Digital Marketing Professor, Consultant and Trainer


She was an Ex-Professor, IIM Bangalore. She was a faculty at IIMB for 15 years where she taught digital marketing. She has trained 10,000+ professionals, 500+ companies and increased their ROI by 100%.

She is the author of popular textbook Digital Marketing published by McGraw. She is a keynote speaker to many high-profile digital marketing summits and panel discussions. She addresses town hall meetings of companies as well as agencies on digital marketing. She is a visiting faculty of digital marketing at ESAN University, Peru and EGADE University, Mexico.

She has advanced expertise to grow your business. She has trained CXOs as well as senior professionals of companies such as John Distilleries, Arvind Brands, 3M, Aranyani, Union Bank, Lifestyle stores, Harman, Naturals, Adobe, Hersheys, TV Today, Lintas etc.

She masters in teaching digital marketing strategies, social media marketing plans, content strategies. She specializes in optimizing; improving traffic, leads and conversions; beating the algorithms of popular platforms such as Google, Instagram, YouTube thus increasing return on investment.


Digital marketing training
18 years of experience
Digital marketing consulting
12 years of experience
CXO's coaching
10 years of experience
Case study writing
12 years of experience


A digital marketing consultant is an individual with the capability to utilize the internet for doing effective marketing, analyzing data to determine the company’s performance and devising the best possible digital marketing strategies. Digital marketers or consultants hold a professional degree or certification to start digital marketing consulting. They can spur growth, improve your ROI and generate more conversions through their expertise

Digital marketing plays a significant role in the success of the company. Many people choose to become digital marketing consultants for developing marketing strategies. In India, Sourav Jain is one of the most prominent digital marketer, consultant, speaker and trainer. Another distinguished consultant is Prof. Seema Gupta, faculty of IIM Bangalore. She has consulted with many companies such as Aranyani, KW Homes, Gaursons, NVT Group, ABA Corp. She provides strategy as well as guides execution to optimise digital marketing of companies. Check out this link to get more details.

If you have the knowledge of digital marketing, then starting a digital marketing consulting business is not a big deal. All you need to do is just be familiar with the digital marketing trends and show creativity. Let’s look at some of the necessary points for starting a digital marketing consulting business.

  • Build your presence by having a website and writing the blogs.
  • Be active on all the social media and post regularly.
  • Grow your network by participating in marketing-related workshops.
  • Form a team with the people who are skilled in digital marketing.

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Skyrocket your business!

Join our email newsletter to receive a free digital marketing course. Fast track your online career. Join now. It’s free!