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Affiliate Marketing on Amazon: An Incredibly easy Method that Works for All

 If you want to work hard once and let your website generate income for the years to come, then Amazon’s Affiliate program, also called as “Amazon Associates” is the key for you!

Just place the Amazon affiliate links on your website today and start earning. Before we move on any further, let’s know more about Amazon’s affiliate program. 

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon was the first one in its league to put affiliate program in action, back in 1996. Amazon Associates program is an affiliate marketing  program that allows you to put Affiliate links on your website and get some commission every time a customer makes a payment using your link. You can earn up to 10 percent commission rate, depending on the category of product. 

Amazon’s Affiliate Program Review

There are ample e-commerce sites that offer affiliate program. What makes the amazon’s  program unique is the fact that 

  • Amazon is a giant in ecommerce. It covers almost all types of products, which provide you with a lot of options. 
  •  Also, with Amazon, you never need to worry about sending your website visitor to an untrusted site.
  • Amazon’s program offers extended benefits like commission on any product (even it is not the one you were promoting!) bought by the customer within 24 hours of clicking on your affiliate link.
  • From the buy now button to customer reviews, from the image placement to the relevant products; everything is designed to boost sales. Amazon has one of the best sales funnel in the ecommerce market. So all you need to worry about is getting the customer to the website, and Amazon takes care of everything else.

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Well, it’s free of cost to sign up for amazon’s affiliate program. All you need to do is visit the amazon’s associate page and join it.

Then you need to log in with your Amazon account. I recommend you to read the terms and conditions carefully for a better understanding of the system.

After this, you will need to choose the products that you want to promote and how you are going to promote it. You can promote the product on a website, YouTube channel, or a mobile app.

It does ask questions about your website’s usual traffic. So if you have a low-quality site, chances are they might now approve of it. It is recommended to use a website that already has some well-written articles.

After filling out some other necessary information, you are officially now an amazon associate.

C:\Users\Asus\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (46).png

Although it is easy to sign up into amazon’s affiliate program, it can get difficult to earn money out of it. Also, if you are not able to convert one deal within 180 days of being an amazon associate, then your amazon associate license will be cancelled. 

Now let’s look at the various requirements to be an Amazon Associate.

Amazon Affiliate program Rules and Requirements

Amazon’s affiliate program comes with some defined set of rules that need to be followed by every amazon associate. Amazon is pretty serious about these regulations, so it’s better to abide by the rules.

  • You must inform your website visitor that you will get some commission if they make a purchase, at no expense of their own, using your link.
  • You must have a blog/website or a Youtube channel where you can promote a product. Since Amazon asks for the usual traffic on your platform, you need to have a decent amount of traffic (or Youtube Subscribers) to quality as an Amazon Associate.
  • Amazon is strictly against the use of its links for promotional advertising in any offline manner, including but not limited to, email marketing, eBooks, printed material, etc.
  • It would be best if you did not make any false promises or claims in your articles.

If you are found violating any of the rules and regulations, then amazon can ban you as an associate. So better take them seriously if you want to be part of it in the long run.

I would personally recommend you to read the policies of the amazon affiliate program thoroughly. Also, Amazon keeps updating its terms and conditions from time to time, so it is advised to keep you updated.

Now let’s look at the requirements that need to be met to receive a commission

Be sure to read my article on 15 guaranteed tips for Amazon Associate in India.


Well, Amazon is pretty generous with its terms. Every time a person visits amazon with your link, you will get a commission for every product they buy within 24 hours, whether it was your promoted product or not. Sounds great, right!

Also, if a person uses your affiliate link and puts the product in the cart, then amazon gives you a window of 90 days till which you can get a commission if the user buys the product.

If someone returns or refunds an item, Amazon will deduct the commission they paid you. So don’t worry when your account shows a negative balance.


Amazon gives you a lot of choices to receive your commission. Clearly, they do not want you to have any excuse not to join their program. 

Talking about the Amazon Associate program in India, they give you two choices. You can receive your payment via cheque at your place, or they deposit the fees into your account through NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer).

It requires a minimum of 2500 Indian rupees of earnings for the cheque and a minimum of 1000 Indian rupees of revenues for Amazon to deposit the money to your account via NEFT.

They pay you monthly and the payment for each month is made 60 days after the end of the month.

Here are a few tips that will help you generate constant source of passive income from  Amazon’s Associate Program:


One of the few cons of Amazon’s affiliate program is the level of competition it brings with it. With the immense competition, a lot of people can struggle to get anything out of it.

Passion is what will keep you driving forward to capture fine details about the product, which can make the experience of your website enjoyable.

So if you want to succeed, you need to be extremely passionate about the category of products you choose else the competition can be extremely overwhelming. For example- if you love to watch Netflix, you can write articles about the smartphones that offer the best Netflix Experience. You can also write about the new TV series on the platform and later put an affiliate link of shirts/t-shirts or some smart phone case with that TV series/Movie design on it.

The picture above shows the t-shirts with designs based on Netflix TV series ‘Stranger Things’.


The Affiliate program by Amazon works on a commission basis. It offers different commission rates for different categories of products. 

While you earn a nice commission of 9% on watches, you make only a small commission of 2% on data storage devices.

Also, you can choose the product, keeping in mind the keyword search volume. Keyword search volume is a direct indication of the overall competitiveness of the keyword. 


You can always search for the category of products before selecting a category. This can make you familiar with the competition. You can also know about the keyword’s search volume by doing a few simple searches, which can give you an idea about the competition.

High-end products

Since it is a commission-based system, the higher the price of the product, the higher is your commission. So it would be wise to select the category of electronics over books if you are eyeing for hefty commissions. You must also try to promote the bestsellers on Amazon as it creates more chances for you to generate some revenue.

You can always find the list of best sellers on Amazon’s official site.

Quality Images

You don’t want to drive your visitors to a product on Amazon with only a few images that too low quality, right?

That could lose you not only your commission but also the trust your website visitors had on you. So make sure to recommend products with ample amount of high quality images. 

Review History

If you are a little bit familiar with Amazon, then I don’t need to tell you the impact good reviews have on the customer journey.

So, advocate for products that already have decent reviews from authentic amazon customers


Now comes the most challenging part of choosing the category of products. 

To succeed in Amazon’s affiliate program, you need to strike the right balance between the category you are passionate about and the category with a decent commission rate.

You must be thinking if such a category doesn’t exist?

Then now is the time to act smartly. You can try to club the category that you are passionate about with the group with a decent commission rate.

Example- If your website has useful articles on televisions (4% commission rate), then you can try writing about Amazon’s fire stick (10% commission rate) and its benefits.


Reviewing products is the best way to get the most out of this program. 

If a person is delaying his/her purchase, then he/she is not clear which product to buy.

So make sure you clear all the doubts the user has whenever the user visits your site. 

Example- Detailed review of Samsung Galaxy S20.

You can also make a comparison between two or more products. Example – iPhone 11 v/s Samsung galaxy 20. 

Another approach is to create a list of all the best seller products. Do try to give valid reasons for why you like them.


If you want the user to use your link, you need to make sure they visit your site. So try creating more content that focuses on the pre-buying phase rather than post buying phase of the journey. 

Example- ’10 reasons to buy Oneplus 7′ has more chances of the user using your link, as chances are they have not purchased the product. Content like ‘how to make the camera experience on one plus devices even better’ will drive people who have already purchased the device.


One of the most crucial steps is to live the journey of the customer. Try to understand what issues are the customer dealing with the category of your product. 

No matter how good your website is, it will not be visited by the user if it doesn’t help them in any way. Sites like Buzzsumo and Answerthepublic provides key insights about what’s trending around your niche.


It is necessary to register your website’s domain name. It gives your website a personalized and recognizable status. It makes your site more authentic and reliable.

Some companies like Godaddy, Resellerclub provide a reliable and low-cost service in India.


Amazon links are country-specific. Let’s suppose you refer product from (India), then anyone who clicks on your link is redirected to the Amazon’s India Page. People, outside of India, are obviously going to order from their Homeland Amazon Page. So chances are you are missing out on a good amount of international commissions.

Genius Links offers a great solution to this problem. It identifies the geography of your website/blog visitor, and then sends them to the specific Amazon page pertaining to that particular country.



Using the right keywords plays a critical role in the success of your website. After understanding what the problems consumers are facing with the product, you need to know how they are going to search it.

Having high SEO ranking is essential to have good traffic. It is found that the Top result of any search gets ten times more than clicks than an average link.

Also, missing some crucial keywords can push your website a few hundred spots behind in search results. This can decrease the traffic to your website substantially.

Therefore, having a high SEO rating and success in Amazon’s affiliate program go hand in hand. 


Always keep your primary keywords in your title and meta description. It increases the chances of your content to show on top of the results. 

If you are not clear about what title and meta description is, I have marked it in the image below.

C:\Users\Asus\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (48).png


Keywords are critical if you want to have a good SEO ranking for your article. Using the right keywords can increase the chances of users finding your website, which will increase traffic. It is recommended to use buying keywords like “Best Headphones under 2000” rather than using “Headphones.” 

You can also take it a step further. Example- Instead of using phrases like “Best Headphones,” try using phrases like “Headphones with the best Bass.” 

These kinds of tactics can improve your content’s chances of being found on the internet.


I can’t stress more on the importance of having good material for the higher ranking of your website in the search. You need to be super thorough with your content and try to capture every detail. Please cover minor details that your competitors miss out on.

It is found that your content is likely to get more views if it has more than 2000 words. 

Once you have written a comprehensive post, it is crucial to keep updating it from time to time. Suppose you have written a post on the best smartphones in the mid-range segment, then you need to keep updating it every time a new smartphone is launched that you feel needs to be mentioned.

That makes you look passionate and dedicated towards your readers.


If you feel your content is worth reading, then why not promote it?

It is of utmost importance to keep promoting your content on social media platforms. 

It aids you to find people with similar interests and create connections.

You can use Quuu to help you promote your content on social media.


It is good to have someone famous (in your field) over your website or Youtube channel. This can make your viewers feel that you have some serious contact in the community and that your community cares for you.

You can also be a guest on someone else’s platform. That makes you look like an expert and someone whose views are respected.

However, you need to be an integral part of your community for either of these to happen.

If you want to have some guest, you must have decent number of subscribers. Read this article to increase your subscribers.


No matter how good your content is, it will be of no use if the website is lagging and not responding. The visitor will bounce back from your site, and you will lose the opportunity to make money.

So it is mandatory to choose a decent hosting company. 

An excellent hosting company ensures reliable site performance and high-level security.

Various options like Bigrock, HostGator, etc. provide hosting services at very compelling prices.


It’s smart to know what your weaknesses are and then overcome them.

With Google Search Console, you can see which articles are getting the most number of impressions in your category.

It also shows you which of the keywords are getting the most clicks. This way, you can always add those keywords to your article.

What makes using Google’s search console even more appealing is that it is free. All you need to do is sign up, and you are ready to go!


Now, after figuring out your niche and creating some super engaging content, you need to make your website charming enough so that the visitor engages with it.

A charming and effective website can increase your earnings from Amazon’s affiliate program substantially. There are various factors that need to be kept in mind while making a website.

If you are new to making websites, then it is advised to use WordPress.

It is quite easy to learn and offers a lot of options to create the website you want. 

It is open-source and free to use.

WordPress is also one of the most used platforms when it comes to making sites. Almost 34% of all the websites are using WordPress.

So you need not worry about WordPress being reliable and trustworthy.


The amount of competition in products on Amazon is astonishing. It is entirely possible for the product you are promoting to be outperformed by a new product. 

Be smart enough to admit that the new product is better, and you can still make your website visitors make a purchase using your affiliate link. 


One of the easiest and effective ways of increasing your revenue is adding affiliate links on the Images in your post. 

You might be wondering how such a small act can increase your earnings.

Well, if the visitor clicks on an image in your post, then you can use it as an opportunity to redirect your visitor to the Amazon official website.

Well, if you want to maximize your earnings, try not missing out on this tactic.

You can use EasyAzon, a product that makes a lot of these tasks quite easy.


It is essential to know how your visitors interacted with the website. These types of analyses are crucial for your website to make it even more appealing. 

These little efforts are what differentiate between a good website and a great website. You can use heatmaps to know where your customers are clicking. 

The spots with the maximum clicks can be placed with images with affiliate links.

These spots can also be used to place third-party ads, which can act as an additional income.


You can make your webpage experience even more enjoyable by customizing the visitor’s experience. Let’s suppose you create a website about the best mobile phones of all segments. So, when someone visits your site, ask them a few questions regarding the features they would love to have in their smartphones. After this, you can land them to the list of phones that meet their requirements. 

While it sounds complicated, Thrive Leads makes this process relatively simple.


You must be wondering that wasn’t using amazon affiliate links in email prohibited?  

Well, I understand how important it is to retarget your website visitors, so I have a few ways that you can use to place affiliate links in emails and not get banned by Amazon.

Truncate your feed

You can share some part of your article in the mail. This way, you will be able to retarget the audience without violating any regulations put forward by Amazon.

Please make sure that there is no affiliate link in the shared part of the article, which will make the whole process of truncating the feed futile.

Use a plugin

If you want the whole article in the feed, you can use a plugin that removes all the affiliate links from the feed. If it works for you, you can find the plugin here.


Amazon’s affiliate program is a great way to make some income, especially if you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing. It is free to join and provides a great variety of products to promote.

Well, you need to read the rules of the program thoroughly. There is a lot of competition for most of the products. So the tactics mentioned must be applied to make sure your content is shown whenever a relevant search is done. 

You need to keep updating your content from time to time. 

Always think like your customers and make changes to your website accordingly. Keep promoting your content on social media. Also if you want to find the best program in your industry, then check out my article on Affiliate marketing websites where I categorize all the programs and provide an in-depth review.

 Now it’s time to hear it from you guys!

If you still have a few doubts about affiliate marketing on Amazon, do read How to do Affiliate Marketing in India.

Which tactic from this post you liked the most? Or maybe you have some questions regarding Affiliate Marketing. Feel free to share it with me by leaving a comment below.

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