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Ace Digital Marketing Interview Questions Like A Pro And Land Your Dream Job

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Digital Marketing has become one of the hottest sectors to build a career in 2020. With most marketing efforts taking the digital mode, online marketing agencies, internet start-ups, creative agencies, etc. are all looking forward to hire digital marketing professionals.

Whether you are a seasoned digital marketing expert or a newbie in the field trying to figure out your niche, you will have to face interviews to get jobs in digital marketing.

Bagging a digital marketing job has often been considered as a daunting task by many, including experts in the field. And through this blog, I am going to demystify these misconceptions with some up to date tips and examples relevant to today’s job market.

I have also compiled some of the most relevant digital marketing questions and answers to help you gain a hands on insight into the interview process. Read along to find out more!

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STAR Method for Digital Marketing Interviews:

STAR is the abbreviation for Situation, Task, Action and Result. This interview preparation technique is highly recommended for the preparation of behavioral and situational digital marketing interview questions.

This is particularly helpful because the STAR schema can aid you to equip yourself with on-point answers with reference to real world problems – a skill that is essential to ace your interview.

Experts on the hiring jury ask specific questions to find out if the digital marketing job is the best fit for you. With this method in your head, you can ensure that you are rightly matching the interviewers’ intent with your answers.

This strategy also makes you come up with stories from your own personal experiences that display your conflict resolution and crisis management skills – clearly a must-have in today’s world.

 Let us see in detail how this works and how you can make the most of it –

  • Situation: In this process, you should set the stage for your interview by interweaving a story around your background. Here, you can talk about your relevant projects and work experiences to ensure that your interview moves in a direction you are comfortable with.

Make sure you spend the least amount of time in this process, as most interviewers are more interested in the actions you took and the results you got.

  • Task: At this stage, you must explain to the interviewers about what you were responsible for in the challenge you set up in the previous step. In simpler terms, you should put forth your ultimate goals (i.e., the task) that you planned to accomplish.

For instance, you can highlight your technical or interpersonal skills that can help you accomplish a task at hand. Make sure you highlight the best of your skills because you are laying the building blocks for the rest of your interview.

  • Action: This stage requires you to describe in detail what actionable steps you had to take in order to come out of the difficult situation. This section of your response needs a highly detailed explanation as it determines whether or not you are suitable for the digital marketing role being offered.

Figure out and outline some of the best steps you took that had a desirable outcome. Make your interviewer realize what specific contributions you have had in the past, for instance – teamwork, leadership, initiative, etc.

  • Result: Here, you should highlight the impact your actions had on the overall outcome of the project. This section, while brief, is essential for closing your case on a positive note.

Prove the success of your actions by providing discrete instances of the consequences of your efforts. Adding to this, mention your learnings from the work experience explicitly; how you grew into a more resilient professional and why you are a stronger candidate as a result of the experience.

STAR Interview Question Examples: Digital Marketing

It is true that you cannot anticipate all the digital marketing questions before your interviews. But it is also true that most behavioral digital marketing interview questions revolve around the several digital marketing related challenges that demonstrate problem solving acumen and critical thinking skills.

They also focus on situations that demonstrate teamwork skills and the agility to get out of a difficult situation, especially while working under pressure.

Some of the questions of this category include –

  1. Describe a situation from your past experiences when you fixed and achieved a definite target while working on a digital marketing task.
  2. Share an instance when you had to face a difficult obstacle in a digital marketing project. How did you solve this problem?

  1. Have you ever made use of data and metrics while working on a digital marketing project? If yes, describe the impact.
  2. Describe a past work experience/project where you worked along with the other departments to accomplish a marketing goal.
  3. Share a mistake that you committed while working on a digital marketing project. How did you handle it?

As you can see from the questions above, these aren’t technical questions that require detailed knowledge of a particular field. On the other hand, the answers to these questions depend on individual experience.

Note that this section constitutes an essential part of your digital interview questions since the employer can get to know you the best through these questions. Make sure you create a mark and leave an unforgettable impression to turn the interview in your favor. 

Check out my video on Latest Digital Marketing Trends.

Choose the Smart Way Over the Hard Way

While preparing for a job interview, most people tend to forage randomly on the internet as a part of their preparation. This leads to a directionless approach and eventually a burn out.

What you need is a strategic approach, as follows-

  • Pay attention to the job description: This should be your first step to the preparation of digital marketing interviews, or any interview for that matter. This section usually contains some of the most valuable information that you as a job applicant need to be aware of.

This section can also help you understand if you are a fit for a job role. It can make you realize what a position demands so that you can begin your preparations in a particular direction.

For instance, if a job description specifically mentions the requirement of SEO and web analytics knowledge, you must begin your interview preparation from these points.

  • Make note of the hiring process: While some companies have some form of tests before the interviews, others don’t. Especially if you are a fresher, you must prepare according to the hiring process as prescribed by the company.

While this step might seem trivial, most companies today follow a multi-step hiring process that require candidates to pass each of the steps to be eligible for hiring. Thus, this should form the basis of your preparation for the next digital marketing interview.

  • Keep in mind the required Skills: Definitely the most important aspect of your interview preparation, this section forms the foundation of your interview questions and answers. Read this section very carefully so that you do not miss out on any of the required skills by the company.

Note that some companies have a rigid requirement of some skills and are flexible with the requirements of the others. Thus, your first step should be to equip yourself with these must-have skills. If time permits, you can enhance your skill set further for an added advantage.

  • Know Your Company: Last but not the least, this is a prerequisite for every digital marketing company today. You must know what a company does if you want to be an asset to the company.

Even from the interviews point of view, most companies tend to focus their questions around their field of work. Thus, if you understand the company better, you can ace the interview better!

Are you a fresher looking to start a career in digital marketing? Look no further. Read my blog on how to start a career in digital marketing as a fresher to get answers to your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions in Digital Marketing Interviews:

Since digital marketing is a constantly evolving field, firms seek to hire intelligent, creative and tech-savvy geeks to take charge of their digital marketer’s role.

We know that digital marketing is a diverse field that has different job roles followed by their sub-components. Some titles are – Digital Marketing Executive / Managers, Social Media Managers, Paid Marketers, Email Marketing Managers, Search Engine Optimizers, Content Managers, etc.

Clearly, each role demands a different set of skills. However, you must be aware of the overall gist of digital marketing to excel in any of the roles. Therefore, I have presented some of the general questions that anyone applying for a job in the digital marketing world must be aware of. 

Digital Marketing Interview Questions:

What is your definition of digital marketing? Why do you want to pursue a career in this field?

The winning answer to this question is the one that aligns well with the company’s idea of digital marketing. Thus, after careful examination of that, you can mention how digital marketing is a technique of promoting a brand through digital media.

You can highlight methods like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, etc. to mention your area of expertise.

As to why you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, you must elaborate upon what fields of digital marketing excite you the most. You should show your recruiters that you are truly passionate about the job being offered and why you will be the right fit for the job.

What would be your digital marketing strategy to help business grow at this firm?

In order to answer this question, you need to be well aware of the functioning of the firm that you are interviewing for. You should be aware of the digital marketing methods already adapted by the company. If you don’t, feel free to ask the interviewer some inputs.

Keep in mind that a good strategy is a job guaranteed. Curate your strategy according and impress your interviewers at this question. This is a make or break point in most interviews and thus you must be well prepared with the answer to this question well in advance.

What can be the possible challenges to digital marketing? How will you overcome these challenges?

Budgeting is a commonly encountered challenge in digital marketing that you could mention here. You can also mention how the presence of certain offline marketing efforts can hamper digital marketing plans.

Needless to say that you should only mention challenges that you know a potential solution to. This is an important concession point that highlights that you have enough knowledge in the field.

What according to you are the top digital marketing tools? Which of these are the most useful for our business?

As an aspiring digital marketer, you must be equipped with the latest tools and techniques in the field. You can check out my video on Top Tools to Champion Digital Marketing for Business Growth and follow digital marketers like me to stay ahead.

Specifically, you must be aware of tools like Search Console, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, etc. in order to display your expertise. To be able to suggest the most useful tools for a business, you need to understand what the business is.

This brings our attention to the point that you need to understand the practical applications of each digital marketing tool. Only then can you understand the real world applications and relate them to the business you are studying.

How is digital marketing categorized? How are the categories different from each other?

Digital marketing is categorised as inbound marketing and outbound marketing. While inbound marketing pulls customers based on their interest, outbound marketing pushes customers regardless of their interests.

While inbound marketing is devised based on customer’s needs, outbound marketing is devised based on the product’s needs. Additionally, while inbound marketing is a part of content consumption (for instance – blogs, social media, opt-in emails), outbound marketing disrupts content consumption (for instance – display ads, telemarketer scripts, TV ads, etc.).

If you are looking to Leverage Outbound Marketing to Scale Your Business, then do check out my blog.

If you want to know more about Inbound Marketing, read my blog on What is Inbound Marketing.

What are the most valuable metrics while measuring the outcomes of digital marketing?

This question basically requires you to answer the various ways in which you can measure the results of your digital marketing.

Some common metrics include – total website visits, number of first-time visitors, number of return visitors, interactions per visit, time spent on the website, exit rate, bounce rate, Revenue Per Visitor (RPV), Cost Per Visitor (CPV), Conversion rate etc.

You must be familiar with these terms if you are a seasoned digital marketer. If you aren’t, consider learning these terms today as they form the fundamentals of most digital marketing topics.

What are some of the most important types of digital marketing?

While there can be various types of digital marketing, make sure that your answer definitely includes the types mentioned in the job description and skills requirement of the company. Some common types are-

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing

What steps would you take when the goal is to increase the traffic on a particular site?

You must realize that the answer to this question depends on the budget allocated to digital marketing, since some methods are more expensive than the others.

In case of no budget constraints, some of the popularly used methods are – paid search, SEO, seeking referral traffic, display advertising, content marketing, email marketing, internal linking, content optimization, keyword research, etc.

What is SEO? What are the different types of SEO?

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method to increase the number and enhance the quality of a website’s traffic by increasing the visibility to viewers of a search engine like Google.

SEO is often used to gain traffic in an organic way by appearing on top of the search results performed on a search engine.

SEO can be either On-Page SEO (used to regulated website traffic through changes on the web page) or Off-Page SEO (done to improve website presence and visibility on the internet).

Interested to find out more about The Best Digital Marketing Tools for Competition Analysis? Check out my video for an in-depth analysis!

What is the importance of keywords in SEO and digital marketing?

Keywords play one of the most noteworthy roles while working on the Search Engine Optimization of a web page. This is because audiences primarily use these keywords while searching for their needs on the search engine.

As a result, keywords lie at the heart of most of the SEO work that goes behind a website as they are necessary for high ranks on the search engine result pages. It thus becomes imperative to optimize the website for keywords pertinent to the buyer’s needs.

Thus, understanding potential customers can help businesses reach them better by ranking high on the search results, thus benefitting the advertisers and customers alike.

Name some of the most widely used digital marketing tools.

Whether you have used all of the mentioned digital marketing tools or not, you must have an idea about how they work and what is their significance. These tools exist to make the job of a digital marketer easier.

Some of these tools are-

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Buzzsumo
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Kissmetrics
  • RankWatch
  • AdExpresso
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Alexa Ranking

What is PPC? Explain how PPC Advertising works.

PPC or Pay Per Click is a method to advertise or market a product/service such that the advertisers have to pay a fee whenever a potential customer clicks on their online advertisements.

You can cite an example of the PPC ads in the form of paid search ads and how they are different from organic advertising. By mentioning the top advertisements appearing in the ad space, especially when looking to buy something, you can cite the right examples too. 

Mention explicitly that this form of advertising works by bringing interested customers who have already looked for a product/service on the search engine in contact with the best sellers.

The rank of these advertisements are determined by their bid price and their quality and thus play an invaluable role in the advertising industry.

How will you set up, analyze and track if a digital marketing campaign you devised is successful or not?

While answering this question, you can elaborate on the campaign’s ultimate goals and how they would be met. These goals can be anything from enhancing brand awareness, generating leads or enhancing social media reach.

The success of the campaign can also be tracked using Google Analytics along with some other tools and techniques to stay updated with the campaign’s real time progress. You must present your vision and how you plan to act on it.

Here, you can also mention the metrics that you would consider to measure the success of a campaign as mentioned above.

How would you measure ROI of any channel?

To calculate the Return on Investment (ROI), you can combine it with the overall business line calculations of the marketing campaign. This can be calculated by considering the growth of sales from the product line, subtracting the costs of marketing from it, and then dividing it by the overall cost of marketing.

ROI of a channel = (Growth of Sales – Cost of Marketing) / Cost of Marketing

Indeed, there can be other ways to measure the ROI of a marketing channel. You can mention more than one ways here or modify your answer based on what the interviewer wants to know specifically.

Check out my blog for Awesome Drip Marketing Strategies For Your Sales Funnel.

What are some of the bidding options that you are aware of?

Some of the commonly known bidding options you could mention here are –

  •  CPC: Cost Per Click
  •  CPA: Cost Per Action
  •  CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions

You can go ahead and explain what each of these terms stand for. You can also mention the need for bidding options and how they can be used by businesses today.

We know that the list to digital marketing interview questions can be endless. But I hope you get an overall idea by now about how digital marketing questions and answers constitute an important element of your interview process. 

Remember, if you aim to make a career in this field, you need to possess the drive for self-improvement. Since companies are eager to shift the focus of their marketing efforts from offline to online marketing, it also helps to understand the essentials of this transition.

Concluding words:

Digital Marketing has taken the marketing industry by storm. It has evidently earned its position not just as a top strategy, but also a full-fledged function demanding some large budget shifts and constant spotlight in many modern organization’s.

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the trends in the digital world and is eager to learn, this job might just be your best career choice.

So, are you eager to work in this ever-evolving field of digital marketing? Let me know in the comments section below!


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Some of the questions asked in digital marketing interview are:
· What is your definition of digital marketing? Why do you want to pursue a career in this
· What according to you are the top digital marketing tools? Which of these are the most
useful for our business?
· How is digital marketing categorized? How are the categories different from each other?
· What are the most valuable metrics while measuring the outcomes of digital marketing?
· What steps would you take when the goal is to increase the traffic on a particular site?
Check out this article to get familiar with digital marketing trends.

You need a strategic approach to prepare for digital marketing interviews. These are as follows:
· Pay attention to the job description.
· Make note of the hiring process
· Keep in mind the required Skills
· Know Your Company

Moreover, you can read this article to know about Email Marketing.

STAR interview preparation technique is highly recommended for the preparation of behavioral and
situational digital marketing interview questions. Let’s see what does it consist of:
· Situation: In this process, you should set the stage for your interview by interweaving a
story around your background.
· Task: At this stage, you must explain to the interviewers about what you were
responsible for in the challenge you set up in the previous step.
· Action: This stage requires you to describe in detail what actionable steps you had to
take in order to come out of the difficult situation.
· Result: Here, you should highlight the impact your actions had on the overall outcome of
the project.
I would also recommend you to read this article to know about Google Ads and PPC

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    The LED comes with 10pt Multi-Touch, 3 Year On Site Warranty (USA & Canada) and a 50 000 hour lifespan…..thankyou!!

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