Insane SEO Competitor Analysis Tips To Grow Your Website!

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Have analyze you ever wondered why your website isn’t performing very well? Do you want to analyze the strengths and weaknesses to optimize the performance of your website? Are you looking for some inspiration? Do you want to learn what your competitors are doing for their website?

If your answers to all the above questions are yes, then continue reading! This article will discover everything you need to know about your competitors’ websites using SEO Competitor Analysis!

For starters, we will understand what SEO Competitor Analysis is. And for the main course, we will discuss how to perform Competitor Website Analysis. And, finally, the cherry on top, for desserts, we will discuss two different free Competitor analysis tools

So let us wash, sanitize and get ready to uncover this meal! 

SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO competitive analysis is used to research the links, keywords, content, and different aspects of your competitors’ website analysis to learn and incorporate such aspects in your website to boost growth. By learning from your competitors, you can find out certain aspects that make your competitors’ website a success and use it in your own SEO strategy. 

For example, You own a boutique shop in Bangalore. You know that your customers visit not only your shop but also other shops in the neighborhood because of the availability of different choices. If you visit your competitors’ shops and find out what kinds of clothes they sell which you don’t, you can add them to your collection and your customers will purchase them from your shop only instead of checking other shops! Therefore, knowing your opponents surely helps!

Similarly, finding out your SEO Competitors’ strengths and incorporating them into your website shall increase your growth. 

Note: SEO Competitors’ websites are those websites that appear along with your website when the keywords incorporated in your website are searched on Search Engine Platforms like Google. By analyzing your competitors’ websites, you can push your website’s search rank higher! 

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Now that the starter is done let us move on to the main course! 

Steps To Perform SEO Competitor Analysis

There are many ways in which you can perform the SEO Competitor Analysis. In this article, we designed a simple 4 step framework for you to analyze and learn from competitors’ websites. These four steps include:

Keyword Research

The first step of any competition analysis is to perform Keyword Research. Keywords refer to those words typed on SEO platforms like Google to search for something. To find your competition, you need to first research and find the keywords for which you want your website to appear on top.

There are many ways in which you can perform keyword research. At first, list the keywords that are related to your website. You can make this list using Excel or Sheets. Then analyze those words. Make sure to use free Keyword analysis tools like Google Trends, Keyword Revealer to perform the Keyword Research.  These keyword analysis tools provide specific metrics like:

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty refers to the difficulty for websites to rank on top for that particular keyword. If the keyword is popular, its keyword difficulty is usually higher.

Search Volume

The search volume refers to the number or volume of searches for that particular keyword. The keywords with high search volume are the popular keywords.

Clicks and CPC

As the name suggests, clicks are the number of clicks that the keyword receives. The CPC is the Cost Per Click that is incurred when the keyword is clicked. 

Global Volume

This shows the popularity of the keyword in different regions across the world. 

Once you analyze the keywords, pick the relevant keywords. This way, you can narrow down your competition analysis with the right kind of words!


Find your Competitors

Once you have found the right keywords, the next step is to use those keywords to find your competitors. For this, you can go to various SEO platforms like Google, Bing, Ask, and Yahoo. Then search those keywords on the platforms. Once the keywords are typed, the websites shall appear on the platform. Choose the top two or three websites as those websites are your strong competitors. For example: For the keyword, ‘digital marketing strategy,’ the top website are smartinsights, webfx, and hubspot!

Remember when you were in school if you had to perform well in your exams you always looked up to the toppers of your class rather than the ones who just pass. Similarly, if you want your website to do well, look up to the top websites and make them your competitors. Once you find your competitors, the next step is to learn about them!

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Analyze the Competition

The first step to analyze competition is to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. To measure the strengths and weaknesses, identify certain areas and analyze the same. You can analyze the areas given below:


Authority here means how well known are your competitors’ websites. If your competitors have higher authority, it would be difficult for you to beat them, especially with popular keywords. In a sense, when popular keywords are searched, only your competitors’ websites will appear because they have higher authority. 

To solve this problem, you can aim at not-so-popular keywords but with decent search volume. Even though the keywords are not so popular, they definitely shall give you benefit. For example: ‘Shoes’ is a popular keyword, but ‘White Canvas Shoes’ is a very specific keyword, and the user searching for canvas shoes is most likely to buy it as he is very specific. So if you incorporate the specific keyword in your website, you are most likely to make good business even if you have higher authority competitors!


In the digital world, content is everything. Since the digital world is very transparent, if you don’t have quality content, your product will not be sold! Check if your compeitiors’ content is excellent. You also check if they have just product pages or they also have some supporting pages. 

If you find the absence of good content in your competitors’ websites, you can gain an advantage over it by making it your strength!

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Business Pages

If your competitors’ are e-commerce websites, check how user-friendly their pages are. Athithi Devo Bhava! The customers of the e-commerce business are the priority! The more you make their purchase easy, the more they will love you! Therefore, check how your competitors have designed their user interface, help page, contact details, etc. 

Technically Equipped

Another important thing for websites is to make them as accessible to the users as possible. In a sense, the availability of the websites not only on desktops but also on mobile, iPad, and other devices. 

The challenge is not only limited to ensuring the availability but also make it different device friendly. The users must be able to use it hassle-free on both the desktop and mobile.

Therefore, check if your competitiors’ websites are compatible with many devices and if the audience can access them through different devices. If not, use it to your advantage! 

Therefore, you can measure your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in the above areas. If you identify strengths, try to incorporate creative alternatives in contrast to their strengths to grow your website. If you identify weaknesses, use them to your advantage and enhance those aspects in your websites!

Certain other aspects that you can analyze in your competitors’ webpages are:

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The homepage is like the living room for any website. Even if their entire house is messy in many households, they try to keep their living rooms clean and attractive! Because this is where all the guests come in! Similarly, it is important to make sure your homepage is as attractive as possible! 

Therefore, check your competitors’ homepages. Check their home page template, colors, the kind of content presented, and the kind of media (pictures, gifs, or videos) used. 


The title is another important aspect of any web page. The title of a webpage is like the outside wall paint of your house. If your house paint is beautiful, the people moving across your house will stop and look! And that is precisely how you can attract your users too! An attractive title drives users to check the website!

Since the web page title is the main thing that appears in the SEO platform, making sure it is attractive is essential. Therefore, check how your competitors have titled their web pages. 

Meta Description

Meta Description is the small paragraph that appears along with the title in the SEO Platform. Meta Description is the summary of your webpage.

Therefore, check how your competitors have mentioned the Meta Description.

By looking at all these aspects, you can perform a Ph.D. on your competitors’ websites! But learning is not enough, it is important to incorporate these changes in your website too. With that, we come to the last step!

Develop your own SEO strategy

Now that the analysis is done, the last step is to develop your own SEO strategy by keeping in mind all the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors! Make sure your content, web page design, technicalities are all in place! By incorporating the changes, you will find growth in your website gradually!

As we come to the end of the article, we are ready to uncover the best part, the dessert of the meal! Let us understand the SEO competitor analysis tools. Both these tools are completely free of cost and simple and easy to use!


This tool shall help you get all the SEO data of competitors’ websites. This way, you will receive the exact numbers with which you can compare and contrast your website. 

For example- If your competitors’ website is prime video. Then you can copy-paste the prime video link on the search button. 

Country Filter –  You can use the country filter to check the region-wise popularity of the website. 

After you copy-paste the link, you will receive numerous amounts of data in five different sections!

Traffic overview

The traffic overview shows four significant numbers about your competitors’ websites. 

Organic Keywords 

These keywords are used to drive free generate through SEO Marketing Campaign. With this number, we can know the number of organic keywords in which the domain ranks organically. Here we can see that Prime Video has 1,864,409 such keywords.

Organic Monthly Traffic

This number indicates the traffic generated by the website through the organic keywords. With this number, you will learn about how these keywords help the website generate traffic. Here, we can see that Prime Video generates 23,709,612 amounts of traffic. 

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a score that determines the domain’s ability to rank for the keywords organically. It ranges from 0-100—the higher the number, the better the ranking ability. Here, we can see that Prime Video has 82, which is a high score.


This is the number of websites that have hyperlinked your competitors’ websites. This information shall help you know how your competitor’s website is popular among other similar websites. Here, we can see that Prime Video has 12,710 886 backlinks.


Here, the number of organic monthly traffic is shown graphically—the timeline spread across various months. At a glance, you will get to know your competitors’ traffic every month. 

SEO Keyword Ranking

This section is unique. This ranking is also represented graphically. The bar graphs show the number of keywords for which your competitor’s domain ranks 1-3, 4-10, 11-50, and 51-100. This way, you will know the popularity of your websites in the number of keywords.

Top SEO Pages

In this section, you will find the domains related to your competitor’s domain that are also performing very well. The information is given with the domains’ estimated visits and backlinks along with their social media presence. Here, you can see the list of domains related to the prime video performing on top. 

SEO Keywords

In the last section, you will find the keywords your competitor’s website ranks high. The list of keywords is presented along with their search volume, estimated visits, and your competitors’ rank. Here, you can see that, for keywords like amazon, amazon prime, and amazon prime video, the prime video domain is popular. 


This tool provides a monthly domain overview, competitors, shared keywords, top keywords, top pages, google ads advisor, google ads history, ranking history, and inbound links of your competitors’ website. All this information is provided to you free of cost! 

Monthly domain overview

In this section, various numbers show various aspects of your competitors’ websites. 

Organic Search

This section shows the number of organic keywords, estimated monthly SEO clicks, and estimated monthly SEO click value. The estimated monthly SEO clicks show the number of clicks that your competitor’s domain received organically. 

Inbound Clicks

This section shows if your competitors’ website is popular through organic search or paid search throughout various months. Here, we can see that Flipkart’s website receives 99% organic clicks. 

Paid search

The number of paid keywords, estimated monthly Pay Per Click value, and estimated monthly google ads budget is displayed.

Made to the first page

In this section, you will know how many times your competitor’s website made to the first page. 

Therefore, in this section, you can get to know the numbers by which your competitor is performing better. You can also get to know the amount spent by your competitors on paid ads through paid search numbers. 


In this section, you can get to know all your competitor’s websites competitors. The list of competitors is mentioned for both organic and paid competitors. Here, we can see that Flipkart’s competitors through organic search are Amazon, Walmart, and Snapdeal. Its competitors through paid search are Goodeggs, Unitetolight, and Vgsupply.


Competitor Shared Keywords

In this section, you will find the number of keywords your competitors use. A Venn diagram shows the number of common keywords used by the competitor’s websites for easy understanding. Therefore you can know the number of common keywords used by all your competitors. 

Top Keywords

Here, you will find many keyword ideas in which your competitor’s website ranks high. These are categories into most valuable keywords, newly ranked keywords, keyword click gains, keyword click losses, page one keywords, almost there keywords, the keyword that just made the first page, and keywords that fell off the first page. 

Inbound Links

In this, you can find the list of backlinks of your competitor’s website. The list is presented with the number of clicks those websites receive, the domain strength, and those websites’ rank for given keywords. 

Top Pages

This section will find the list of related pages that rank top along with your competitor’s website. 

To know about various competition tools, watch our video: 

And that was the SEO Competitor Analysis meal for you! We hope you tasted the best recipes, aka the best strategies to perform SEO Competitor Analysis. Knowing your opponents is very important if you want to stay ahead in the game. Understanding your competitors will help you stay in trend, create uniqueness and grow your website all at the same time!

Therefore, find the right keywords. Use the keywords to find your competitors. Perform a Ph.D. on your competitors. Use your study, and implement changes in your website. Also, make use of free SEO Competitor Tools that can help you perform the analysis in detail. If you perform all this, your website will perform very well! Therefore, follow the steps and sit back, enjoy the website game! Because trust me, your website shall definitely be on top!

Do let us know your favorite part of the article! Is it the starters, main course, or the dessert?


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