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A Complete Guide To Collaborative Advertisements on Facebook

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Facebook collaborative advertisements make it safe and simple for retailers to empower brands to run different performance marketing campaigns for their products and driving sales on the retailer’s website or mobile app.

Brands use Collaborative Advertisements to run performance marketing campaigns with retail partners. The retailer filters their Catalogue to create a Catalogue segment that contains only products from that brand and shares it with the brand team. Then the brand team runs a Collaborative Advertisements campaign that directs people to the retailer’s website or app.

Some brands, for example, manufacture products, such as electronics, and do not sell directly to consumers. Rather, they sell through retailers. As a result, brands do not control the point of sale and have to run hard-to-measure direct response campaigns.


Now with Collaborative Advertisements, brands can drive the Purchase of their products with a retail partner and measure the effectiveness of their advertising more easily.

1.  Brands run performance marketing campaigns on Facebook through Collaborative Advertisements.

2.  When a person taps on the ad, they’re taken to the retailer’s website or app.

3. Brands optimize their campaigns and measure return on ad spend based on the purchases of their products on the retailer’s website or app.

Facebook is introducing Collaborative Advertisements to help advertisers establish new ways to convert online shopper intent by permitting brand partners to drive high intent shoppers to website and application.

Read my article to know how to use Facebook for business.

The new advertisement format allows businesses that either have no E-commerce site or a minimal E-commerce presence to target people with an advertisement that targets products online on a retailer’s website or application. The new Collaborative Advertisement program will enable a retailer to set up dynamic ads and creates a Catalogue segment that contains the brand’s products: brands can reach shoppers who have expressed interest in their products. When a user clicks on a branded advertisement, they are brought to the retailer where they can complete the Purchase.

For example, Iball wireless speakers want to advertise their products on Facebook, but they don’t sell their products through their own site but sell on Flipkart. Considering Iball speaker has a variety of products, they want to serve wireless speaker advertising for Facebook users and direct them to Flipkart page of their wireless speakers.  This is possible through collaborative ads.

Collaborative Advertisements are Facebook’s gift to brands, empowering them to drive sales to their websites through dynamic advertisements. The feature only allows brands that sell products through retailers and merchants to run direct sales campaigns on a segment of their Catalogue and lead their target consumers straight to the retailer’s website or mobile application.

Even brands without their E-commerce sites can use this tool. As per Facebook, all brands have to do is deploy dynamic advertisements that show the right products to people who have an authentic interest. That way, only customers who are likely to buy the product will be directed to the retailer’s site, application, landing page, or anywhere else on the net where the product can be purchased.

It is important to note that Collaborative Advertisements are only suitable for certain businesses. You will have to be sure of two things:

1. There are participating merchants on Collaborative Advertisements who sell your products.

2. Your products have a very high demand and are constantly looked up and purchased online.

You will be able to see potential clients’ products through its dynamic advertising on brand channels, but then you’ll have to finish purchases through retail channels.

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Why Use Collaborative Advertisements?

The collaboration between the brand and retail partners benefits both parties. Retailers can gain increased traffic to their website or app, while brands can run campaigns featuring their products and measure sales.

With Collaborative Advertisements, it’s simple to run performance marketing campaigns with personalized creativity. These campaigns automatically match the right products to the right shoppers at scale based on interests they’ve shown on partner websites and apps or elsewhere on the web. This benefits both parties: Retailers gain increased traffic to their websites or apps, and brands run campaigns featuring their products and measure sales.

Targeting – Brands can run both broad targeting and retargeting advertisements to people who have engaged with their products on the retailer’s website or app.

1. Optimization – Brands can optimize their campaigns for product purchases or other events on the retailer website or app, such as view content or add to cart.

2. Measurement – Brands can measure how investments are driving demand and sales for their products on the retailer’s website or app.

Before you get started with Collaborative Advertisements, you must find a merchant in your region that sells your products. The immediate next step is to create a new advertisement account that will solely be reserved for deploying Collaborative Advertisements. After that, you will receive a catalog segment from your merchant partner, which you’re free to review. Accept the terms and conditions to begin.


What Collaborative Advertisements Can Help Brands With:

  • Highlighting and showing relevant products to people who have a higher chance of making a purchase
  • Driving traffic with their products directly to the retailer’s website or application
  • Optimizing online advertisements to boost online sales
  • Keeping tabs and checks on the impact of campaigns on conversions
  • Automatically updating existing ads when product availability or price changes
  • Knowing advertising costs upfront

Why do they matter?

Retailers and Brands have relied on each other. However, with the rise of eCommerce, this relationship has become a little complicated. Brands have to get in on digital and performance marketing to stay in the competition. They need to adopt new strategies and form stronger, direct bonds with consumers.

More significantly, they need to do this while maintaining positive relationships with their retailing partners. Brands and retailers do not want to go head-to-head to sell products; they will require a modern way of working together. They rely on partnerships to stay way ahead of competitors and create a pool of resources. The notion of collaborative ads is a powerful method to achieve this.

What’s the difference between a Product Catalogue VS. A Catalogue segment?

To learn how products are featured in Collaborative Advertisements, we must first review product Catalogues and Catalogue segments.

1.Product Catalogue -Container that holds information about inventory, such as product titles, images, prices, descriptions, and more. A product Catalogue for a retailer can have thousands of products from hundreds of brands.

2. CATALOGUE SEGMENT – A group of products filtered by the brand that comes from the main product Catalogue of a retailer.

How Dynamic Advertisements and Collaborative  Advertisements work together?

  • Dynamic Advertisements – Facebook dynamic advertisements offer powerful targeting options to help advertisers reach people interested in their products. They use a product Catalogue for storing and managing inventory, which automatically generates advertisements based on data from the Facebook pixel and SDK. By doing so, each person in your target audience receives product recommendations tailored directly to them.
  • Collaborative Advertisements – This product takes dynamic advertisements a step further. It allows brands to leverage signals from retailers along with the shared Catalogue segment to run performance marketing campaigns.

How catalogue Segments used in Collaborative Advertisements?

Let’s take an instance of a retailer who owns their own product Catalogue made up of many different types of brands and products, like headphones, video recorders, DVD players, and phones.

Note – Any changes the retailer makes to its Catalogue automatically update all the Catalogue segments associated with that Catalogue.

The retailer can filter their Catalogue by brand with products, such as headphones, DVD players, or phones to create a smaller Catalogue. This smaller Catalogue, a Catalogue segment, may then be shared with the business manager for the brand. Brands can filter items from the Catalogue segment to create a product set that’s then used to run Collaborative Advertisements. 

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Now that we’ve discussed Collaborative Advertisements let’s take our learning further with this scenario.

Zack owns a small electronics business called Wire & Spark. He currently sells headphones through retailers and wants to expand his business. He uses Collaborative Advertisements to run direct performance marketing campaigns with retail partners.

To do this, an electronic retailer such as Axion shares a segment of its Catalogue containing Wire & Spark’s products. By using Axion’s Catalogue segment, Wire & Spark can now run retargeting campaigns to people who’ve shown interest in the brand on Axion’s website or app, like viewing product details or adding a product to the shopping cart. 

Collaborative Advertisements are mutually beneficial to both brands and retailers. Brands can get more insight into purchases on websites and apps which belong to their retail partners. In turn, retailers can get high-intent traffic by partnering with different brands and sell more products.

Collaborative Advertisements best practices

Every Collaborative Advertisements campaign is unique, but there are some best practices many successful campaigns share.

The product set from the Catalogue segment- Create a broad product set with 100 products or more to optimize the personalization of the advertisements and find audiences for your entire Catalogue.

Campaign objective and duration- The Collaborative Advertisements product is designed for lower-funnel events and works with the Catalogue sales and conversions objectives.

Note: Catalogue sales is the recommended objective to maximize sales with Collaborative Advertisements. However, the conversion objective is recommended for:

  1. Active traffic campaigns (Brands that want to measure the impact of the traffic they are sending to retailer websites)
  2. Reaching more people beyond prospecting (custom or lookalike audiences)

  • Targeting- Both retargeting and broad audiences (prospecting) can be used to maximize your reach of high purchase intent individuals with Collaborative Advertisements.

  • Campaign budget optimization (CBO)- CBO allows for flexibility in how the budget can be spent. This ensures the ad is shown to people who have the highest potential each day. Aim for 50 conversions or more to take advantage of conversion optimization.

1.Automatic placement- Advertisements are automatically shown to your audience in the places they’re likely to perform best.

2. Bidding- Choose the lowest cost for bidding

3. optimization– Lower funnel conversion events include view content, add to cart, and Purchase. Optimize by starting with Purchase, and if it doesn’t deliver, switch to add to cart and view content to reach optimal performance.


When you choose your creative assets, select mobile-optimized automatic placements using your Catalogue segment or product set. Be sure to include the unique value proposition for each product as well as an immediate call to action.

Single Image – Displays one of the products in your product set as a larger image in the ad. Use when there are less than four products in the product set.

Carousel- Displays multiple products, where each photo in the carousel is pulled from the product set dynamically.

Collection – Displays a larger image or video in combination with a carousel of products pulled from the product set dynamically. A minimum of four products in the product set is required to be able to use this format.

Check out how to create high converting Quora Ads.

How to use Retargeting with Collabrative Advertisements?

Use retargeting to reach people who have interacted with your products on the retailer’s website or app. We recommend that you start with a retargeting audience of people who viewed your products but did not add to the cart in the last 14 days.

Learn about some best practices that show how retargeting helps maximize performance with Collaborative Advertisements.

Time Frame – Avoid narrowing down the time frame for events like “viewed or added to cart but did not purchase” or “added to cart but did not purchase.”

For example, three to seven days decreases the audience size significantly, which affects delivery and performance.

Extra Filters – Avoid using targeting filters such as city, interest, or category for retargeting audiences. These are people who already showed interest, and you should reach as many of them as possible.

Long Conversion Windows – Depending on the product category, try longer conversion windows. While the purchase consideration cycle may be shorter and more frequent for certain products (such as food and beverages), it could be longer for others (such as electronics).

How to use broad Targeting with Collabrative Advertisements

Use broad audiences to reach people who are considering products in your category but haven’t viewed your brand’s products on the retailer’s website or app.

Broad Audiences To Retargeting – Broad Audiences help bring more people with high intent to your product pages on the retailer’s website or app. This helps grow your retargeting audience pool.

1. Extra Filters – Avoid using extra targeting filters such as city, interest, or category. Broad audiences already target a narrow range of people who are more likely to be interested in your products. Also, avoid using Custom Audiences and lookalike audiences in broad targeting.

2. Purchase Exclusions – Use exclusions to avoid reaching people who already purchased your products within a certain time frame. The right exclusion time frame is based on your product’s purchase cycle. If the time frame is too long, it could eliminate the potential of repeat purchases.

The Steps to get Started with Collaborative Advertisements

  1. Create one new ad account for Collaborative Advertisements within the Business Manager. You need to create a new advertisement account for each retailer.
  2. Share your Business Manager ID with your retail partner, so they can share your products in a Catalogue segment.

  1. After the retailer shares a Catalogue segment with you, accept the Catalogue segment along with the terms and conditions.
  2. Define your product set. The product set can be the entire Catalogue segment or a subset of the Catalogue segment.
  3. Set up your campaign parameters according to the best practices.
  4. Run the campaign and measure your results.


If you are a retailer, it’s essential for you to have a well-configured Mobile SDK and Facebook Pixel.

You can create a product Catalogue segment that you can share through your Business Manager to the selected brand. You can also collaborate with multiple brands.

The brand will launch dynamic advertisements with products from your shared Catalogue. You can see the effect your collaboration with the brand has on your product’s sales. However, if you aren’t registered, you need to first register as a retailer.

If you are a retailer, Collaborative advertisements are a great way for brand partners to effortlessly run performance marketing campaigns for your great product.

If you are on the brand side, you will find a list of retail partners you will be able to contact on the “Collaborative Ads Merchants” page, who work in your area and sell your products. You will get Full transparency to advertising cost and results which was previously mostly impossible.

If you are a retailer, you should have a properly configured Catalogue segment and share it with a partner brand or multiple tags. You do this through Business Manager. Once your brand launches dynamic advertisements for the products you offer, you will be able to browse through key metrics to watch how your collaboration affects sales.

The new advertisement format allows businesses that either have no E-commerce site or a minimal E-commerce presence to target people with an advertisement that targets products online on a retailer’s website or application. Collaborative advertisements are a great way for brand partners to easily run performance marketing campaigns for your products.


Collaborative Advertisements enables brands to deepen partnerships with retail partners, grow their business, and measure impact. Collaborative Advertisements allow brands to extend their marketing reach and unlock the full potential of partnerships with retailers by running performance marketing campaigns.

The collaboration between the brand and retail partner benefits both parties. This partnership enables brands to run and measure performance marketing campaigns and drive high-quality traffic to a retailer’s website or app to purchase. Brands can create performance marketing campaigns and target people who engage with their products on the websites or apps of their retail partners. Collaborative Advertisements works with Catalogue Sales and Conversions objectives. These lower-funnel objectives unlock conversion optimization and drive more sales.

Create your product set for products you’d like to promote. Remember, the more products you have in a product set, the greater likelihood of efficient delivery and better performance.  Both retargeting and broad audiences (prospecting) can be used to maximize your reach of high purchase intent individuals with Collaborative Advertisements.

Avoid using extra targeting filters in order to reach more people who are likely interested in your products. To take advantage of conversion optimization and reporting, use the Catalogue Sales and Conversions objectives. The more products you have in a product set, the better the efficiency, delivery, and performance

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