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Top Tools to Champion Digital Marketing for Business Growth [Video]

There are so many tools in digital marketing that you may get confused. Here is my recommendation of the top 10 tools that every digital marketer should use:

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1. Search console

You want to talk to the search engine and you get that interface through Search Console. Are there any crawl errors? Are there any indexing errors? Is your site map automatically getting updated? What are the search terms that people are organically searching and what is the click-through rate, for the organic search terms? You get all the data (and more!) in the Search Console tool. 

2. Keyword planner

You want to find out that how users are making searches in the search engine and what traffic it is driving, how much is the competition and how much is the bid that you must place for each keyword. You get that data on the Keyword Planner Tool. You can use it for identifying the keywords that you want to optimize your site for. Another related tool is Soovle. It gives you the keywords that people are searching on different platforms. Now, if you want to do optimizations for YouTube, maybe the queries they have more keywords in longer phrases, like “how to”. You understand the nature of queries that people are making on Google or making on Amazon or YouTube and so on.

3. Google trends

Google Trends culls out trends based what people are searching for organically, among millions of searches happening across the web. It can really throw light on whether the trend is upwards or downwards. You can also do competitive benchmarking. Does the competitor have more interest amongst the target audience? Are more searches are happening for the competitor or are there any differences in the interest according to their regions? 

4. Social Mention

You want to find out whether there is any buzz at all about your brand and you want to figure out the buzz in real-time – in the last 24 hours. Social mention will tell how much the reach is, the sentiment- positive or negative. Maybe a lot of people are talking about your brand but there are many negative sentiments. Then the objective for the brand is to convert the negative sentiment into positive sentiment, what are the keywords that people are associating? What are the hashtags that people are associating with your company or your brand? Use Social Mention to find out.

5. Fan page karma

Do you want a well-grounded analysis across all social media platforms? Then Fan Page Karma is the tool to go to. It will give you an analysis of not just Facebook but also LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and so on. You want to find out are people engaging with you and your brand. What is the engagement rate? This tool will tell you all of these delicious insights. You can see how many views your video has, how many shares, how many re-tweets and what is the frequency of your posting. What is your response rate? All these things you can compare with competition as well. 

6. Twitonomy

 It is primarily used for Twitter. Do you want to do competitive benchmarking? How many followers you have vis-a-vis your competitors? What is the re-tweet rate? How much is the social influence? You find all these from twitonomy.

7. Followerwonk

 A lot of people may be following you but then do they have social influence. You have to identify who are the bloggers, who are the thought leaders, who are the influencers in your field. You can identify them by using followerwonk and you can follow them and you can directly tweet to them and build a rapport. Thereby they can follow you back.

8. Google analytics

 It is for free unless you want to go for a professional version. Google analytics will tell you how many users converted, how many users led you to achieve your goals, what is the multi-channel funnel, what are the channels that users interacted with before they finally made a purchase. It will also help you do an attribution. If you think the last click is not the correct attribution model, you can do a linear attribution which gives equal weight to all channels of interaction. It also has a tool for heat map, inbuilt. You want to find out where, which section of the website users are spending more time on, which buttons they are clicking. You understand all these from the heat map tool within google analytics.

9. SEM rush

 You want to find out and compare how many unique users visited your site vis-a-vis competition. How much time they are spending on the site? What is bounce rate? What is stickiness? What is the depth of engagement? All these data is very easily available through SEM rush.

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