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21 Strategies to get 500 Free YouTube Views(Quick Results) [Video]

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest website on the internet in terms of people engagement? In fact, if you are able to follow the right guidelines to growing your channel, it is probably the easiest way to expand your business, work, content, ideas, and what not for free! Another major incentive that YouTube offers to you is, once you cross a threshold presence, you can earn revenue through google ad sense for uploading videos. 

This article is going to tell you exactly how you can get 500 free YouTube views and free 500 YouTube subscribers with the most tested and effective strategies. What’s better is unlike those paid bots and view generators which have a one-time effect only, these methods are extremely authentic and will generate quality engagement. So, let’s get started!

What I’ve realized is that only a handful of you treat YouTube as any search engine. Once you start thinking of YouTube just as another search engine, like google or Bing, you can immediately come up with interesting ideas. So, I will divide these growth tactics into external (all parameters to grow your video and channel beyond its actual content) and internal (ways to optimize the content of your video for better growth).

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1) Promoting in your own personal communities

The first thing that you really can do when you’ve just started your channel is to ask people from your personal communities to subscribe, like, comment and share your videos. This will provide your videos with an initial kickstart and engagement. 

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2) Asking viewers to subscribe 

Now, once you’ve got something to start with, do not shy away from asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Although this may seem generic to you, it just acts as an honest reminder for your viewers and timing it perfectly in the video, right after the content is over or even just as a gentle reminder before the actual video begins can prove to be most impactful. This also acts as a means for your viewers to connect to you better. However, try not to mention it in excess. 

3) Cross platform sharing

You need to embed your videos across all relevant platforms. Embedding the video on your website or blog will help you get free YouTube views instantly. You can also share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Particularly with Instagram and Facebook, sharing direct links on stories can be super helpful as you can get free YouTube subscribers quickly.  

One important tip is sometimes when you share your entire video on Facebook or other platforms, it may get taken down! 

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Why? Because, these social media platforms, want users to be on their platform! 

A simple way to deal with this is by uploading a part of your complete video as a teaser snippet or a video preview and your complete video in the comments section. This preview clip is uploaded as a native clip.

Now you might ask why is this helpful for your channel or video? This is because of the user characteristic on Facebook.

 A Forbes article published on March 2017 showed that Facebook native videos can get up to 10 times the shares on YouTube .

4) Choose appropriate keywords for your video title, content, tags

Most important tool in SEO is Keywords. You must identify keywords having high search volume from tools such as keyword planner in Google ads or Ubersuggest. You can also type these keywords in YouTube and get the top videos and do right click and view page source to identify the keywords that these top videos have targeted.

Now, as you all know that YouTube is a search engine, so, it also has its own ranking algorithm. You can easily capitalize on this by using rich keywords and check the relevancy of your keywords in YouTube search.

Once, you create content according to the keywords, your organic traffic is highly influenced in a positive way.

Many websites and tutorials may tell you to go for short tail keyword only as compared to long tail keyword. But, if you’d ask me, I strictly advice to give equal importance to both.

You may wonder why so, because long tail key words have lesser search volume right?

But, here’s the catch, long tail words also have less competition. So, find out these long tail keywords that suit your video. Make the most effective long tail keyword as your video title. You can find out more about long tail keywords from my video on my YouTube channel – YouTube Marketing Tutorial.

You can also check the title score with all the keywords that you used on co-schedule where any score above 70 is good. 

Similarly, use keyword SEO for YouTube tags as well. This will let YouTube’s algorithm differentiate your content from others. 

5)Have a catchy thumbnail!

Thumbnails are the first bits of attention grabbers for your video and channel. Now, how exactly do you optimize a thumbnail to create maximum impact?

Many studies have shown that using facial close-ups with a contrasting background provide better connect to the audience. you can use a still from the video or any other high-quality image. Try including some impactful text or keywords into the thumbnail along with pointers, or zoomed objects.  This gets free YouTube views instantly. 

However, make sure, you are consistent with your thumbnails and the content. Make sure your thumbnail does not become a click bait! This will prevent a possible viewer to become a subscriber and lead to dislikes.

For example, here are thumbnails used by news channels to attract viewers on addressing the Yes Bank crisis situation.

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Channel trailer – Make a strong, impactful and catchy channel trailer. Use excerpts or bits from your top videos into the channel trailer. Incorporate your specific tagline into your channel trailer.

6) Write a suitable description by transcribing

After writing title, you must write a suitable description which should also include your keywords. The best practice is to transcribe your video because transcribing will lead to more text content and hence leads to higher probability of being discovered.

Make sure your descriptions are actually descriptive! It should give the users a generous idea about what your channel is about and what can a viewer expect from you.

Here’s an example of how a description looks like from East India Comedy Channel on YouTube.

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7) What should be the ideal length of your video?

Ideally any video between 5-10 minutes is optimal. But you should try to make longer videos, preferably 10 minutes plus videos. Recent studies have shown this strong positive correlation between views and video length, which is longer videos out do shorter videos on the same niche.

You might wonder exactly how I am able to say this as this is just a correlation-based analysis. But, think practically, your average view time per video will be higher for a longer video than for a shorter video. So, not keeping it too long, but in general try to keep your videos longer than 10 minutes, especially if its informative in nature.

Understand what works best, go by general trends as well. For example, podcasts are usually longer, song covers are usually shorter, etc.

8) Focus on YouTube’s recommendation list

One of the most powerful yet ignored aspect for growing your YouTube channel is its video recommendation system. If you can master this, you will be surprised to see your channel’s growth rate in terms of views and subscriptions.

According to a study conducted by Zhou et. al in November 2010 called, “The impact of YouTube recommendation system on video views” it was found that YouTube Search and YouTube recommendation is the main source of views for majority of videos on YouTube. 

It also proved that there exists a strong correlation between number of views of a video and average of views of its top referred videos. 

Not only this, but the Click through Rate (CTR) also depends on that of its related videos.

You will be amused to know, that although your video might not be ranked high, but might have more views than the ones ranked on top and eventually it would get ranked higher very soon. 

So, the question you might ask now is how exactly do I do this? Do not worry, because I have got the exact mechanism covered and its super simple! 

  1. First, you have to find all popular videos on the topic or area that you wish to make a video on.
  2. The first 15 second window of your video is crucial for audience retention. Make that impactful! Try to at least make it more impactful than the other popular videos.
  3. Your video has to be longer than your competitors’ videos. Average view time of your video, which is how much of your video is being watched, determines whether YouTube will recommend it to viewers or not!
  4. Hence, you can easily understand, that a longer video means longer view time and more view time than those popular videos, the better it is.
  5. DO NOT BE MONOTONOUS! This is a very important factor. Your video needs to be more engaging than the top videos, make it interesting, add changing patterns, camera angles, light humour, music, etc. Basically, anything you can do to make it more interesting than your competitors.
  6. Copy your competitors keywords! If you want to be recommended, you need to have, almost the same set of keywords, if not the same in your channel description, title, content, etc.
  7. “Say” those keywords in your video. Yes! YouTube’s algorithm recognises the audio content in your video and ranks and recommends video accordingly.
  8. You can always find your competitors tags and keywords from source tag. Remember, the more similar keywords, content and tags are, the better the recommendation. 
  9. Use a different thumbnail, one which immediately grabs attention. Try different background colors, such that your thumbnail looks different from the top suggested ones. 

This method of using YouTube’s recommendations is called the sequel technique, and once recommended, it will automatically help you to rank better and grow your channel. You can find more details about this from Brian Dean’s YouTube channel.

Example of how videos appear for a GATE Coaching video on the right is displayed below.

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9) Promoting your video through ads

Apart from general organic marketing, you can also promote your video through advertisements, such as google ads. Promoting your video will be particularly noticeable in the initial stages of your channel. Once you start generating 20% views of the top videos on your topic, it is better to go for organic methods.

10) Reply to comments

This aspect of your videos is extremely important from an audience point of view. Many studies have been conducted which prove a strong positive correlation between comments and views of a video. Replying to your comments is an easy way to get more subscribers. Usually, YouTubers, don’t reply to comments. Hence, when you do, you are beating your competitors from a personal connect point of view. Your audience feels more validated and important.

So, try to encourage your viewers to comment and of course, make sure you react to them and also reply to them!

11) Create playlists

Playlists is one of the smartest ways you and use to increase over all channel watch time, and views. Once you create playlists, your viewers can sequentially watch videos in your channels. This keeps them active on the channel for a longer time. 

Next time instead of uploading a long 30-minute video you can perhaps, make two parts of 15 minutes each. This will result in increased average view time and the audience will feel that you’ve managed your videos systematically and hence they can find it easily as well. The auto play feature automatically plays the next video after one has ended.

When you upload vlogs, entertainment series, educational lectures, etc, they work wonders. For example, TVF is a famous Indian YouTube channel, that uploads its episodes of a particular series or season in playlists. 

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A number of IIT JEE, CAT, NEET, GATE, etc online coaching videos are uploaded as playlists either chapter wise or topic wise. 

12) Promote videos in your end screen

End screens act as a guide to a new or an existing user to proceed and step into your channel systematically. You can promote other playlists, videos, websites, etc in your end screen. Make sure you make your end screens relevant to the current video so that the viewers can relate. You can also add bits of videos in your channel description. 

Suppose you run a cooking channel and there is a part of a recipe which you have taught in another video. You can directly mention it during the ongoing video. This will directly help your videos to grow. Below is an example of an end screen from a TVF video.

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13) Take audience opinions

Be open to suggestions, conduct live streaming sessions. Ask your audience what they expect from you. You can even mention at the end of each video as to what you are planning and working on next and if the audience has certain suggestions, they comment on this video. This helps build you build a stronger, more transparent connection with your viewers.

14) Connect your videos

Make connecting videos. I cannot stress how important it is to have connecting videos. Most importantly let the audience know about the connecting videos at the end of your video. Speaking to the audience and conveying information to them comes out as guiding them personally. 

15) Celebrate your subscriber or view milestones

Celebrate your subscribers or view milestones by making videos about them. This shows that you actually care about your community and your viewers. You can even have “giveaways” or shoutouts for the same.

16) Use your top videos!

Once, your channel is established, to a certain level, the videos with maximum views, shares, likes are your strongest videos. Use them as a face of your channel. Make them visible on multiple platforms and try using them as a representation to your channel. Use keywords from these videos across multiple platforms. This is will act a funnel to make your subscribers grow.

17) Collaborate

You must try to collaborate with other YouTubers. This directly exposes you to your collaborators subscriber base and thus it is one of the strongest ways to make your YouTube channel grow.  For example, if your channel is about making song covers or playing an instrument, you can collaborate with other YouTube singers or instrumentalists. This creates a new community where your visibility is more.

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18) Use cards and watermarks

Cards and watermarks are the simplest yet most effective YouTube clickable tools that you can use in your videos. You can use cards to promote other videos or make the viewer participate in a poll or to direct them to your website. So, in short if you’d ask me cards will basically help you promote other content directly on your YouTube video screen.

I’d suggest using watermarks mainly as a subscribe hover button on your video, which stays usually at the corner of your video. Practically at any moment if the viewer is satisfied with your content, it acts as the nearest subscribe button without having to stop the video. What’s even better? it can be used even when the video is running on full screen.

19) Optimize your channel 

Having a customized channel page is important for the aesthetics of your videos to be appealing. Have a subscribe link in your channel art. Make sure your channel art is up to date and relevant with whatever is upcoming in your schedule. Have a catchy channel icon depending on what your channel wishes to serve to the audience. Check the top channels’ icons similar to your niche, select one accordingly. Write an interesting channel tagline which is short but impactful.

Now coming to the internal factors:

20) How should you present the video?

If you are directly engaging with the audience, smile and keep your hands open as they provide a better connect. Do not use filler words as they are unnecessary in the video and display lack of confidence or preparation.

While presenting, you can either use bullet points or teleprompter or a mixture of both. Select one which you are most comfortable with.

Make sure your video is recorded in good quality, edited properly and is not very monotonous to keep the audience interested throughout.

Repurpose the content across different platforms and embed your YouTube link everywhere. For example, you can use the content in a blog post and the audio as a podcast. Be creative and explore all possibilities.

21) Have a consistent frequency of uploading

Your viewers, expect you to be consistent with your uploads. Initially upload a greater number of videos as your channel is juvenile. More videos mean more views and more views mean more view time. This will make sure the YouTube algorithms understands your progress with your channel, and start ranking your videos better.

However, follow a frequency with your uploads as your viewers will know when to expect something new from you. If for any reason you are unable to upload frequently, communicate it to your viewers.

These are 21 of the most effective ways to get YouTube views and free YouTube subscribers. Once you are able to dominate on a platform like YouTube, there is no looking back. Your presence will only grow and you can easily get 500 free YouTube views within hours of uploading a new video and 500 free YouTube subscribers within days of uploading a new video. You will be approached for business deals, sponsorships, etc, all by being popular on the world’s largest video sharing forum.

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