Tired Of Taking Many Courses On Social Media Marketing And Still Not Able To Succeed?

Digital Marketing

Learn from Professor Seema Gupta, faculty at IIM Bangalore, top business school in the country. In this course she will tell the exact strategies she used to generate over 10 crore revenue and over 100,000 leads via social media in a month.

Learn the exact strategies she used, to grow her client’s business over 100x and kill their competition.

The course is designed to help go-getters like you to achieve their dreams. She will be sharing the exact top-secret tips, tricks and hacks that she learnt over 20+ years working with over 100+ companies and CXO’s.

This will teach you the exact blueprint to build your social media empire.

You do not need any prior experience, but only the zeal to learn new things. Enrol Now!



Exclusive Launch Offer Price - $49

There are no fixed timings for the course, but we recommend you to complete it in 5 days.

What will You Learn?


Learn A-Z tried and tested strategies to skyrocket followers and engagement on Instagram without spending a rupee in Ads

Learn how to grow your views by over 50% using my ultra Youtube strategy.


How to set up your own Ad campaign on Facebook from scratch and get 1000s of leads


You will learn the mindblowing strategies influencers use themselves for Instagram and Youtube to get views and followers.


Learn how to build a personal brand and leverage your professional network on Linkedin to get 100s of clients.


Learn how to get over 100k views on Youtube by using the exact booster blueprint.

That's not all, here are a bunch of takeaways you will get access to once you grab the course



Exclusive Launch Offer Price - $49

There are no fixed timings for the course, but we recommend you to complete it in 5 days.

Don't believe me? Hear from over 5000+ people I have trained and shown the path to marketing like a boss.

Trainer Profile: Prof. Seema Gupta

Seema Gupta

I have been a passionate marketer ever since my childhood. I have been fascinated by TV ads at an early age and that turned into my passion and now I am living my dream.

I have over 20 years of experience and have worked with many top MNC’s and helped transform their marketing. I am also a published author, keynote speaker, consultant, columnist, but truly at heart, I am a passionate marketer.

I specialize in increasing traffic, generating valuable leads and growing a business from the ground up being an entrepreneur myself. I turn startups into profitable businesses by using laser-focused marketing strategies that guarantee customer engagement and lead generation.

I have worked with many top MNC’s and startups and I have helped them turn leads into crores of revenue.

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NO, you don’t need any prior experience. This course starts from scratch. The only thing you
need is motivation and attention.

You will not need anything else; all the content will be provided by us.

If you submit all tasks you will get a digital certificate.

For any more queries, please write to [email protected]

Course Design

Day 1

Introduction to the world of social media marketing:

Day 2

Facebook Marketing:

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5



Course Enrollment

There are no fixed timings for the course, but we recommend you to complete it in 5 days.



Exclusive Launch Offer Price - $49

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