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Most Effective Tips for Digital Marketing for Business (Growth Hacks) [Video]

What is the first thing you do when you need to search for a good salon, or a gym, or a restaurant around you?

Roam around the city to find out if there are any hoardings?

Or watch TV for half an hour to see if an ad pops up?

Or look for the same in your newspaper or Telephone Directory?Of Course, none of these. You’ll just use Google and check online.

Why waste your precious time, when all the necessary information lies just a click away. And this is what every business needs to focus on. Thus, digital marketing for a small business is as crucial as for large businesses.

Today, just focusing on traditional marketing practices like newspaper and TV ads, hoardings and pamphlets is not enough; you need to build a strong Marketing foundation on all the digital platforms as well.

Still not convinced if it’s a good idea? Let me narrow it down for you.

Perks of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new code to your marketing strategy, that many of you have overlooked and thus, still need to crack.

Here I would list a few of the significant reasons why Digital Marketing is important for small business and not only for a large-scale business.

Affordable Advertisements

Being the owner of a small business, a decade ago, advertising through  newspapers, pamphlets or TV ads would have cost you a fortune.

But fast-forward to today, all it takes is a few sign-ups and a little budget to promote your business across the location of your choice, and it is so pocket friendly that you wouldn’t even have to think twice.

Social Media Packages start from just INR 5,000 in India. Sounds like a deal, huh!

Pay for Progress

In Traditional Marketing methods, there was no way of knowing if your marketing strategies were successful in generating leads . The most you could do is directly ask your customers their motivation to use your services or to make them fill forms.

Today, with Digital Marketing, even small businesses can track their performance and progress. And this is an advantage since you can find out what works, and tweak your strategy.

Check out my blog to learn How to Budget for Digital Marketing.

Notice Your Niche

With traditional marketing methods, you have no control over who gets influenced by your Ads. 

For Example, if you want to put up a hoarding for a Beauty Salon for Women, there is a 50% probability that your Advertisement is being witnessed by men, to whom, the Ad is of no value.

Thus targeting a particular niche is practically impossible with traditional marketing. The data obtained from Digital Marketing enables you to determine your Target Audience and market to them directly.

Professional & Personalized

According to a research by Epsilon, it was found that 80% of the customers prefer purchasing your product or service if your brand offers personalized experiences. And this has been made possible by digital marketing.

Personalized advertising increases the Return on Investment (ROI). They do so, by collecting data from the sites that the users visit or even the apps they use. They use these data to segment and target the most valuable customers. Learn how to start your Career in Digital Marketing as a Fresher.

Make Modifications

Digital Marketing gives you the opportunity to modify, edit and thus manipulate your Ads depending upon your requirement and the performance of your Ad. You can even choose to pause or stop delivering the ad.

There is no way to modify your ad using Traditional Marketing.. 

For Instance, when you print an advertisement for a magazine, it’s impossible to modify or edit the ad, once it gets published. The same goes for Newspapers and Hoardings as well.

Ace It With Accessibility

From four-year-old kids to our seventy-year-old grandparents, everyone knows how to use their smartphones to search for even the most basic of our requirements online. 

Consider there are two newly opened restaurants around your locality.

Now one of them has impressive online advertisements, fantastic ratings and reviews on Google, and the menu and cuisines look amazingly delicious. In contrast, the other one has just a couple of pamphlets around the area.

Which one are you most likely to visit?

Definitely, the one that you found online. And this is how digital marketing has taken the whole advertising world by a storm.

Being Accessible, you can attract your potential customers by-

  • Allowing them to contact you  using Call To Action (CTA) buttons with your campaigns.
  • Letting them know what days of the week and what time you’re open.
  • Providing them with a list or catalogue of the services/products you offer.
  • Showing them your quality through the ratings and reviews.
  • Knowing the strengths of your competitors and challenging them through creative Marketing Strategies.

After knowing this all, wouldn’t you want to ace it with accessibility?

Run Special Surveys

Unlike scribbling on pieces of paper that could get lost or even misinterpreted, Digital Marketing techniques enable online surveys and polls which are fast, affordable, easy to collect, target a particular audience, and are astonishingly easy to analyze. Thus, you can also find out what your customer needs through these special surveys online.

Now that you are familiar with all the perks of Digital Marketing, It’s time I let you know my most effective digital marketing tips for small business.

Learn Quick Ways to Earn Money Online in India and How to Build a professional LinkedIn profile.

Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks for Businesses

Digital Marketing, like I just told you, is the feather to your cap of marketing strategies. 

Following are the tips and tricks that I’ve acquired with my experience over the years. 

Strengthen your Search Engine Optimization

Believe it or not, Search Engine Optimization when done the right way can drive your conversion up to 14.6% alone. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the combination of all methods by which you can rank at the top of a search result by organic means. SEO is the first step to Acing the world of Digital Marketing.

Check out this article for Basics of SEO.

But if you feel professional help is required , you can also take the help of a Digital Marketing agency for small business. My agency can do SEO for you. My agency has helped companies including Adidas, HP, PayPal, FedEx and many more.

 Some other agencies that offer Search Engine Optimization are- 

  • WebFX
  • Lounge Lizard
  • Cyber Infrastructure inc. 
  • Moburst.

Local Search Marketing is also an integral part of Search Engine Optimization, which is the most powerful tool for small businesses.


Leverage Local Search Marketing

Did you know that 46% of all the searches that take place on Google are related to local information? [According to HubSpot]

It doesn’t matter if you own National or International Brands, Medium Businesses or even a small business, Local Search Marketing is one of the essential tools for online marketing for small business strategy.

Local Search Marketing enables you to appear on the Maps while the user is searching for something similar to what you offer.

Hence, leveraging Local Search Marketing will cause a significant change in your business since 72% of the customers who execute a local search tend to visit the store if it’s within 5 miles.[ According to HubSpot ]

To appear on Maps for relevant searches follow the tips below-

  • Maintain Your NAPW – NAPW stands for Name, Address, Phone Number and Website URL. You just need to maintain consistent NAPW on all the relevant search engines like Google and Yahoo, and third-party platforms like Facebook.
  • Remember that the data you put in has to be consistent with one another. Putting data that clashes with one another might make your business disappear from the local searches.
  • If you don’t have the skill or the time to do it all by yourself, I’ll suggest you go for a professional agency by contacting us or some other Marketing Agencies around you.

Experiment with Email Marketing

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Email marketing is an efficient way to market your business through compelling Emails. But there’s a catch. You need to ensure you don’t spam your audience too much as this will make them irritated.

Let me tell you that 73% of today’s millennials prefer business marketing in the form of Emails. And who doesn’t want a fair share of millennial customers?

Email Marketing brings with it a ton of advantages, like better communication, more specific nature, more engagement and more conversions. But if you don’t know where to start, I’m here for you.

Either you can choose an Email Marketing service, but if you lack the interest to invest and want to try on your own, follow the steps below-

  • Start with an Email address list.
  • Keep growing your list.
  • Create attractive Emails with Eye-catching subject-line and visual elements.
  • If you have a list of services or bonus or a sale upcoming, be sure to mention them.
  • Use personalized content for your audience

Moosend, PepiPost and SendPulse are some of the top Email Marketing services in India for 2020.

Myntra has successfully cracked the code of Email Marketing. Given above is just one example of how they have captured their user through their Emails. Following are some techniques you can learn from Myntra-

  • Myntra creates highly personalized Emails including your names in the Subject line itself, thus showing customer centric mindset..
  • They create attractive subject lines that make you check your inbox.
  • The content of the mail consists of compelling visuals, to engage their audience even more.
  • They always include the Call to Action (CTA), to get quick conversions. CTA is nothing but leaving a reference to prompt your consumer to take the desired action. Verbs such as, ‘subscribe’, ‘buy’, ‘sign up’ or ‘subscribe’ work wonders.
  • They utilize the situations going on around the user to their advantage (For Instance, here, they have drawn your attention towards issues regarding COVID-19)
  • The Email Design is both Desktop and Mobile friendly.

Specialize in Social Media Marketing

You need to realize the true potential of social media for turning your business from a nightmare to a daydream.

You’d be surprised to know that 74% of online shoppers confess that they were influenced by social media to buy a particular product. With more than half the world belonging to social media platforms, it’s nothing but a win-win for you. 

Here is how you can build a strong foundation on social media platforms-

  • Target your niche audience
  •  Be present on all Social Media Channels
  • Consider your competition
  • Create attractive content
  • Use Proper Hashtags
  • Learn about Influencer Marketing
  • Use a less formal and more Free approach
  • Set up your Business Brand

Indian Brands with the most impactful Social Media Marketing strategy include Netflix India, Amul, Durex and Zomato.

Here are some key takeaways from posts by Durex India-

  • They have mastered the art of aligning current affairs with their product and are extremely successful in creating an impact.
  • They create simplistic content with catchy one-liners to hook their audience.
  • There is always a hidden message behind their posts and their followers dig it.
  • Their posts are short, funny and relatable, garnering tons of engagement, thus connecting with their audience.

If you require your detailed guide on optimizing the growth on your Social Media platforms, I would recommend you to check out my articles. Learn Easy Tips on Hashtags for Instagram Likes.

Concentrate on Content Marketing

What if I told you that Content Marketing gets Three times more conversions than Pay-Per-Click marketing and 38% of marketers post regular content with a minimum frequency of one post per week.

Content Marketing is no cakewalk, but here are a few tips for you-

  • Content Marketing is nothing but telling impactful stories. For Example, tycoons like Marvel have been doing it for ages with not just their Cinematic Universe but also with their comics, and it’s the reason why they’re so attractive and compelling.
  • You need to create content that increases your brand loyalty and makes your customers stick with you, forever.
  • Use a lot of examples.
  • Link your content with your product constructively.
  • Emphasize less on the product and more on what the product is capable of and what benefits it delivers.
  • Use catchy taglines.

Just look at the following taglines, and let’s see what comes to your mind-

  • Hotel?
  • The Taste of India
  • I’m Lovin’ It
  • Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai

Of Course, you thought of Trivago, Amul, McDonalds and Mountain Dew, and that explains why Content Marketing is so essential. The difference between success and failure is how you connect with the customer.

If you are interested in content marketing, you might want to take a look at Inbound Marketing as well. Read this article on How to do Inbound Marketing through Content Marketing

Invest in Influencer Marketing

Have you ever seen someone you follow on Instagram enjoying a lavish dinner at some newly opened restaurant, and the next thing you know, you just plan to do the same?

Or have you seen one of your favourite fashion bloggers wear that stunning ethnic wear from Manyavar, and you just couldn’t help but check out to see if there’s something in store for you?

Of Course, you have!

I’m sorry dear reader, but you just fell into the trap of Influencer Marketing. It is the new form of Social Media Marketing that has indeed become a game-changer today. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a large-scale business because it works perfectly for digital marketing services for a small business as well. Learn How to Rock Influencer Marketing on Instagram.

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Here’s how Influencer Marketing works-

  • First and foremost, you need to contact a social media influencer. A social media influencer can be anyone having a substantial amount of followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Then, You need to persuade the influencer for collaboration. This collaboration can be anything in the form of free goodies, or coupons or free services or even monetary benefits.
  • The influencer would need to give a shoutout in the form of post or story, as agreed.All the followers of your influencer will be your target audience.

There is absolutely no limit to the creative ways you can use with Instagram Marketing, for example-

  • Challenges & Contests
  • Giveaways
  • LIVE Sessions
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Tutorials

Frequently Engage with Forums

Another kind of Digital Marketing that is the most underrated  is Forum Marketing.

In simple terms, Forum Marketing includes Marketing through online forums such as Tumblr, Reddit or even the most popular Forum, Quora. Forum marketing, like all the other forms of marketing, comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here I have listed a few-


  • You can use keywords to appear at the top of the searches.
  • It’s a great platform to carry out market research.
  • You can get loads of free content.


  • Finding your target audience is not easy.
  • If not done in a subtle way, it could work against your brand reputation.

Having said that, you need to keep in mind not to overuse this trick, as in this case, the lesser the better. You can learn more about Social Media Strategy and Planning from my article.

Acknowledge Affiliate Marketing

You might have heard of Affiliate Marketing as an excellent way of earning an online income. Well, as every coin has two faces, so has Affiliate Marketing.

Let me tell you that over 80% of the most popular brands run Affiliate Marketing programs.

Affiliate Marketing means people will promote your products or services online in return for a commission. This kind of Marketing is particularly suitable for medium and large scale businesses. Amazon and Flipkart offer the most renowned affiliate programmes in India.

For a detailed guide on affiliate marketing in India, Read my article on How to do Affiliate Marketing in India

You can also use Affiliate Marketing hand-in-hand with Influencer Marketing, thereby paying your influencer a small commission for every product unit sold.

Also check out my complete Guide to Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Programe to Earn Money.

Since you’ve patiently read all my tips, here is a Bonus Tip that would ensure that your Digital Marketing is on fleek.

Challenge Your Competitors

A completely new yet undiscovered kind of marketing strategy is doing rounds over the internet and it’s simply hilarious.

I’m talking about those catfights between official social media handles of our favourite brands. Whether it be McDonalds & Burger King or Indian brands like Netflix India and Zomato. Brands trolling each other online grabs all our attention,

Let me show you how it’s done. Check out how Zomato trolled Netflix India by their comment on one of Netflix’s most versatile actresses Radhika Aapte.

Now, much to our surprise, Netflix India was ready to reply with its outstanding comeback.

As you can notice, Netflix proved how Radhika is omnipresent.

The goal of such campaigns is not to undermine brands or show that your brand is superior, but to gather attention of customers and it’s a win-win situation.

Learn some more strategies for digital marketing business here.

Things to Remember

  • Traditional Marketing methods are too old school. If you want to be the trend, first you should be able to follow the trend.
  • Digital Marketing is the code you all need to crack.
  • SEO and Local Search Marketing are the first things you need. Make way to Google Maps and be accessible to your customers.
  • Don’t forget to experiment with Email Marketing, since it’s advantageous but make sure not to spam too much.
  • Social Media Marketing is the long term marketing plan to build a rapport and connection with your brand organically.
  • Compel your customers to connect with you with relevant content marketing.
  • Don’t hesitate to invest in Influencer Marketing.
  • Engage with forums and promote whenever and wherever suitable.
  • Realize the potential in affiliate marketing.
  • Boost up your brand reputation. Create an identity, standardize your designs, post relevant content and Interact with your consumers.

I hope this article helps you with your business and proves to be a strong foundation in Digital Marketing. It’s never too late to begin, and well begun is half done!

Please reach out to me if you have any queries or even if you want me to write an article on a certain topic by commenting down below, I’d make sure to clear all your queries.

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Digital Marketing is the feather to your cap of marketing strategies. Following are the tips and tricks that you can use for business growth hacks.

  • Strengthen your search engine optimization.
  • Leverage local search marketing.
  • Use Email marketing to market your business.
  • Specialize in Social media marketing.
  • Concentrate on content marketing.
  • Invest in influencer marketing.
  • Acknowledge affiliate marketing.

If you want to boost your business growth, read this article for more details Social media strategy and planning.

You can make your services accessible to customers by:

  • Allowing them to contact you using Call To Action (CTA) buttons with your campaigns.
  • Letting them know what days of the week and what time you’re open.
  • Providing them with a list or catalogue of the services/products you offer.
  • Showing them your quality through the ratings and reviews.
  • Knowing the strengths of your competitors and challenging them through creative Marketing Strategies.

If you are planning to start your career in digital marketing as a fresher , check out this article to get valuable insights.

  • Digital Marketing is the new code to your marketing strategy, Here I would list a few of the significant reasons why Digital Marketing is important for small business and not only for a large-scale business.

    • Affordable advertising.
    • You can easily track your performance and progress.
    • Target a particular niche.
    • Digital marketing is highly professional and personalized.

    Learn the best tips and tactics of digital marketing by reading this article on How to do digital marketing for a startup.

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