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How to Earn money online in India (Quick Ways)

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Now that I have got your attention, IT IS NOT EASY MAKING MONEY ONLINE. Tough pill to swallow? But it’s essential to realize if you want to make money realistically online. 

Are you getting sick and tired of banging your head against the wall but not making money? I have learned a thing or two about making money online, and I am sharing it with you. 

Everyone would love that little extra bit of cash so you can buy that expensive dress or that latest iPhone that has been on your mind for a while. 

Especially in the current scenario where layoffs are happening left and right, the need to have a backup source of income has become paramount. Online income gives you flexibility as well as lets you do work that you are passionate about and enjoy doing.

How to Earn Money?

There are two ways to generate income, active and passive. Being involved in daily routine is called active income. Clerks, salespersons, and chefs are examples of this type.

Passive takes a lot of effort and time to set up. Though it is tougher, it is more rewarding. Once done, it generates revenue by itself. Investing in stocks is a good example.

People who are looking for an additional income prefer active income. If you are looking to make it big, then passive income should be your goal.  

“The best time to start your business was in the past, and the second-best time is now.”

Here is how you can earn money online in India without Investment.

Affiliate Marketing:

Wake up every day early in the morning. Drive to the office, slog through email after email meeting after meeting until six o’clock.

Sounds terrible right? What if, instead of dealing with this, you could make money 24*7 and 365 days?

That’s the concept behind affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the promotion of products. In India, it is growing fast.


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Affiliate Marketing Workflow

Have you heard of “Technical Guruji”? He is one of the most popular tech reviewers. His opinion often decides the fate of a product. He makes upwards of 10,00,000 INR per endorsement.

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Toys Review, a YouTube channel that reviews toys

“Toys Review” is a popular toy reviewing channel. It reviews Indian toys. They charge a 16 per cent commission for endorsing. Last year they made upwards of fifty lakh rupees.

No idea is too weird. Be original and fun to make it big. All ideas are silly until they become successful. Especially with E-commerce becoming the go-to option for many with shops closed, it is a fantastic chance to build your name.

The Amazon and Flipkart affiliate programs are good options to start off.

“As long as you are thinking, think big.”

Learn Stock Market Trading:

You would require an initial investment to start trading. It involves continuously tracking markets, so it is risky as well as time-consuming. 

It is not just luck-based; you have to do a lot of analysis and. As it consists of a lot of money, it takes time to learn the skill. One must have prior knowledge of the company before investing. Learn the basics of stock market trading.

Start off by initially tracking the market and learning the nuances of how it works before diving into it. In the stock market, you can make or lose a great deal of money in a second.


Webinar Based Mentorship & Workshop:

If there is one key trend coming out of Corona, it is the rise of webinar-based workshops and mentoring. Being the extension of the ed-tech sector, this has seen massive growth. The number of people starting these businesses have increased by over 100%. 

I too launched my first online workshop on Digital Marketing, and the response was insane. All seats were sold out within 48 hours. More than 5000+ people participated throughout the workshop. 

All you need is passion and a unique value-adding proposition. There are workshops from Karate to rocket science. Once you create your own niche, there is no stopping you. 

Pro tip:

Make sure you get Premium Zoom subscribership as nobody likes the 40-minute cutoff! Make sure you promote it, especially on LinkedIn. It is a market where competition is very less.

Starting your own Fitness Group:

We all have that one person in our group whose favourite place in the world is the Gym and favourite food is salad and protein shakes. 

With the onset of Corona, health has become a major concern for many as their movements are restricted, and gyms are closed. Sensing blood in the water, the Fitness freaks have started fitness groups where every day they do home workouts guided by their trainers via skype. Everything from Yoga to Zumba has gone online.

With the shift in trends to more personalized fun workouts growing, this is the right time to start. As a bonus, you will also be able to build a huge network which can be leveraged in your future ventures.

Social Media Marketing:

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What is social media marketing? It is the latest marketing buzzword. 

With countless possibilities, it is a great tool.

Major influencers prefer Instagram due to its ease of use and the ability of a post to go viral. 

A picture of an egg became the most-liked pic on Instagram in a matter of 6 days. This shows the reach and potential a simple pic can have on Instagram.

Instagram is the new Facebook. It looks set soon to become the next Facebook. With its filters & streaming services, it has become popular. By learning a few crucial points, you can become an Instagram marketing expert. 

These pillars hold marketing on social media-

  1. Strategy : It is essential to define who your target audience is. To get the maximum benefit, fix your target. Learn powerful tips to crack targeting in digital marketing. Content is the bricks on which your empire is built on.
  2. Planning and Publishing : Is essentially as simple as posting to advertise. To maximize your reach, ensure all your content is original. Always schedule your posts at the right time. You can program the post using third-party apps such as Sproutsocial.
  3. Engagement : You develop a social media presence; users will comment about you. How you respond to them can make or break you.
  4. Advertising : It is an essential part of the process. Advertising determines your success. They are crucial to driving sales. Content decides the right brand image.
    You can read my article on smart tips for hashtags for likes in Instagram.
  5. Analytics : There has been an increase in importance for analytics. Analytics works on back end data collected and provides you with invaluable insights. 

    Check out Top tools to champion digital marketing for business growth. Currently, one of the largest websites in terms of content creation and usage is none other than YouTube. You make money from views generated. If you are an influencer, you can make money promoting as well. Learn where to get 1000 free youtube subscribers.

You can make content about anything under the sun. Nothing is off-limits. A young boy took a video of his grandmother cooking Kichhdi traditionally and put it up. 

It caught on like wildfire, and now he has over 15 million subscribers. His channel “Village style cooking” is an inspiration to many to think outside the box.

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Analytics for Digital Marketing

Free Lancing Content Writer:

Love sharing your ideas and thoughts with the world? Can you ideate and express your feelings? Then this job is tailor-made for you. Content created online is snowballing. 

There are a variety of options available. You can write blogs, articles, product descriptions, reviews, etc. 

Don’t know where or how to start? These points will help you get started with your own blog – 

  • Catch the attention of the user with a good headline. Create one which is intriguing and suitable for your user.
  • Look to provide the essential info. Try to expect what the user is looking for is. Try to understand what solution the user is looking to get. You can do this by getting a sense of the keywords.

Using the Keyword Planner tool, you can get the keywords. Keywords will determine what users are looking to get. You can directly collect questions on your site and provide the answers in the FAQ section.

keyword research and analysis, how to earn money online in india, how to earn money online in india without investment, how to make money online in india for students, how can earn money online in india, earn money online in india, how earn money online in india
Keyword Research and Analysis

  • Another crucial aspect is the presence of visual content. A picture immediately captures the attention. Also, include helpful short videos. There are several websites like, where you can list your services.

The more you write, the more your reputation grows. With experience, you will get more offers. If someone needs an article in a short while, you can charge an “Express Fee.”

Writing content online can pay anywhere from 100-5000 Rupees.

You need two characteristics to become a popular freelancer. The most important is your actual skill and marketing

Pro tip:
If you are not a good marketer, then seek a professional to make your profile. Style is as important as substance!

Captcha Solving:

Remember that irritating pop up that comes every time you enter a new site asking you to verify you are not a robot? You could make money out of solving those.

 Many companies require extensive manual testing before they release it. You could earn quite a decent amount by doing this in your spare time. This is a favourite, especially among college and school students.

Megatyper, Captchacatcher are some websites you can check out.

Create Playlists:

You can create Playlists for music streaming services like Gaana, Spotify, etc. You can make a playlist of the songs and post it on the app. If your playlist becomes a hit, you can charge a commission. 

Some playlists have gone on to make vast amounts of money as they become viral like the Piano for Life playlist on Spotify.

Online Tutoring:

Are you the person whom classmates come to when they have doubts?

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Online Tutoring

Do you have a passion for inspiring young students to tread down the academic path? Online tutoring is your chance to do all that and more. 

Online tutoring has made quality education more accessible, especially in these trying times of the ongoing pandemic. Going online has made personalized teaching possible. 

The rapid rise of Byju’s has been truly awe-inspiring. The growth of Byju’s goes to show the potential in the market. With the onset of CORONA, online education has become the new norm. Especially with the education bill calling for a new curriculum, the need for tutors will further go up.

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Competitor Analysis

Especially in a hyper-competitive market like India, there is always a need for coaching. 

Every year approximately 10,00,000 students write JEE. Around 6,00,000 students write NEET annually. That is 16,00,000 possible customers in these two fields alone.

There is a high demand for students who cracked JEE and entered the top institutes to teach and mentor students. You have already gone through the process, making you an ideal fit for the job.

 You can share your tips and personal experience as well. It’s the personal care for which people pay well.

 If you take the postgraduate exams into account, there are plenty more.

Foreign education has become more and more accessible to global students. An increasing number of students are doing their Under-Graduation abroad.

It is mandatory to write essays and SAT exams to apply. There are few and far spaced tutors but high demand for them. They pay upwards of 1700 rupees per hour. You can also review and provide feedback which pays between 2-5 dollars per essay.

Websites like HashLearn,, and Meritnation are renowned websites for online tutors. The passion to teach is all you need. Tutoring will give you valuable experience if you wish to pursue an academic-based job in the future.

Specialised Consulting:

Love giving advice? This job is tailor-made for you. Companies have now taken to consulting as it has become essential in increasing profitability. A consultant is a person who provides expert advice professionally. Sounds simple? It is if you have 

three characteristics:

  1. Never Ending thirst for knowledge.
  2. Outside the box, approach to solving problems.
  3. If you can identify and solve problems.

There are websites like Bizmania and Tomahawks, where you can list your services. 

If you can solve the problem, you can make anywhere from 1000-100000 rupees.

More and more companies are laying off employees and outsourcing to private consultants. Companies like Mckinsey and Goldman Sachs are turning to consultants for their everyday problems. They are paid exceedingly well and often make more than many top management officials.

Online Virtual Personal Assistant:

Jobs that are merely repetitive are slowly beginning to be replaced by cheaper options. Virtual assistants can work from the comfort of their homes and manage for more than one employer. With more companies preferring to go WFH, the need has further shot up.

The virtual assistant has become exceedingly popular among stay at home moms with spare time. It usually involves scheduling appointments, replying to emails, and making the daily schedules. It is being adopted by startups to reduce costs.

There are various websites like Regus and Izito, where you can list your services.

Suggesting Logos and Brand Names:

With the rise of the startup culture in India, especially there is a huge demand for creative logo designs and names. There are various websites like Squadhelp where you can suggest brand names and design logos, and if your suggestion is selected, you get a pretty penny.

The more creative and likeable your brand name is, the higher the chance it gets picked.

Data Entry:

Data entry is what started the whole concept of online money making in India. It is simple, effortless and pays well. All you need are a laptop and an internet connection. This has become very popular among college students who do this in their spare time to generate a small income that gives them a little extra pocket money. There are many websites online which you could try out. Some of the popular ones are Smartcrowd and Onespace. Make sure the employer is legitimate. Very often many are lured with very high salaries but seldom end up receiving it. Never share your personal details such as account number and pin with the websites you register as they could be used maliciously.

Web Developer:

The 21st century is the age of the internet. It has become essential for businesses to take their business online. They would naturally need websites and hence web developers. 

This has led to a huge demand for skilled developers who are using their coding prowess to help businesses set up and scale their businesses. You could learn the basic coding required from YouTube and start doing minor projects to help you learn.
Eventually, you will be able to build your website to market your services too. There are many sites like Fiverr where you can find a host of opportunities. 

Django, Flutter and JS Node are the top frameworks that are in demand.

Buying and Selling Domain Names:

Domain name buying and selling involve buying domains today, which you think could have great demand in the future to sell for a higher price. The other option is selling your area if you have a good SEO score (Domain Authority), or you own a domain with a unique name. 

My favourite social media scheduling company, buffer, bought in 600,000 Rupees last year. Check out Godaddy for various domain names available for sale. 

For example, if you had bought the rights for the domain name Corona before March, you would be able to sell it for more than 40,000 today depending on the demand.


Know some exotic indigenous language? Now you can make good money translating between languages. Especially in a country like India, where there are hundreds of languages, the options are plenty. 

The rarer the language, the more the pay for translating is. Some even start learning languages for this purpose. Most languages are learned informally through speaking. You are free to use online and offline resources also. To translate a page, you can earn up to 60 Rupees. Check out Speakt and Techieyouth for more details.

The above methods are just a few. Explore as much as possible and come up with your way to earn. 

It is imperative to remain cautious. If an offer looks too good, avoid it. There have been plenty of scams that promised 30000 for 30 days of data entry jobs. It is unrealistic and hence prevents those kinds of traps.  

I would love to hear your experience making money online or any queries you have in the comments session. Until then, keep hustling.

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” -VIDAL SASSON

For more tips and tricks to make money check out this detailed video:


This article explores the creative and actionable methods to make money. It talks about some conventional and innovative methods that can be used by experts and novice alike. In general, making money has undergone a paradigm shift; we need to adjust. Even the most simple jobs can pay well. It is imperative not to get cheated online so take all necessary caution.

So, what is your key takeaway from this blog? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked the article do like, share and comment below.

If you want to know How to earn money online in India without investment, click here.

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