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15 Tricks about Flipkart’s Affiliate Program that you can steal right now![Video]

The Flipkart affiliate program can be an easy way to monetize your website or blog. Simply sign up, receive immediate approval, and place affiliate links on your site today. When someone makes a purchase on Flipkart via one of your links, you get the commission -it’s that simple.

Earning money through Affiliate programs of e-commerce portals are the best ways to earn money online. People are earning as much from 80,000 from Flipkart’s Affiliate program. Flipkart registrations for affiliates are closed currently but you can buckle up and be ready with all know how when it opens up. 

All you need is a website, along with a bank account and you can join any affiliate marketing program out there. 

Flipkart Affiliate Commission. Below are the commission rates offered by Flipkart on various categories. Though there has been a slight decrease in commission rates offered by Flipkart due to the Corona virus situation, these commission rates are still way more than what its competitors offer.

Besides this, Flipkart gives you commission if you make people download the Flipkart app on their device.


Fallback install is when a user clicks on your affiliate link and end up installing the app. 

On the other hand, Direct install is when you manage to make someone download the Flipkart app, by asking.

Flipkart used to give these install commissions. Currently, Flipkart is not giving any commission for app install. But you never know.

Anything that gives real competition to Flipkart’s program is Amazon’s Affiliate program. 

Now let’s look at the process and the requirements to join Flipkart’s affiliate program.

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Becoming Flipkart Affiliate


To become an affiliate you must sign up for Flipkart’s affiliate program. Here is an overview to sign up for free for the program.

Just search for ‘Flipkart Affiliate Program’ on your Browser.

Then you have to register yourself. Just provide your necessary information like Name, Address, and contact number. You can choose to promote the products via website or mobile app. 

They verify your Mobile Number with OTP. So make sure you have access to it.

Flipkart Affiliate Payment Methods

Flipkart offers you two methods to receive payments from your affiliate program.

  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Electronic Gift Voucher (EGT)

Electronic Fund Transfer

If you opt for Electronic Fund Transfer, then you need to provide your account details along with a picture of a cancelled cheque.

If you don’t have an account, you can use someone else’s account details. The minimum threshold limit to receive a payment via EFT is 5000 Indian rupees.

Electronic Gift Voucher

You can also use your earnings in the form of Gift vouchers while buying products from Flipkart. 

The minimum amount of earnings, to get gift vouchers, is 2500 Indian rupees. All you need is to give your address proof. 

This method can be used by those who don’t have a bank account.


When you become a Flipkart affiliate, you will receive a unique tracking id. 

Every time someone uses your tracking id to buy any product from Flipkart, you will get a commission.

As per the rules on the Flipkart affiliate program, you will get a commission when the visitor buys a product within the session time. Session time on Flipkart is 30 mins.

Also, Flipkart has a 30-day refund policy, so it takes typically 30 to 45 days to receive your commission.

When Do You Qualify For A Commission?

To qualify for a commission, these criteria must be met

  • The purchase must be made via your link. 
  • The user must at least add the product in his or her shopping cart within one session, i.e., within 30 minutes for you to qualify for a commission.  A session begins when the user first clicks on the affiliate link on your website.
  • If the product added in the shopping cart is removed or the product is returned after purchase, your commission may get cancelled.

How to Succeed in Flipkart Affiliate Program?

1) Niche

It’s time to select the category of products that can make your Flipkart affiliate journey successful. It is the most crucial part of your Affiliate journey.. 

Well, only you can determine the right category of products for you. But, there are some rules that you need to keep in mind while selecting the type of products.

  1. It is essential to be passionate about the promotion of the product. With the kind of competition that Flipkart brings, passion helps you to lift your game. Without interest and passion, it would be challenging to produce real results.
  2. Try to find a category of products that you would love to explore and, in turn, teach others. 
  3. If you already possess knowledge about a specific class of products, it would give a significant head start to your Affiliate journey.

If you want to know more about the products that Flipkart offers, go to the Flipkart website and look at the various categories it offers and the deal of the day (for a few days). This will give you a fair idea of which products are in demand.

Also, do note that your earnings are not fixed. It depends on the cost of the product you promote. More is the value of the product; more is your commission.

Example- you will make more revenue if you get a 5% commission on a 40,000 rupees T.V than a 10% commission on a 500 rupee book.

Though the average price of the product category is essential, it should not be given more importance than your interests.  

After selecting a niche, it’s time to find a product that you will promote. For example- Mobile electronics in your niche, Samsung S20 is your product.  So you need to look at a few things before selecting a product. Also, Covid-19 pandemic has given a boost to online shopping, especially grocery shopping. With people stuck in their homes, online shopping is their only escape from reality. So it is a wonderful situation to capitalize, especially for affiliates.

Also, Quality Images and Good reviews play a crucial role in the decision-making process of a customer. Your chances of getting a commission increase exponentially if the product that you advocate has good reviews and quality images.

Good reviews of the product that you promote will make you seem more trustworthy to your website visitors.

If you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing, do read How to do Affiliate Marketing in India.

2) Search Volume

You should also keep in mind the competition that comes with each product. You definitely would favour the category of products with a search volume of 2500 over a category with a search volume of 50,000. Lower volume will attract lesser competition and makes it easier to rank in top of the search results for that keyword (which means more traffic). You can know about the search volume of any key word here.

Focus on Flipkart unique products:

Flipkart’s unique products are the category of products that are only available on Flipkart. Naturally, promoting these products increases your chances of converting a commission. Also, Flipkart heavily markets and advertises these products through various channels, which works in your favor as an affiliate.

An ideal example would be Realme, which retails all of its smartphones on Flipkart.

If you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing, do read how to do affiliate marketing in India.

3) Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard

Flipkart provides its tools to generate affiliate links for products and other tools for the promotion of its products. 

Create Affiliate Links:

To create an affiliate link, just copy the URL of the product you want to promote, and then paste it in the affiliate generator tool. The affiliate link created is ready to be placed on your blogs or videos to promote a particular product.

Promotional Tools:

  • Push Content Widget

It allows you to place interactive ads on your websites. It is a dynamic ad that makes it a lot more interactive. 

There are three options to choose from-

  1. 300 x 250
  2. 728 x 90
  3. 120 x 600

All you need to do is replicate the ad code on your website.

It’s beneficial for your earnings as well. You get a commission if someone clicks on the ad and buys a product.

  • Promotional Widget

It’s like having a promotional ad on your website. This ad is interactive. It shows you the real-time deals that are running on Flipkart.

There are a lot of options in promotional widgets.

  1. Featured Deals – It shows featured deals running on Flipkart.
  2. Best Seller – It shows the bestselling products on Flipkart.
  3. Related Products – It shows the products personalized to your website visitor.
  • Bookmarklet Widget

This tool allows you to create Affiliate links without always going to your Flipkart Affiliate account.

All you need to do is add this tool to your browser’s bookmark toolbar.

  • Promotional Banner

The promotional banner option allows you to have some immobile banners on your website. This banner ads some popular sections of Flipkart. These promotional banners are:

  1. E Gift Vouchers
  2. Deal of the Day
  3. Category Based (Offers/Deals)
  4. Offer Zone
  • Search Tools:

Search tools allow your visitors to browse different products on Flipkart’s website without leaving your site (with your content by the side). For example- you wrote an article about how amazing the new Galaxy Z is, but your users find the product quite expensive. Then the tool allows them to search for alternatives directly from your site.

By doing this, you are providing a more extensive range of products to offer your users, and since they will click all these products through your link, your chances of earning a commission increase.

  • API

API stands for Application Programming InterfaceIt acts as a connection between Flipkart and your website. Like the above tools, you can generate a code for an API token, customize it, and paste it on your website. 

The advantage with APIs is that they magnify the scope of discovery of products on Flipkart by providing privileged access to their product catalog. Along with a link and an image of the product, it will automatically update any new info on your website. 

If you have displayed prices without Flipkart API, then you will have to update them every time the price changes. That can be very irritating and time-consuming. 

API is very beneficial in articles where the price is an essential factor for your visitors.

3) Seamless User Experience

It is crucial to deliver a smooth user experience to your website visitor.

A laggy website can give a miserable experience. This will lead to customers bouncing back from your website. 

With every customer bouncing back, you lose an opportunity to make money.

An excellent hosting company ensures reliable site performance and high-level security. Various options like Bigrock, HostGator, etc. provide hosting services at very compelling prices.

5) Pre-Buying Approach

No matter how impressive your article is, you will never make a commission if people visit it after making the purchase. Example- Your article on making the best use of your Redmi phone’s camera will get more people who already own a Redmi phone.

On the other hand, If your article is on ‘whether buying a Redmi phone is worth it or not’ will get more people who might buy the phone.

This increases your chances of making more commission.

6) High Quality Content

Writing high-quality posts is unquestionably necessary if you want to achieve results in Flipkart affiliate marketing. You need to provide valuable information to your audience via your content. This enables you to build trust with your audience.

You must provide extra value than most of your competitor’s post, to stand out.

Before starting a blog post, conduct thorough keyword research. Look what the competitors are doing and try to avoid very high search volume keywords (excessive competition).

Add engaging content on your website by writing in-depth as well as brief reviews. Make reviews attractive by adding pictures and bullet points. You can also try video reviews where you showcase the product’s quality, use, and benefits.

Tips to Improve your Website Traffic

1) Youtube

You can also share your content on Youtube. Youtube will allow you to interact with the audience in a better way. 

You can also use Youtube if you are not comfortable with writing articles.

All you need to do is drop the Affiliate link in the Description of your Youtube video.

What makes things more favourable is the Youtube partner program.

If you are getting decent views on your videos, you can earn from Youtube, as well as from the Flipkart affiliate program.

New to Youtube? Then Read my article on how to gain  Youtube  subscribers Fast.

2) Quora

Quora is a great platform, especially if you want to promote your blog. It’s easy to start on Quora. Start by answering the questions regularly. Let’s say you are writing articles on mobile phone technology. Then start by answering questions related to mobile phones. 

Write interesting answers. Make sure you don’t seem like you are just promoting your blog. 

Answer the questions nicely, and at the end, drop your website URL. This will make you look passionate and decent. Also, as your Quora followers increase, you will see an increase in your website traffic.

3) Social Media

The promotion of your content on social media is essential. Since social media caters to millions of people, promoting your blog/website on these platforms can attract a nice amount of traffic. 

As your following grows on social media, it can be massively profitable for your website in terms of traffic and conversions.  

Do watch my video to know more on social media marketing!

4) SEO Optimization

From the SEO perspective, you need to write at least 2000 words of blogs to secure a good ranking. Good ranking means high traffic, and high traffic translates to more sales. It is essential to have your primary keyword in the title and the Meta description of your article.

This improves your articles reach exponentially. Also, make sure to include your primary keyword (and a few secondary keywords) multiple times in your content. Search engines prefer new articles over old ones. So keep updating your posts regularly. 

Example- If you wrote an article on the best books to read, you must keep updating it every time you find a great book.

5) Running Paid Promotions

During festivals or sales, you can run paid promotions on your blog to generate extra traffic, adding to your income from the affiliate program.

How to keep yourself updated about new products before anyone else?

As you explore different products, you will realize that some sellers dominate in some categories over other sellers. For example- when it comes to smart T.V’s for around Rs 20,000, then MI dominates this category.

You can have multiple such categories for different price ranges. Use the filter provided by Flipkart to analyze which brand dominates in what category. For example- for the smart T.V’s at around Rs. 20,000, Vu and MI are the two leading sellers.

Now Follow the brand on every social media channel. This way, you will know about the new products launched by them a little before Flipkart displays it. So it gives you a headstart from the naive affiliates out there.

1) Emails

Once you are regularly posting fresh content on your website, you need to focus on creating a subscriber’s list. The more subscribers you have, the more regular visits you will get for your blog post and the more money you will make via the affiliate program.

E-mail is also a great way to keep your audience updated about your content. So try to convert your website visitor into your E-mail subscribers. 

People are always reluctant to give their e-mail id online, so you need to provide them with some incentives. You can always provide them with a free ebook or some excellent tips for free to attract the audience. Then you can mail the ebook/tips to their e-mail address. 

You can use e-mail marketing software like MailerLite. There is plenty of list building software like ThriveLeads to create your e-mail list. 

These tools can make the task of list-building very simple.

2) Forums

There are various ways in which online forums can help you. Let’s suppose you are into beauty products. Then you can simply search for beauty products on the web.

Being part of a forum will increase your reach. You can also learn a lot from the more experienced people. Start by signing up for the forum and take part in discussions. 

You will also understand a lot about your category of products and the new trends that are developing. 

It is advised not to spam your links on the forum. This makes you look insensitive. Try to make buddies on the forum and extend your reach. Try to post insightful content on the forum and share your link rarely. Forums can increase your website traffic, notably if handled correctly.

3) Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be a great way to communicate with your audience. Since Facebook has around 7 billion active users, so you won’t have a problem finding your target audience.

You can post your content on the groups. You can also give incentives to people that join the group. You can also provide exclusive offers to your group members. Also, keep updating the group members about the new content you post.

You can do giveaways, from time to time, to keep your members interested.

Having a few functional groups can increase your earnings considerably. 

Once you are done with writing high-quality content and promoting it, your job’s not done. To be a great affiliate marketer, you need to analyze your website performance and optimize it accordingly.

4) Heatmaps

It is essential to know where your customer clicks on your website. This can reveal more significant insights about your website.

These analyses can help you in making your website even more appealing. It will help you understand which part of your website your visitors focus on. Then, you can place your Affiliate links on the spot with maximum clicks. These spots can also be used to place third-party ads, which can act as an additional income. Find out the information that you don’t want your visitors to miss, and make sure that piece of information is placed at places with maximum clicks.

5) Google Search Console

Google tools can help you increase your earnings from Flipkart’s Affiliate program. It helps you to judge your website’s performance in search results.

It is a free service that provides a great deal of information about your website and the people who visit it. You can know about things like how many people visit your site and how they are finding it, whether more people are visiting your website on a mobile device or desktop computer, and which pages on your site are the most popular. 

Since search via mobile phones continue to increase, it is essential to cover mobile search keywords in your content. Search Analytics in Google Search Console shows you which keywords are being used for mobile.

The Search Analytics interface looks like this.

The Clicks option shows you the number of clicks you’ve gotten from the SERPs.

The Impressions option shows you how many times your article arrived in results. 

The CTR (click-through rate) provides the click count divided by the impression count.

The Position option tells you about the average position of the first result of your site.

Apart from this, the sub-options provide information about the type of device used by users, the keywords used, the country of the user, the page that appeared in the search results, the search type (video search, web search, image search, etc) used by the user, etc.

Apart from this, Google search console can  help you to detect malware and spam problems that can be a bit difficult to discover.

6) Big Billion Days

Flipkart Big Billion Days is one of the most awaited online sales in India. There are huge sales on a variety of products. Online shopaholics eagerly wait for the big billion days. People look forward to stocking up the items with the maximum sales. 

You should be well prepared to make the most out of this opportunity. First of all, you would want to promote the trending products. Visit the Flipkart website and take an overview of all the categories.

Pick a few categories that you would want to promote during the mega sale. 

Post more frequently during the Big billion days. Your sole purpose should be to inform your audience with the best of the deals. Also, you need to keep browsing Flipkart for the best deals.

Smartphones: The mobile segment is always the biggest hit of the Big billion sale. In 2019, “More than 20 models sold over 100K units each, which is the first for any event”, said the company. Also, the total number of mobile phones were almost doubled compared to last year’s sale.

So if your niche is remotely connected to technology, make sure to promote mobile phones during the big billion sales.

Apart from Mobile phones, some other hot categories were

  • Television- 10 TVs were sold per second in the first hour of the big billion sale, 2019.
  • Trimmers and Personal care- upto 80% off
  • Fashion- Upto 90% off
  • High performance Laptops- 40% off Deals
  • Bluetooth headphones and speakers- Upto 50% off
  • Home and furniture- 50-90% off

You can visit the Flipkart’s page to know more about the categories that usually come with the maximum offers.

More than 50% of Flipkart Plus shoppers came in from Tier-2 cities and beyond.

What exactly are tier 2 cities? These are basically smaller cities, statistically 1 million in population and are usually regional hubs such as state capitals or industrialized centres. Some examples include Pune, Cochin, Mangalore, and DehraDun, etc. 

More than half of the traffic coming from smaller cities shows the influence of huge discounts and low prices on Indians. So the point is to focus on products that provide the best service to cost ratio. For example, rather than concentrating on high-end smartphones from Apple, focus more on mid-range/lower mid-range smartphones from Realme, Redmi, and Oppo. 

Also, don’t limit yourself to a particular category of products. 

Even if you only promoted books before, you can promote all kinds of products during the sale. This can increase your earnings from the Flipkart affiliate program drastically.

If you still have doubts about Flipkart’s Affiliate program, Check out these Ways to Earn Flipkart Affiliate Commission Handsomely and Quick Tips to earn money online in India.


If the concept of affiliate marketing is new to you, then Flipkart’s affiliate program is a great way to make some income. It is free to join and doesn’t require any significant investment. There are a lot of products on Flipkart. 

Always try to understand your customer’s pain points and make changes to your website accordingly. Keep promoting your content on the appropriate social media platform.

And now I would like to hear from you! Which strategy from today’s post are you excited the most? Or maybe you have a doubt about something you read. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

You can also check out these amazing tips to make money online in India and How to make money off your website using Amazon Affiliate program.

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To become an affiliate you must sign up for Flipkart’s affiliate program. Here is an overview to sign up for free for the program.

  • Just search for ‘Flipkart Affiliate Program’ on your Browser.
  • Then you have to register yourself. Just provide your necessary information like Name, Address, and contact number. You can choose to promote the products via website or mobile app.
  • They verify your Mobile Number with OTP. So make sure you have access to it.
  • Flipkart offers you two methods to receive payments from your affiliate program. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Gift Voucher (EGT). For more details, you can check out the article on a quick guide to Flipkart affiliate marketing.

When you become a Flipkart affiliate, you will receive a unique tracking id. Every time someone uses your tracking id to buy any product from Flipkart, you will get a commission. As per the rules on the Flipkart affiliate program, you will get a commission when the visitor buys a product within the session time. Session time on Flipkart is 30 mins. Also, Flipkart has a 30-day refund policy, so it takes typically 30 to 45 days to receive your commission. If you want to know about the Amazon affiliate program from scratch, then check out the article on Beginner’s guide to Amazon India affiliate program.

To qualify for a commission, these criteria must be met:

  • The purchase must be made via your link.
  • The user must at least add the product in his or her shopping cart within one session, i.e., within 30 minutes for you to qualify for a commission.A session begins when the user first clicks on the affiliate link on your website.
  • If the product added in the shopping cart is removed or the product is returned after purchase, your commission may get cancelled. For more details read this article to earn Flipkart affiliate commission handsomely.

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