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Boost Your Sales 10x Using The Google Display Network -Youtube

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Google has a massive network of websites, called as Google Display Network (GDN) that are willing to publish your ads on their webpages. However, the display ads campaign is not only limited to websites. You can post your display ad on YouTube as well through GDN. YouTube is a leading platform, and a lot of marketers are using it to advertise, while many think, that YouTube ads might be complicated and expensive. But what’s the reality?

There are many different ad formats on YouTube, such as in-stream ads, In-search ads, In-display ads, etc. This article will tell you everything you need to know about GDN YouTube to post your display ad on YouTube.

What are YouTube Display ads?

You might have noticed some ads apart from the video ads that appear when you are streaming videos on YouTube. These ads are known as Youtube Display ads.

Display ads appear to the right of the video player on the corner of the screen. Google uses its smart AI algorithms to show only those ads which are relevant to you. The users mainly see ads related to the keywords they have searched somewhere previously using their Google account. You can see below the In-display ad of GoDaddy placed with a CTA (buy now).

Let’s have a look at some of the specs of YouTube display ads:

  • Dimensions: you can have different sizes for your display ad:  300 × 250, 300 *× 60, 468*60, or 728*90, later we will discuss them in detail.
  • Initial Load Size: initial load size refers to the total compressed file size of all creative assets delivered to the browser for initial ad display. The permitted initial load size is 150 KB.
  • Formats allowed: GIF, PNG, JPG, HTML5 formats are allowed.
  • Max animation time:  you can only create an animation for up to 30 seconds.
  • No audio is allowed.
  • CPU usage: Must not exceed 40% of the user’s CPU.
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On what basis do these ads appear on YouTube?

You might have wondered, are these display ads random, or they follow a particular pattern? Yes, these ads are generated by an algorithm that is based on the following:

The time of day or your general location, like your country or state.

Your similarities to groups of people the advertiser is trying to reach.

Google uses your browsing data and estimates your interests based on your activity.

You can even personalize the ads that you want to see by clicking on the button along with the cross on the ad’s top right, as shown below in the banner of Grammarly.

Let’s have a look at how you can create one such ad of your own and use it to boost your business.

First, let’s discuss the two display ad formats available on YouTube- standard display ads format and overlay ads:

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YouTube Display ad formats:

The first one is the standard YouTube display ads that appear above the video suggestion list and on the video player’s right side (refer to Go Daddy ad example above). They are available in two ad sizes- 300*25 and 300*60.

Have you seen some ads like the one of TATA steel as shown below? These ads appear when you are watching a YouTube video, and these are called overlay ads. These ads can be of either 728*90 or 468*60. However, according to Google, these ads can take the lower 20% portion of the video player.

One of the main differences between the two display ad formats is that the standard display ads would not appear on the screen if the video is playing on full screen mode. However, the overlay ads can appear in mini player, cinema mode and also on full screen mode.

Both of these ad formats of display ads come under the category of push advertising, as they will keep appearing on the video player unless someone is having a premium YouTube account. Unfortunately, the overlay ads can sometimes irritate the viewer and degrade his watching experience as well.

How to start your display ad campaign on YouTube?

You might already be aware that Google ads is a platform that lets you post various kinds of ads on various Apps, YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, and the Google display network.

Some people get confused between the Display ads campaign and the Video Ads campaign when they want to post an ad on YouTube.

Let’s clear this out.

If you want to post a video ad on YouTube, then you have to create a Video Ads campaign. But the display ads in YouTube that we have discussed previously will be posted by the Display ads campaign. 

You need to follow the following steps to publish a YouTube display ad that matches your requirements successfully. Let’s discuss every step in detail.

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Step1: Selecting the type of ad campaign:

Using Display ads, you can accomplish various goals, such as:

You can increase your brand awareness and reach.

You can get the right audience to your website.

Encourage people to explore your products and services.

You can generate sales and leads.

So, what’s your goal of advertising?

Once you have decided your goal, you need to pick the Display ads campaign type which will allow you to post your ad on the Google display network. We will get an option to select YouTube when we will discuss targeting in the next steps.

Step 2: Selecting the subtype of the ad campaign:

The display ad campaign gives you the option to select any one out of the three campaign subtypes. You can take a smart display campaign, a standard display campaign or Gmail campaigns as shown below. Smart display campaigns are Google’s attempt to simplify the advertising platform for low-budget advertisers and small business owners. Instead of spending hours researching keywords, creating an ad copy, and using your bidding strategy, all you need to do is start telling Google about your business, and Google will take care of everything else.

Using smart technology and algorithms, Google will find the right audience for your business. Smart campaigns have some drawbacks – you will have less control over where to show your ads, and you will have less access to your data.

So, if you want to get more bidding options and strategies, you can choose a standard ad campaign. Moreover, Gmail campaigns will show interactive ads to people on their emails, since we want to post our ad on YouTube, we can either select a smart display campaign subtype or standard display campaign subtype.

To learn more about the smart ads campaign you can read my article ‘Everything you need to know about Google Adwords Express.’

 Step3:  Choosing the required targeting and placements:

You will encounter various targeting options that we have discussed earlier.

The most crucial step is selecting your ad placement as we want to post our ad particularly on YouTube.

Google Display ads campaign provides placements on Websites, YouTube channels, YouTube videos, and apps. You can target your competitor’s YouTube channel or any particular YouTube video, which is getting many views related to your niche. By posting your ads on the related channels and videos you can gain genuine viewers who are already interested in your work. This can increase your chances of sales and conversion manifolds.

You simply have to provide the URL or video ID of the YouTube video/channel.

Everyone can find the URL, but what about the Video ID?

How to find the Video ID?

To get a video ID, you will need to go to the video watch page. Then, in the URL bar, copy the part of the URL behind the “/ watch? V = ”. That’s a video ID, and you can see what it looks like below.

You have to Paste the selected video ID into a placement search function to find the video for your ad placement. Not all videos are allowed to display ads on them. If you are searching for a specific video, be it a channel, video, or video ID, and you do not see your expected placement results, it may mean that YouTube placement is not suitable for Display Network ads. If so, you will have to look for other alternatives.

Do the right targeting

To get the maximum benefit, your ad should display in front of the right audience. YouTube provides excellent targeting options such as:

Location targeting: you can set an ideal location to advertise your ad. You can increase or decrease your bid value depending on your target locations. There is a possibility that your business activities are restricted only to a particular region, in which case you can choose your area to advertise. Moreover, you can also exclude some of the locations you don’t want to show your ad.

Location targeting is further divided into:

Presence or interest targets people in, regularly in, or who are interested in your targeted location.

Presence: targets people who are regularly in your selected locations.

Language targeting: you can select the language which you prefer to use. However, the vernacular languages available are – Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Life events: you might target the audience based on their life events- job creation, marriage, purchasing a home, retirement, university graduation, and business creation.  

Particular interests and habits: you can select an audience based on their affinity, such as food & dining, home, and garden, banking, and finance, etc.

Demographics: you can also target audiences based on their Gender, Age, Parental Status, and Household income. Every business owner has an idea of which income group can afford their products and services.

Step 4: creating your YouTube display ad:

As a Marketer, you cannot afford banality while creating your ads. The right Placement and targeting can only work for you if you design your ad correctly.

First, let’s discuss the essential fill-ups for your display ad:

Headline: You can add up to 30 characters in your headline, which will be the first line of your ad. Your headline will appear with an ellipsis if it is shortened.

Description: In the description, you can add additional details and context to your headline. You can add up to 5 different descriptions.

How to create the perfect YouTube display ad?

You should create an easily noticeable ad. Your ad needs to compete with the related video thumbnail, which is relatively larger. So, you have to make a display ad that is so wonderful that users can’t stop themselves from clicking! You need to use design guidelines.

I understand that not all small business owners and marketers are experts in designing, so you can read my article on how to design the perfect banner ad.  

We will discuss the ad formats later in the article. However, there are some recommended practices that you should follow:

Include a powerful CTA: There is no benefit of a noticeable ad if the user cannot easily find a CTA button. CTA stands for “call to action,” and it tells the viewers what to do and takes them to the targeted website. You can increase your brand awareness with display ads, but your sales and conversions will increase only when the viewers click the CTA button. Bluehost display ad’s CTA is a perfect example.

The “start now” CTA button is creating an impression in the viewers’ mind that BlueHost is a reliable, fast, and secure web hosting platform, and one can click the CTA button to start Web Hosting.

Know the platform: you should always remember that display ads only appear on both desktops and mobiles. So, you have to create an ad that fits well on both the platforms.

Maintain your consistency: If you are using Display ads to support your video ad campaign, both of them should have similar CTA and offers. Don’t provide 20% off on your display ad and 30% off on your video ad; this looks unprofessional and might confuse the users. Moreover, your ads should show the same benefits, color schemes, and brand image as your landing pages.

Ensure that you send your audience to a dedicated post-click landing page: One of your goals might be generating sales and conversions. So, you should make sure that your post-click landing page and the ad reflect the same message.

You should use a prominent and similar logo in both the locations and an identical CTA copy, brand color, etc. This will eradicate the chances of confusion in the user’s mind.

People will have more trust in your brand, and they will have a surety that they are following the correct steps. This will also bridge the gap between the final decision and the researching phase of the user. As a reference, you can see the display ad of Grammarly and the snippet of its landing page.

The Post click landing page should also provide some visual clues such as an arrow to help visitors locate the CTA button.

You can also lay down some bullet points about the details and offers on your product to ensure a faster conversion.

Step5: Monitoring your YouTube Display ads:

After knowing the various targeting and placement options, you will not be arbitrarily posting your ads. Indeed, you might be having a particular business goal on which you have planned your ad campaign. Therefore, you must know how much your ad campaign is working for you. Is it working, or are you just wasting your budget on some campaigns? 

Check my article to learn how to create high converting quora ads

You can view your ad campaign’s analytics on the homepage of Google ads. From there you can get an insight into which ad campaigns are fulfilling your campaign goals. Henceforth, you can increase your bidding amount on your successful ad campaigns and lower your bidding amount on the campaigns that are low performing for you. 

While looking at the analytics ask yourself the following questions:

What are the non-converting keywords?

Which channels and videos are delivering more traffic?

From where I am getting more traffic- mobiles or desktops?

Are my visitors from YouTube campaigns different from the rest of my traffic?

So, are you ready to start your display ads campaign on YouTube or still there are some queries in your mind? Do let me know in the comment section below.

In a nutshell:

You might have noticed some ads apart from the video ads that appear when you are streaming videos on YouTube. These ads are known as Youtube Display ads.

You need to follow the following steps to publish a YouTube display ad:

Step1: Selecting the type of ad campaign- Display

Check out my article to learn everything you need to know about content page designs, formats and layouts!

Step 2: Selecting the subtype of the ad campaign- smart or standard display campaign.

Check out my article on The Marvels Of Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool

Step3: Choosing the required targeting and placements: by placing your ads on the related channels and videos you can gain genuine viewers who are already interested in your domain. YouTube provides excellent targeting options such as location targeting, language targeting, and targeting based on life events, particular interests and habits, and demographics.

Step 4: creating your YouTube display ad: Inculcate a powerful CTA, Know the platform, maintain your consistency, Ensure that you send your audience to a dedicated post-click landing page

Step5: Monitoring your YouTube Display ads: You can view your ad campaign’s analytics on the homepage of Google ads.

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