A Beginner's Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The e-book is the beginners guide to affiliate marketing. Jump start your entrepreneurial journey by identifying your niche, choosing a network and learning how to market products using affiliate marketing. Earn passive income while sleeping. Learn basics to intermediate level of affiliate marketing. Grab now.

Master the Art of Hashtags

Master the art of hashtag strategy with this actionable e-book. Increase the reach of your content 50x and get more engagement. Be discovered by more people and grow your followers and drive sales. Learn about tools for hashtags, types of hashtags and boost your social media marketing.

Digital Marketing

Get the latest actionable book on digital marketing, published by McGraw Hill. The text features comprehensive theoretical concepts, their practical applications, case studies and examples for the Indian and global context. I start from the very basics of the subject and extend to advanced topics such as optimizing user experience, advanced SEO, optimizing campaigns, social media marketing and more.

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Get Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

Get Latest Trends in Digital Marketing