing concepts, frameworks, strategies and practices. Ideating and creating live campaigns for partner start-ups throughout the course has also allowed me to apply my learnings and gain hands-on experience. It is one of the best courses in this domain and is recommended for professionals and students alike.
Sudeep Ruj
Sudeep Ruj
20. February, 2021.
The course provided by the prof is up to date and very helpful for the digital marketing ecosystem.

Trainer Profile: Prof. Seema Gupta

I am an Ex-Professor, IIM Bangalore. I was a faculty at IIMB for 15 years where I taught digital marketing. I have trained 10,000+ CXOs, professionals, students and entrepreneurs from top brands. I am also a Keynote speaker, Blogger, Vlogger and an Author of digital marketing. I have consulted with many companies multiplying their revenues, crafting their strategy and scaling their business 10x. I have written popular textbook on digital marketing subscribed by most IIMs and top business schools to teach digital marketing. I am a visiting faculty at Egade University, Mexico and Esan University, Peru

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There is no fixed timings for the course, but we recommend you to complete it in 5-10 days.

After completing the course, you will be equipped with the following skills:

  • Learn how to build a website with no coding.
  • Learn how to write Ads That Will Get Clicked And Generate Over 1000 Leads A Day
  • You can do SEO for your website and get over 100x growth and save thousands of rupees.
  • Learn how to build your own ad campaign and strategies I have used to explode my client’s sales.
  • You will learn secret strategies I use in my very channels to skyrocket views and grow a huge subscriber base without spending a single rupee in ads.
  • Learn how to do growth hacking to leverage Instagram and become an influencer.
  • Digital Marketing A to Z course starts from scratch, and there is no need of prior knowledge or background before taking this course. Following are the major topics that will be covered in this course:

    • Market research
    • Hosting your website
    • Email Marketing
    • SEO Tips
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Facebook Ads
    • YouTube
    • Instagram and Influencer Marketing

You will get an opportunity to learn Digital marketing from Professor Seema Gupta, ex-faculty at IIM Bangalore, a top business school in the country. She has over 20 years of experience and has worked with top MNC’s and helped transform their marketing. She is also a published author, keynote speaker, consultant and columnist. She specializes in increasing traffic, generating valuable leads and growing a business from the ground up being an entrepreneur herself. Her laser-focused marketing strategies guarantee customer engagement and lead generation. She has worked with many top MNC’s and startups and helped them turn leads into crores of revenue.

After completing the digital marketing course, most of the people look for good job opportunities. Remember, a digital marketing certificate will only give you credibility. To get a good job, you must implement the things you have learned in real life and give your best to show the result. Apart from getting a job, you can also start your own digital marketing agency. The growth of India’s digital marketing industry is at 33.5%. By the end of 2020, in India, digital Industry will produce more than 20 lakhs jobs. Hence, demonstrating genuine digital marketing skills can help improve your chances of finding the job you want.

Uh, Still have doubts?

Check my website where I publish in-depth blog articles on digital marketing; watch my Youtube channel which has many videos on how to do digital marketing;  Go to my Instagram, LinkedIn accounts or Google my name (Prof Seema) and see my Google reviews. Or check my textbook on digital marketing available on amazon.

Price: Rs.7000
Rs. 3999

Course Design


- Overview of digital marketing and its scope

LinkedIn Marketing

- How to build career and get job
- How to generate leads from LinkedIn


- How to make WordPress site without coding
- How to add pages, posts and use plugins

Email Marketing

- Create free Email account
- Build Lists to nurture customers
- Write catchy subject lines and sparkling copy


- Do On-page, Off-page SEO
- Tips to rank in Google
- Write catchy title and description

Google Ads

- Open Google ads account
- Set up live campaigns on display, Search and Youtube


- Create Business page
- Content strategy to build community

Facebook Ads

- Set up business manager account, do targeting, create ads
- How to write a catchy ad copy
- How to design a landing page that converts
- Create custom audience in Facebook


- Strategies for profitable channel
- Find Video ideas and do Video SEO


- How to become an influencer
- Post and hashtag strategy

Search Engine Advertising

- Google algorithm for ad rank
- Metrics for PPC campaigns

For any more queries, please write to manager@profseema.com