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How to find best Affiliate Marketing websites to Earn Income

Whatever we pursue professionally in real life, there is always some part of us which has passion for things apart from our daily work. It may be health, fitness, beauty, travel, sports and most of us end up reading or writing on them. 

Many of you might have heard of Quora. It is a great platform to write or answer questions related to your favourite topics. But, what you get for writing on that platform? Just a few upvotes and followers. What if I say, you have a great chance to earn money for doing the same work of writing but with little change?

 Instead of any social media platform you just need to start your own blog or website where you write all this stuff and additionally you just have to do a little bit of marketing of any related company products. If anyone buys that product after reading your blog then that company will give you commission on that purchase. Isn’t it easy? So, this is what affiliate marketing is all about in a practical manner.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing in which the company rewards the affiliates for every purchase done by customer or visitor who came to the website because of affiliate’s own marketing efforts. In this process you refer others to buy a company’s product, and then the company pays you some commission based on every sale made on your referral. 

There are four core players who are responsible for the functioning of this industry. They are:

  1. Merchant
  2. Network
  3. Publisher
  4. Customer

To dive deep into these players and to learn more about this industry please refer to my article How to do Affiliate Marketing in India? 

Day by day, companies are learning the perks of affiliate marketing and starting various programs for the same. Since this is a performance-based process, there is nothing to lose for the company. 

Notably, India, which has enormous potential is right now struggling with employment problem. This results in the exploitation of employees which in order leads to lower payouts. So, extraordinary potential, lower payouts and increasing accessibility to internet justify the growing number of affiliate marketing websites in India. 

Indians are responding in considerable numbers to these programs. And if you are one of them who is searching for these websites, then your search ends here.

Hereafter I am going to give a sneak peek into the top 14 affiliate marketing websites in India. I would also be recommending you the good ones. We will also be discussing the pros and cons of every website, along with their payment details. Also, there will be few websites on my list that you will not be knowing. But that doesn’t mean the affiliate programs they are offering are not safe. 

So, Let’s begin:

I will be discussing examples of affiliate marketing websites for 3-4 industries. Affiliate programs of E-commerce portals give you the best shot at earning money online. Before starting with a particular industry, let’s have a look at affiliate programs of two of the biggest E-commerce platforms in India.

1.  Flipkart Affiliate Program

This affiliate program is similar to other general affiliate programs. As an affiliate, you just need to drive sales on Flipkart. With every purchase via your link, Flipkart will pay you a commission. 

As we all know, Flipkart serves different categories: Books, Grocery, Mobiles etc. So, the commission rate varies for each of these categories. From a minimum of 1%, there is a chance of earning a maximum commission of 15%.

By the way, I am not going into the details of this program. I have already written a whole article on Flipkart Affiliate Marketing. There, I have described the complete process of starting with this program and how you can you earn a handsome chunk of money in minimum time.

2. Amazon Affiliate Program

This program is similar to Flipkart affiliate except for differences in commission rates and few other things. Firstly, Let’s go through quick steps to become an amazon affiliate:

  1. You should have a blog or website to advertise. If you don’t have, create it.
  2. After having your own site or blog, visit the Amazon Associates homepage.
  3. Build your Amazon Associates profile.
  4. Create Amazon Affiliate links.

Amazon offers millions of products for its customers. So, as an affiliate, you have so many products to advertise and earn. But every product will not fetch you same commission or advertising fees.  

All these products belong to different categories (Toys, Books, Health, Jewellery, etc.). Then as per these groups, advertising fee is paid. Here I have attached the advertising fee schedule for amazon associate program.

They review your website and accordingly approve it. This approval is not for indefinite period. If you are unable to make at least single sale within 180 days from starting, your account will be closed. 

This suspension is temporary, you can reapply for the Amazon Associate program again after making certain adjustments to your site. For a few products or services, they may offer advertising fees in the form of bounties or other special offers. You can check the full fee schedule of amazon affiliate program. You can read my article on Amazon Associates Program for further details. Also give 23 smart strategies for affiliate marketing on amazon a read!

As I said earlier, we will be discussing these affiliate marketing programs industry-wise. Since, we are done with Flipkart and Amazon, now we will be moving into specific industries. And within these industries, I will try to provide you with information on maximum programs. So, the first industry we are going to explore is the Fashion Industry.


Fashion Bloggers at the top of their game contribute lakhs of rupees in consumer revenue to fashion companies and in the process make an earning for themselves. In case, if you are one of those enthusiastic fashion bloggers and looking for affiliate marketing best websites to utilise your skill, you are at the right place. 

1.  TATA CLIQ Affiliate Program

Tata Cliq is an Indian e-commerce venture (of TATA Group) which expertise in selling international Luxury brands. If you join Tata Cliq affiliate program on Cuelinks, you will get a timely (beforehand) update of every sale, exclusive deals or discount, so that you can make most of it. 

There are few limitations while using this website. Like, bulk orders are not allowed. You will not get a commission for coupon, deal or discount not shared by Cuelinks. Meaning, while buying any product if your visitor uses coupon or discount deal which is not shared by your network aggregator (here, it is cuelinks) you will not get commission for that purchase.  

Apart from these compulsions, they pay you well. For every sale via your link, there is a payout of about 6% – 7.2%. If you want to check commission for each product (footwear, watches, apparel, jewellery etc.), you need to sign up on Cuelinks.

Creative tools/media which are allowed and forbidden are listed below:

Allowed Not Allowed
Text link, banner, coupon, deals, cashback, native ads, social media Custom EMAIL (Text), Custom EMAIL (HTML), Brand bidding

2.  Myntra Affiliate Program

As part of Flipkart, Myntra is one of the leading e-commerce fashion company. Since its inception, it has given easy access to fashion apparels and accessories for men, women and kids. Now, it has made earning money also just as simple as buying. Here are two network aggregators which offer Myntra affiliate programs:

Once you sign up with them, they will provide you with links. You have to post these links in your blogs, websites etc. If any of your content viewers clicks on that link, he/she will land on Myntra page. 

And if he/she does any shopping within that cookie duration, you will be paid. For Affzip, cookie duration is 30 days. There is web tracking and mobile web tracking available. Creative tools you can use here are banners, coupon codes, deep linking and email newsletter.

It is same as Affzip. The only difference is that it has a cookie period of 7 days and windows session of 30 minutes. Here you can earn a payout of about 3.9% – 4.68% on every sale.

3.   FBB Affiliate Program

Fbb is India’s fashion hub, satisfying fashion enthusiasts across India by providing modern and trendy apparel at pocket-friendly prices. There are around 3-4 online networks aggregators which offer fbb affiliate program. Of these, I would recommend you inrdeals

It provides numerous advantages over other sites (cluelinks, affzip, viglink). INRDeals offers pre-approved FBB Affiliate Campaign with detailed category wise payout structure based on the cost per sale (CPS) model. It also gives Super Affiliates direct access to FBB API. 

Following are few features of the fbb affiliate program on INRdeals:

  • Validation time: 45-60 days
  • Payment frequency: 7 working days
  • Joining fee: free

Base payout commission rate for this affiliate program is 9.6% per sale, and it can go up to 12%. 


How does it work?

4.  Brand Factory Affiliate Program

Brand Factory is a chain of retail stores operated by Future Group. It is India’s largest discount retail chain and offers a wide range of apparel brands in different categories for men, women, infants in different categories like accessories, cosmetics, footwear, sportswear and luggage. 

There are several Brand Factory affiliate programs offered by numerous websites. But the best of all is given by INRdeals. In terms of monetary perks, INRdeals pays you up to 12% whereas sites like cluelinks have a commission rate of just 6%-7.2% for the same company. 

Though pay scale is not the only criteria to rank these affiliate programs, but in this case, all the remaining points are same for both the websites. For example, In both affiliate programs, you are forbidden from using social media, youtube, bidding for advertising. You are allowed to use email marketing, cashback and a few other mediums.

Check out my article What is Email Marketing (Demystified) So That You Can Turn Profit

If you compare Brand factory affiliate program with Tata Cliq, in later one, you were allowed to use social media to attract customers. So, this is one of the demerits of Brand factory affiliate program.

Though we have discussed just four, there are several such fashion related affiliate marketing programs. You can check out more such affiliate programs.   You will also find affiliate programs of international brands as well like Adidas, Monte Carlo etc.


If you failed to make it in fashion, here is another chance. Unlike fashion blogging, you don’t need any prior knowledge to write a travel blog. You just need to share your experiences of travel journeys advertising any particular travel company.

1.  MakeMyTrip Travel Affiliate Program

MakeMyTrip does not need an introduction, as it is one of India’s pioneering online travel portal. When it comes to travel, MakeMyTrip is enjoying an undisputed monopoly with its wide range of services on offer which include flights, buses, hotels booking and holiday packages. 

It also offers a great affiliate program to promote your online travelogue, primarily if it covers places within India. Since, it is the most popular, hassle-free and reliable website in India; convincing readers will not be a great deal. 

Besides, it also offers great discount and super-efficient customer service, making it one of the best affiliate programs to multiply your earnings. On every domestic flight ticket booked via your link, you can get around Rs 105-126. 

There should not be any advertisements on travel/tourism review forums or blogs. 

Social media or Facebook ads are not allowed for promotion. 

Similar to fashion-centric affiliate programs use of email, text link, banners, cashback and deals as media is allowed.

2.  GoAir Affiliate Program

GoAir is an Indian low-cost airline owned by business conglomerate Wadia group. In 2017, it was the fifth largest airline in India with an approximate passenger market share of 8.5%. MakeMyTrip has an already better market share and convincing users to book flights using it is an easy task. This is the reason; its affiliate program pays you less. 

But, GoAir is in greater need of customers and therefore it is ready to pay you price higher than MakeMyTrip. It guarantees to pay you at least Rs 135 and as far as Rs 162 for every sale of flight ticket. You can check out the exact payouts after signing in at Cuelinks

Though there are several other websites (like INRdeals, VigLink) who offer GoAir affiliate program, but you will get a payout much less than what Cuelinks is offering.

3.  Yatra Affiliate Program is an Indian online travel agency and travel search engine. Till now, we looked at various affiliate marketing programs, but none of them was offered directly on the corresponding company’s website. They were provided by multiple network aggregators like cluelinks, INRdeals, viglink, affzip. Don’t mistake it as a fraud. All of the above-discussed programs are authentic. They have their clauses with companies. But you can find this affiliate program directly on the official website of though you can also find affiliate program on our regular sites (Cuelinks) as well. 

If you own a website and to start earning high commissions, then it is the best way to begin with. This program is 100% free to join; you just need high traffic on your site to quickly make your earnings. This affiliate program offers:

     i.   Highly competitive commissions that are paid upon booking. 

     ii.  30 days cookie duration.

     iii. Online reporting and tracking. offers you a fantastic commission structure. It is almost like free money coming quickly. Here it is:

4.  Cleartrip Affiliate Program

Cleartrip is a global online travel company, headquartered in Mumbai. It operates an online travel aggregator website for booking flight tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations and other similar activities in India and the Middle East. 

Since it is yet to capture considerable market share, an affiliate marketing program is one of the ways to reach there. As we all know, cleartrip is nowhere near MakeMyTrip , so you will require considerable effort to convert your readers into their buyers. But the rewards are worth the hard work. 

Commission offered by Cleartrip Affiliate program is more than double of same provided by MakeMyTrip. For every transaction from your link, you earn around Rs 300 to Rs 360. These transactions include flight ticket, train ticket booking, hotel reservation etc. 

For this campaign, there is one change in tracking information. Unlike previous campaigns, this program has a cookie duration of only one day. One more limitation of this program is that, no commission will be paid if a booking is made through ‘Pay at hotel’ option. 

As we have discussed enough programs, I will be starting with another industry. In case you are looking for more examples of affiliate marketing websites , you can search at multiple websites like Cluelinks, INRdeals, affzip etc. for the same., Expedia, OneTravel, AirAsia, Airbnb, Adlabs Imagica are more such programs you can look out for.  


Health is vital to everyone. Besides, the recent outbreak of coronavirus across the globe has made health and medication as an essential need of human beings. In such times, if you own a heath, medication or fitness based website or write blogs on the same, you will have a good number of readers. 

Then why not make money off it? There are many health-related affiliate programs that offer great rewards for advertising their products through your website or blog.

1. Body Shop 

The body shop is a cosmetics, skincare and perfume company founded in the UK in 1976. As of now, it is one of the India’s fastest-growing and most-loved beauty sites. Besides, it also has an affiliate program

Though Body Shop is a British company, it offers separate affiliate programs for every country. India too has a separate affiliate program for Body Shop. This is your chance to earn an additional income while partnering with an iconic British brand. 

You can earn a commission of  8% on sales from on an affiliate network.

Following are a few benefits of joining this program: 

  • 8% flat commission
  • 30-day cookie window
  • 30-day payment terms
  • Exclusive affiliate offers
  • Dedicated affiliate team
  • Quick and easy set-up

2.  Medlife Affiliate Program

Medlife International is an online program, which provides pharmacy, diagnostics and e-consultation in India. It also runs an affiliate program, an opportunity for the website/blog/app owners who want to leverage their online presence.

All you need to do is advertise their website link on your website/app, drive targeted audience to Medlife and earn a good commission on every purchase made by your audience effortlessly. You can earn up to 20% commission on delivered orders. 

Few affiliates have earned around Rs 20,000 in a single month by just posting Medlife affiliate link on their Facebook and Whatsapp account.

Yes! Unlike few previous campaigns, this affiliate program allows you to advertise on social media as well. Such advertising liberty and great ROI make this affiliate program one of the best affiliate programs, not just in this category but in general.   

There are few guidelines you should qualify to become a Medlife Affiliate:

  • You need to be above the age of 18.
  • You must have your own website/blog/app/social media accounts. Also, there is a proper approval process. Once signed up, your website/app/blog will be reviewed for a few days and then accordingly, approval would be given. 
  • Also, you should be in a position to provide all required documents.

There is no subscription fee for joining this program. It is free.


Buying insurance has many advantages as it ensures that you are financially secure to face any challenge in life. This makes it an essential part of financial planning. 

A general insurance company offers several insurance policies for health, travel, vehicle and home. So, let’s have a look at affiliate marketing program of a couple of such companies:

1.  Policybazaar Affiliate Program

Policybazaar is an Indian insurance aggregator and global finance technology startup. It provides a digital platform on national level where we can compare the financial services from major insurance companies in India. 

You can join this affiliate program directly by just signing up at INRdeals. It is also one of the top converting active campaigns in this category because of its high affiliate commission and validation rates. campaign also allows the generation of affiliate links to track transactions online in real-time. 

Base affiliate commission payout for this campaign is Rs 112 for every lead. This is further increased based on volume and your performance. And it can go maximum up to Rs 140 per lead.  

2. Affiliate Program empowers you to compare the products offered by various insurance companies in one shot. Thus enables you to decide on the best insurance cover for you and your family. 

In this affiliate marketing program, you just have to place the links of on your website. You will earn money for every visitor from your website who clicks on the link and visits and registers there. Isn’t it easy? 

There is a well-defined commission structure also. For every visitor from your website who registers at, you will earn as per below table:

Leads Per Lead
Life Rs 2
Home Rs 2
2-wheeler Rs 0.5
Car Rs 1.5
Travel Rs 8
Business Rs 10

I have mentioned this affiliate program at last, as it is an easy way out option for those who were unable to achieve sales or make money in above programs. 

In EasyInsuranceIndia,com, you just have to increase registrations or in simple, increase clicks on those affiliate links. You don’t need to be responsible for sales in such affiliate programs.

By now, we have discussed the 12 best affiliate programs across four industries. So, now you must be ready to join these programs and quickly multiply your earnings.

Read other Quick Ways to Earn Money Online.

And now I would like to hear from you! Which strategy from today’s post are you exited the most? Or maybe you doubt something you read. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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 The affiliate programs of the biggest E-commerce platforms in India are:

  • Flipkart Affiliate program: As an affiliate, you just need to drive sales on Flipkart. With every purchase via your link, Flipkart will pay you a commission.
  • Amazon Affiliate program: Amazon offers millions of products for its customers. So, as an affiliate, you have so many products to advertise and earn.
  • If you are one of those enthusiastic fashion bloggers then some of the affiliate marketing best websites to utilise your skill are:

    • TATA CLIQ Affiliate Program
    • Myntra Affiliate Program
    • FBB Affiliate Program
    • Brand Factory Affiliate Program

It doesn’t need any prior knowledge to write a travel blog. You just need to share your experiences of travel journeys advertising any particular travel company. The travel companies that offers affiliate program are:

  • MakeMyTrip Travel Affiliate program
  • GoAir Affiliate program.
  • Yatra Affiliate program.
  • Cleartrip affiliate program

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